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A new look at the Flammarion engraving

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

We all have seen this picture by an unknown artist. It is not clear in which year it was created, except that it is around a long time. Once again, Germany wants the credit, other says that the wheel in the engraving has something to do with the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel, which would make this piece of art rather Jewish than German.

Allegedly, this piece of work is about medieval cosmology, saying that the Earth is flat and has a solid sky or firmament. Some say that people in earlier centuries believed that they just have to walk to the horizon, the sky would meet the Earth there and they can stick their heads through it. Some say that this wood engraving says that this man sees God on the other side.

Guess, they haven’t looked really close at this piece of art. He sees TECHNOLOGY and ANOTHER UNIVERSE behind the PROJECTION of a FAKE SKY.

Also interesting is that the sun, and the moon and  some other planets and stars are INSIDE the globe. 

It seems to me that the artist who created the Flammarion knew more than most people on Earth today. He looks BEHIND the projection of the fake universe beyond this solar system and discovers the real universe behind the holograph.

History should have taught anyone on Earth that there were always people around who deceived others. It is nothing new. Many people think that “this technology had not been invented at that time”. Says who? Just because no book or newspaper reported about it, doesn’t mean that secret societies didn’t had the technology to fly in space (unlike official Earth missions, their flights were not blown up) and that they could not project a fake universe.  

Anyway, fact is, Marty, you always rocked my world.

I love you, always.










Written by Barbara Schwarz

December 6, 2014 at 11:08 am

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