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Secret Services torture – what about electromagnetic and other types of torture?

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 Hitler was such an idiot and so is anyone who works for still existing Nazis. And yes, they still exist and are even growing.

Dearest Marty, my remarkable soulmate,

I am sure you noticed this too: Whenever some people mentions electromagnetic torture, many agents on the Internet and elsewhere telling them that they are “tinfoil crazies” and should see psychs or “take their meds”.   

Have a look below. Wikipedia writes that psychs are saying that people who believe in electronic harassment having “disorders” and are “mentally ill”. Let get that straight:  the fact that a bunch of p$ychs tortured people for the CIA is a “disorder” too? These secret service psychs are such choir boys, right? Gee, they never would torture people… Yeah right. It is quite revealing how psychs cover up the fact of secret torture, claiming it would not exist and people would have “disorders” or “mental illnesses” who think otherwise.

All these people are crazy?

Yet, there are a number of people on the net who say that electromagnetic harassment is real. I read online that a person called the FBI to ask them if Electromagnetic Harassment is real, and they hung the phone up on him. 


I read references saying that the German Nazis were the first to developing mind control technology and that they used their unlimited supply of children and adults available for experimentation in concentration camps and that mind control technology was either trauma or electronic based. They also misdiagnosed people who figured that they are using mind control technology, in other words, Marty, between the Nazi time and now, nothing has changed. 

A reader of the book Mind Matrix: Covert Electronic Harassment Mind Control Program (on Amazon) wrote: It has often been said of late that conspiracy theory is becoming increasingly mainstream and shedding some of its baggage as a strictly lunatic fringe subject…. Electromagnetic weapons operate at the speed of light. They can kill, torture and enslave, but the public are largely unaware that they exist, because these weapons operate by stealth and leave no physical evidence…  That book lists 100 patents involving psychotronic devices that can impinge on your personal freedom…”  

And those are only the US patents, and only those that were patented. The top secret stuff is not patented but top secret. 

A very good person in my life needs a cardiac pacemaker implanted on Monday in Germany, and I bet the farm, that his heart problems are not natural. I worry. He doesn’t deserve this at all. On top of this all, some pace makers are faulty or can malfunction with electronic or electronic harassment.

My thoughts are also with you, Marty. Always.

Yours forever,




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