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Mud slides in California, San Jacinto Area

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Dearest Marty, my hero, 

San Jacinto Area is hit by mud slides. An apartment complex and a Jewish temple were put under a mandatory evacuation order. As you know, the Scientology Int Base is also located there.

The weather, mud slides tore down some of the security fence at INT days ago, and hate monger Marc Headley (he allegedly stole cash from the orgs) brought a Danish film crew to Gilman Springs Road that runs through the Scientology compound.

Headley is so obsessed with attacking Scientology that I am pretty sure that he would have used the lack of security fence to his advantage in order to trespass and harass Scientologists. However, the International Business Time and the anti-Scientology spin machine twisted the facts and wrote that Headley was ambushed by Scientologists…

Huh? Headley came to THEM. Nobody can blame anyone at INT not letting Headley and his supporters come close to Scientology property  knowing that the fence is down. This event also shows clearly that they need a fence to keep people like Headley out.

This is what Headley said to the IBT: “The idea was that I would give them a tour of the base from the highway and if anybody came out to talk, Robert was going to ask them some questions,” Headley told International Business Times in an email. Instead, the visit turned into an ambush where Scientologists confronted Headley and the camera crew on the side of the road.”

Duh! As he anyway wanted somebody from the INT Base to come out and talk to them, why does he and the paper call it an “ambush”? Why should they wait till fanatical people enter their buildings? The ambusher were clearly Headley and the camera crew. Why did they come during horrible weather? Because the fence was down, and Headley and the crew had for sure trespassing on their minds. 

Also, if Headley once really had to “escape”, how come he doesn’t fear to go back there? It was dark and he was just with a handful people who could have “disappeared in the dangerous weather…” I think back them, if not completely made up, he probably was just followed by INT security because he stole from them. 

I also don’t think highly of his wife Claire. She aborted two of her babies instead of routing to a Scientology facility where she could have them. Horrible people who never Scientologists. Ron said clearly that people who abort are on 1.1. Agents abort. They are no Scientologists and Scientology doesn’t matter to them. They just infiltrate because their non-Scientology case officers tells them to. And all that is controlled by German secret service psychiatrists. No kidding.

You know that I am not on the side of David Miscavige or any infiltrator, but Scientologists have a right to protect themselves like all other people too.

Once again, DM is so wrong for Scientology. And so was Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril”. If the orgs would have built as the real founder Ron advised: environmentally closed villages, the entire compound with a ceiling, preferably swimming in water to prevent being cracked by “the weather”, a mud slide would be nothing to be concerned about. And the residents would not age, get sick, and wrinkle either. DM didn’t just meet the impostor, he also met the real Ron. I am sure that he saw us getting married in the UK, Marty. But as the real Ron didn’t leave him SCN, DM prefers the German/CIA changed version Scientology of the impostor, a German/CIA double agent. Under these agents and non-Scientologists, Scientology lost a lot of its original technology and wisdom. Very sad as that altered version of Scientology will not save the world.

The weather is man-made. Weather satellites, lasers and even remote-controlled germs are used to move the ground. My intuition: the mud slides in this area are man-made to target the INT base. It goes on for some weeks now.

If Marc Headley and other hate mongers would have told the truth by telling that the people at INT are held against their wills,  shouldn’t reporters wonder why there is no stream of leaving people by now?

I love you, Marty. Be kissed a million times.

Yours forever,




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