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Have a look at the Hering illusion, Marty… I think this is how the fake universe projection works…

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Dearest Marty,  my rockstar,

What an illusion! Both vertical lines are straight, but they look as if they were bent outwards. In coordination with the lined  background pattern, it simulates a false impression of depth. This discovery came from Germany, and they sure have put it to a “good use” considering that they fooled the world with it.

See the picture below. This is not a moving gif but a non-moving picture. It is completely still. Only human perception makes it look like moving and having depth. A fake universe could work like that.


More false depth. 


And as we are at it, here is the scary Black Hole. Haha. Sucks one right in it, and all that on a flat background!  



A p$ych came up with this thing to create depth were there is none. Oh, we “love” to be tricked, don’t we? (NOT!)  


Our indefinite universe, right there! A hologram allows a person to look “around” and “behind” its subject. Not saying that the universe is not huge or not real but this one that people an Earth  are seeing is not the real one, I am sure. I bet you discovered the same, Marty. Earth and nearby space is real. I am not saying our Moon and Mars, etc. are not real. But deep space is just a projection. After the world heard that the universe might be a  hologram,
many people believe now that Earth and they too are just holograms. Oh boy! They got it all wrong.


And have a look at this thing. It has a middle leg, and yet it has none!



Another graphic to trick the eye. This here shows an inside and outside middle line.


Look, “Black Energy”! Starring at this picture creates an optical movement!  



That is a funny thing. If you look at the cube long enough, you see it from different sides.


A German doctor came up with this one. An optical illusion when comparing the lines on the right with those on the left. Guess all came in handy when creating a fake universe simulation. ^^6


And what do we have here? Some more optical illusion to create depth that is not there in  reality. 




Warped space. Astronauts don’t want to fly with their shuttle in that illusion. 😉


Planets! Stars! They are moving! A miracle! The picture is not a moving gif. Human eyes are seeing the movement that is not really there! 

Since at least one year, scientists admitted publicly that the universe could be very well a simulation, but there is no movement to catch those who projected the fake universe and probably nothing in the works to look behind the simulation. In response to the revelation, people rather doubt their own existence than going after the Earth-grown culprits who fool scientists and others. We are thinking sabotage right away, what on Earth are they are thinking? 





Be kissed! I love you, Marty!

Yours forever,



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  1. After blasting off from Kennedy Space Center Friday morning, NASA’S Orion traveled 3,600 miles above Earth — the furthest a human-built craft has gone in four decades. The unmanned spacecraft landed in the Pacific Ocean just 4 1/2 hours after liftoff.

    It was a test flight.

    News for ya

    December 5, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    • Good. But we still need devices that look behind the universe projection and show with the finger on sabotage in space in order to get somewhere.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 5, 2014 at 2:12 pm

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