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North Korea (and any non-high-tech nation) can pull off hacking if Germany tells them what to do and then hides cowardly behind North Korea (or whatever country they use for their criminal purposes)

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Dearest Marty, love of my life,

President Obama says that North Korea (a typical German cult) is responsible for the cyber-hacking of Sony. I don’t think that North Korea is innocent. These hacker activities might really come from there but what nobody is revealing is that Germany put North Korea up to it. And the FBI is again not digging deep enough!

Like Japan was used to attack Pearl Habour once, Germany is using North-Korea to attack the USA. Traditionally, Germany hides behind the backs of other nations. If heinous actions backfire, other countries should be beaten and bombed, Germany doesn’t wants USA’s anger. Germany need the USA to defeat Russia and China so that Germany can become officially World Power I. Once that is archived, Germany will destroy the USA completely, and the entire planet will become a German cult.

Back to North Korea. Ex-Anonymous and hacker Hector Monsegur said something interesting to CBS:

“For something like this to happen, it had to happen over a long period of time. You cannot just exfiltrate one terabyte or 100 terabytes of data in a matter of weeks…” and: “It’s not possible. It would have taken months, maybe even years, to exfiltrate something like 100 terabytes of data without anyone noticing.”

Here is the article:

However, Hector is clueless about Germany or he doesn’t tell.

I believe the hacker was one or likely more North Koreans but Germany told them through their implants what to do to hack Sony.

Why didn’t the NSA or any other agency of the US intelligence community notice this long period of hacking? Actually, no hacker skills are necessary at all. Germany spies on ANYONE by reading their minds after having arranged that anyone gets ear-, head, and body implants (tiny silicone implants that are not visible on any x-ray). Thoughts are producing waves and when somebody thinks a word or sentences in any language, their supercomputer translate all those thoughts into German, and German psychs and other agents are reading them and are using those thoughts to manipulate this planet and people on individual levels. 

They don’t have to hack Sony or anyone else. All they have to do is to watch and influence (can be done subconscious with silent sounds) the Sony executives, writers, and their IT engineers, and by doing so, they can tell North Korea or any other country what to type in their computers to hack and steal from the USA or any other country.

What is behind it? Germany (the men behind puppet Merkel) wants the USA and North Korea involved in a nuclear war. The idea to assassin the leader of North Korea (in a movie or reality) instead of convincing him to open his country and become the leader of a free nation, is also German. It should make the leader feel fearful and answer that with the use of atomic weapons.   

I know Germany. And I know that you know it too, Marty.

Be kissed a million times, and like you, I hope that Germany is finally busted as it will mean a much better planet.

Yours forever,



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  1. The head of Germany’s “anti-Islamisation” movement has quit after a photo showing him apparently posing as Hitler was published in newspapers.

    Off topic

    January 21, 2014 at 6:17 pm

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