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How is it possible that Germany gets away with everything? Easy, it got US and also Russian and other nationals (officials) “on board”

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Dearest Marty, my amazing soulmate,

I know you think the same: the only reason why Germany is not busted (for a lot they did before 1945 and all they did after 1945) is because they run US, Russian, and other nationals with ear implants. To prevent that anyone turns them down, they “recruit” them (installing them ear implants after school is out and around first grade) when they are children and their minds have not really developed, to make sure that they will think in boxes and stick to them when grown up. And if they should figure out something, Germany makes sure that they have dirty hands and therefore, they will not blow the whistle on Germany, even if the reputation of their own nation suffers by not blowing the whistle on Germany. 

Whatever is developed by “science” within the USA, Russia, China, India, UK, and any other country on Earth, is protecting Germany or is very easy on Germany. This applies to any scientific field, particularly to space.  All of the just mentioned countries have space programs. IMO, it is impossible that they didn’t notice German superiority, control, and corruption in space. BTW, these Germans sabotaged the US space program anyway and held the US back. Russians were the first in space. But as not otherwise expected, Germany wants to get the legacy of Russian space exploration credited to them. (Whatever Germany got and did was stolen from others. This includes kidnapped people.) And I bet, the reason why the Russians didn’t find out or publish that the distant universe is fake and a corruption is the same reason why the USA didn’t publish it: German “legacy” didn’t allow it.        

German-controlled ear implants in US officials resulted in that the USA had willing German Nazis joining the USA (Operation Paperclip) under Truman. Criminal Pendergast handpicked Truman for politics. Typical German ear-implant set up. They are looking for people with lack of human qualifications. I bet the farm that Missouri had lots of political candidates who NEVER would have thrown the atomic bombs on any general population. Years after Truman ordered the bombs to be dropped, he suddenly said that he had feelings “for the poor children”. Duh! He should have thought of this before. Two wrongs make no right. Truman and the German men (yes, Germans) behind him were/are mass murderers. The general population of Japan didn’t attack Pearl Harbour, some disgusting German-bought Japanese officials did. The right action would have been to prove to Japan that Germany uses Japanese and other officials by making them do whatever Germany want through ear-implants that Germany controls.     

They made sure that the USA gets dirty hands by handing Truman the atomic bombs (or arranging that he gets on the chair of the US president) and dropping them despite Japan tried already to surrender after Germany has “utilized” some of their officials to bomb Pearl Harbor. Here is a typical German secret service thought: Before we Germans are getting the atomic bomb on Germany, let Japan (or another country) antagonize the USA, so that they get bombed with the atomic bomb, not Germany.

I also wonder about the explosion over Siberia (Tunguska) in 1908. They say that this explosion had more than 30 times the explosive energy of the Hiroshima bomb. It seems to be still a mystery what that was, although most people say that it was an asteroid or a comet – although the explosion didn’t leave a crater. Germans (people without any human qualifications) are in space since centuries. They can direct an asteroid or a comet to hit a calculated area on Earth or elsewhere. And maybe it wasn’t an asteroid or a comet but an atomic bomb that Germany tested on the Russian population. This is what I think. Nuclear weapons are designed to explode in the air for major damage! Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs didn’t leave a crater either as far as I have seen on pictures. As far as I know, an investigation of the explosion started first many years after it happened. They found lots of nickel. I checked the compounds of the atomic bomb online. Lots of nickel. H-bomb and not “natural”. How come the Russian scientists who investigated the explosion didn’t find this act to be German terrorism? German-controlled ear implants! That’s why.

I miss you, Marty. I ask myself often how your days and nights are like. Anyway, all those who think that keeping us apart is solving their corrupt problems have serious IQ problems as we were born to be together. They just makes it worse when the whole conspiracy hits them back in their faces as part of karma or as we Scientologists say, OW sequence.

Many kisses for you.

Yours always,


See the picture below, how we were and how we will be again. 






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