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1) Behavior of the CIA (TORTURE REPORT) are evidence of the very GERMAN-controlled ear implants! Also: 2) Once again, agent versus agent in and against Scientology

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Dearest Marty, my really and true American prince,

How are you? I worry about you. People around you having ear-implants and are conspiring against you. Just as these German-controlled CIA people (in other words: robots) tortured prisoners, I fear that they were/are inhumane to you too.

German secret services are trying to bring the worst out of other nationals, including Americans, and why? Because others, particularly Americans should get the reputation of Nazi brutalities. When thinking Nazis, the world should think of Americans and no longer Germans. Germans who are behind these CIA and other low activities put “Americans” up to commit lowest activities and Germans want to smell like flowers even if they have the worst character stench of all people on this freaking planet.

I once worked in Germany with an elderly IT programmer. He fought in WWII. He told me that German soldiers ran towards the lines of the Americans (not the Soviets) to surrender, because the Americans were known of treating their POWs much better. So, what happened that the once decent Americans are like Nazis now? They had ear-implants back then too but as Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower was the Allied Commander against the Nazis and stood for completely decency, German brutality radioed into American ears didn’t really succeed.

But this time is gone, and since many decades, Germany chops away from American decency by bringing the worst out of Americans. I also know that they plant their Nazi thetans in the USA and have them grown up as Americans and kidnap American thetans to Germany.

Every American is losing by not revealing what German secret services are doing.  Every American is losing by allowing the destruction of the reputation of the USA.  How can people not see this? Whatever  “rewards” their German-oriented case officers (in whatever language) are promising and whispering in the ear implants of people, it is a very cheap payment for what is going downhill. It really is. Americans have to stop thinking that they are Europeans and that they hate the USA. Any Americans tells me about their European forefather and how great Europe is. Argh! It is not. I was in Germany against my will. What’s  bad in the USA is secretly GERMAN-introduced! As Americans, they should not secretly work for Germans or any other country which is also secretly run by Germany. Period.


I bet all I have, Marty, that the horrible details of the parts of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA-enhanced interrogations, to make CIA officials behave like German Nazis, was directly ordered by German secret services. Germany (SEGNPMSS and sub-secret services) have secret programs to turn the Nazi reputation away from them and give it to the USA instead. Germany is the driving and superior force over each ear implant. If they would not have radioed and approved it, it would not have happened. Added to this brutality is also the CIA ineffectiveness of it all. Typical German to lead stupid people to apply ineffective methods. Germany who used Middle Easterners and alleged Muslims to attack Jews and Americans (Sept.11 attacks were planned in Germany) don’t want the terror to end. Consequently, the CIA methods don’t work. 

Behind the CIA deception of Congress and the American people is Germany. Everything works out for Germany, nothing for the USA. And this should have rung a bell for all Americans right after Germany turned the Russians in alleged enemies of the USA despite that they were allies before. They should have noticed that behind the hatred of Muslims and Middle Eastener of Jews and Americans is Germany AGAIN as ALWAYS in the past! 

This said, these CIA animals are of course not excused. Each one should be personally prosecuted, and the access to their ear-implants  and who radioed in them should be revealed.  There is no excuse whatsoever of lack of decency and humanity, but again, GERMANY brings out the worst in all. Losing two world wars did not turn them into better people. They are still at it: Germany, Germany above everything, just as their national hymn says.

Speaking about the CIA, they didn’t help me back into the USA after 1960. I stayed being kidnapped. After I found all out on my own, they still didn’t open the doors for me or helped me to see you again, Marty. They are so German-controlled, it is outrageous. Just as German secret services ordered, the CIA “exchanged” the President of USA, Ike Eisenhower with a doppelganger while he still was in office! Just as the German secret services ordered, they exchanged the original founder of  Scientology, Ron, with the creepy doppelganger/impostor “Jack Vistaril” who is married to his criminal wife Mary Sue to ruin original Scientology and turn it into a cult. Just as the German secret services ordered, they handed Scientology to David Miscavige of who they know will run Scientology into the ground and who hired Monique’s husband as doppelganger and impostor, in an idiotic attempt trying to fool me to think that he is you and for other low reasons and to undermine your legacy. I suspect Monique’s husband of being a German/CIA double agent like “Jack Vistaril”. And the CIA is covering up that just Bin Laden’s doppelganger was shot not the real monster, and other such cases. IMO, not one CIA director since the creation of the agency was a decent human being, Marty.

And I read today again of an encounter between Marc Headley and “Scientologists” at INT. He threw the first stone by not leaving them alone by visiting them (after a mudslide tore down some of their security fences) as the sworn enemy that he is and then Headley plays the victim. Mudslides can and are man-made. In this case, Scientology haters want people to intrude INT from the outside. That was the reason for that mud-slide.   

But the “in” side is not cool either, former infiltrators antagonize current infiltrators, and the other way around. Headley, Rinder, your impostor, and so many others were once “in” Scientology too. They didn’t suddenly become bad. They were those creeps all the time. It is all so German ear-implants controlled. It has nothing to do with Scientology. They are light years away from being the original Scientologists that we are, Marty.  

The orgs could end all those encounters and attacks. All they have to do to publish the true story of Scientology and what Germany did to it, including getting rid of the good founder and replacing it with a CIA/German impostor slime ball. But as Miscavige is an agent, he doesn’t tell. And this has no good end written all over it.

I love you, Marty. It would be so different if  you would be free. I know you would make things right. Lies, deception, and conspiracies disgust you as much as they disgust me.

Yours forever,










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  1. Psychologists made $80M from CIA Interrogation Program

    The two psychologists contracted by the CIA to design the enhanced interrogation techniques used against al Qaeda suspects were paid more than $80 million,

    News for ya

    December 9, 2014 at 1:08 pm

    • P$ychs, isn’t that typical? I have seen people messed up by p$ychs, they really know how to do it, they do it, and let others do it. And they want to cash in on torture… And these torture methods didn’t make the USA safer, in other words, psychology, psychiatry, and neuro-“science” (James Holmes was a neuroscientist) is monstrous.

      As a footnote, members of Congress shouldn’t call themselves “gang” (gang of…number) either. What kind of message does this send to the public?

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 9, 2014 at 1:35 pm

  2. CIA Director John Brennan threaded a rhetorical needle in an unprecedented televised news conference at CIA headquarters Thursday, acknowledging that agency officers did “abhorrent” things to detainees but defending the overall post-9/11 interrogation program for stopping attacks and saving lives.

    News for ya

    December 11, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    • “But Brennan defended the overall detention of 119 detainees as having produced valuable intelligence that, among other things, helped the CIA find and kill al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.”

      Hell, they got the wrong “Bin Laden”. The real monster got away and the doppelganger was shot. From the photos of Saddam’s both sons to judge, their “dead bodies” they got away too, just like Hitler and other Nazis did in the past.

      CIA know of doppelgangers because Dwight David Eisenhower was illegally replaced by the CIA with a doppelganger and agent while still in office, they also replaced Ron the founder of Scientology and the original Marty in with agents and impostors. All secretly German-ordered. CIA and FBI and other agencies should finally open their files and release those FOIA/PA data and come clean.

      Germany was behind 7/11 and got away. Not just critic on CIA but also Ms. Feinstein who thinks that a female person in the chancellor position is not an icecold calculation of the men behind Merkel.

      Anyway, constantly, Germany radioes in the ear implants of Americans to bring their own country down. Constantly somebody is psychiatric conditioned to open fire or plant explosive or otherwise kill. Germany is behind it and the CIA and other secret services cover for Germany. But who works for the Nazis is a Nazi.



      I bet the farm that the NSA has evidence of just that in their files. Lay it open for heavens sake and allow America to be America again.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 11, 2014 at 12:53 pm

  3. Have you heard of the Khaled El-Masri case?


    December 14, 2014 at 3:12 am

    • The goal of German secret services is to ruin the USA. If they don’t want German tourists spending money in the USA, they kill some German tourists in the USA, and voila, German tourists are spending their cash elsewhere.

      Germans shot their own people trying to get over the wall. Germany gassed their own German Jews.

      On his papers, Khaled El-Masri might be a German citizen but in the deep racial mindset of many Germans, he is not really German but still a foreigner.

      Furthermore, German secret services run secretly the CIA through ear implants. Germany has the overall control over it. What ever happened to Khaled El-Masri, it was plotted in a German secret service and the CIA was used so that it can be blamed on the USA.

      His case is also used to make European courts superior to those in the USA. So, if the man was really wrongfully detained and tortured, America looks bad, and Europe (with Germany on the top) looks good to the world.

      German secret service psychiatrists need to be sued as they come up with those plans (incl. 9/11 terror). They use other nationals to execute what they want by psychiatric conditioning these people.

      What the USA is guilty of is not publishing what is really going on as Americans still feel like Europeans rather than Americans and sell America out. And they don’t get that they are losing a lot more than they are winning by covering the German secret control over the planet.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 14, 2014 at 6:29 am

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