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Did you see the CIA p$ych on FOX, Marty?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

James Mitchell is the p$ych who is named the “architect” of the brutal CIA torture program. I say that James Mitchell was a very willing executor of this “program” but that Germany is behind it, and that the CIA is their obedient puppet. They allow Germany to entangle them into any controversy and scandal there is, as long as the name of the USA is smeared and as long the USA goes down and as long Germany on top of the EU wins the world leader spot no. 1. 

Wonder which CIA p$ych overlooked the hiring of Monique’s husband as your impostor and the hiring of “Jack Vistaril” as Ron’s impostor? Or the CIA p$ych who allowed a CIA agent to replace President Dwight Eisenhower after he was killed while still in office? So many decades passed, and the CIA is still not clean on these “programs” which served Germany and not the USA. 

P$ych James Mitchell is whining that his life would be put in danger after releasing a report detailing the program’s “brutal” abuses. Gee, he should have thought of that before he engaged in brutal acts. P$ychs are so stupid in thinking that torture works. Sometimes they even agree that it does not work, yet they are doing it. Just because they wouldn’t be able to endure torture, doesn’t mean that others are the same kind of wimps. He tortured personally, and I say, that shows his true face even more. It has nothing to do with gender, age or race. I can see evilness behind the eyes of people and I know you can too. Mitchell said that he did a lot of soul-searching before the accepted this job. Gee, Marty, he must have found a really dirty soul after all that soul-searching.   

This is an interesting time table:

I saw Mitchell on TV talking to a female reporter. Anger flamed up often inside of him, the “trained professional”. The type of “professional” who would label (libel) a person with a “mental illness” in retaliation for having recognizing his lack of character.  He worked at the Air Force before. Bruce Jensen is another psychologist involved with CIA torture  who worked before for the Air Force Apparently, nobody there can judge characters. They had to call at least one of them often out because was too aggressive. Gee, and this didn’t ring a bell that he has severe personality issues that psychology or psychiatry or neuro”science” didn’t solve?  I wouldn’t allow this guy to haul my trash away.

Mitchell and his partners David Ayers, Randall Spivey, James Sporleder, Joseph Matarazzo, and Roger Aldrich who are apparently p$ychs too earned 80 millions of dollars in order to torture others. The “$” in p$ychs really fits there, doesn’t it? Taxpayer’s money! And what is the result? Nobody revealed that it is Germany and their secret service psychs who are behind September 11 and the other terror attacks USING Muslims. A Pakistani medical doctor led the CIA to Bin Laden’s doppelganger and not to the real monster Bin Laden. Psychiatrists are also conditioning constantly non-Muslim shooters to kill others and then themselves (to get rid of the evidence, minds that were psychiatric altered), and neither the CIA nor the FBI put a stop to this.

The deep anger/hatred in Mitchell’s personality is exactly what p$ychs are looking for when searching for a person to turn into a Manchurian Candidate, a suicide killer or shooter. It happened to one of their own peer too as to neuro”scientist” James Holmes.  

Mitchell analysed “Al Qaeda” for months. Huh? How did he not find the German connection and the fact that ring leader Atta and his co-conspirators who flew in the Twin Tower and the Pentagon were psychiatric conditioned in Hamburg to commit this heinous crime. Taxpayers should get their money back from these people who find out NOTHING and just create scandals for the USA by behaving like Nazis. I am not quite sure if Senator Feinstein would not have released the CIA report if the CIA wouldn’t had spied on her and her Committee, but the world knows it now, and Germany, the men behind Merkel, are rubbing their bloody hands. The USA is going down and Germany thinks it wins. (Not if we can help it, Marty.) These psychiatrists even accepted financial incentives to repeatedly use the most brutal techniques. What lousy characters! What a low ethics level. 


Here is what p$ych Mitchell came up with:  torture that includes locking people in cramped boxes, shackling them in painful positions, keeping them awake for a week at a time, covering them with insects, and waterboarding, which simulates drowning and which the United States had considered torture. 

Ron was right: psychs are monsters. 

I read that the John Rizzo, the top lawyer at the time for the CIA, described some of the psych tactics as “sadistic and terrifying” but left it to DOJ to decide whether they were legal. They ultimately decided they were. Yikes! No true American behavior there either!  

The justification of the p$ychs and the CIA is “not to let anymore Americans die”. Balderdash! By concealing international psychs and Germany, the men behind Merkel as their secret case officers, the world remains clueless about how and why “suicide” terrorists (bombers, shooters, etc.) are being made.

Germany also had them arrest/torture a German citizen, so that this one would sue the CIA and place the European Courts as far as “humanity” is concerned over the US agencies and courts. What a shame for American analysts not figuring the facts.  They rather have the USA with a “stain” and in shame than turning the old Nazis in that are still around and radio in the minds of Americans to behave like Nazis so that Germans are no longer referred to as Nazis but Americans.

On another subject, Ryan informed me that the FBI has approx. 11,006 pages on me personally but hasn’t released them yet. This, despite I was never involved in any actual FBI criminal case. Anyway, Marty, I am sure that they have a lot more pages on me.

I love you, my hero. Be kissed and embraced.

Yours forever,






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