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My standard candles detected German corruption in space

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Dearest Marty, my incredible Prince and hero,

I listened online to numerous scientists recently, and they all seem to think that life is only possible on planets on which they see water. (Mars has ice and water as you know.) However, people who have the technology on how to make water (e.g. using energy to cool an area until there is ice and then melting it) and their own oxygen, and if they have seeds, etc., they can use hydroponics and create civilizations under very large roofs. So, basically, life is possible just about anywhere. A planet doesn’t have to have the same environmental conditions as Earth to sustain life.

Moon Europa’s icy surface seems to be cracking and oceans are suspected underneath. To me, it seems that energy is used (e.g. coming from lasers) to melt that surface to make it habitable. It might not be all oceans on Europa. Scientists think that it might be too cold on the moon Europa to grow vegetables, etc. Not if people live and grow their food inside of large protective environments. Besides, moons or planets can be  MOVED to warmer places in space. Typically, the men behind Germany who let people on this planet suffer diseases, aging, and dying are very interested in a moon by the name of Europa. I bet they would like to call one planet or moon Germany or many even Germany I, II, III, etc. up to Deutschland 114033790157093606 and counting (after all, their national hymn says Deutschland über alles and they really mean their superiority), but as they allowed their Nazis to march and showed their real faces, that subject is still a “bit touchy” even among many of their very own agents. I am sure that Germany has the plan to name the universe one day Germany and have it act like Germany. Yes, the ultimate nightmare. And if this becomes true, anyone living in this universe is to pity, including the idiotic and fanatical Nazi doctors themselves as no one spares the other one if it comes down to it.

I say that non-Nazis on Earth need high tech-instruments that are able to look through the fake projection of the universe. Hubble and Kepler don’t scrap away the projected layers of deceptions. And what will we find behind it are other planets with populations (people who came once from Earth and also real aliens), and I bet they all have already German-installed ear implants, yes, incl. the aliens. (I once watched RB in a courtroom on the day of her trial, Marty. She could not deal with that there could be possibly one person in that courtroom who she had no control over, despite it was a public trial. She raced from one person to the other and demanded to know who they are and why they are in the courtroom. Pay in mind that her influence over people was very limited this lifetime. This lifetime, she was just mighty when the German government apparatus could use her for its rotten purposes. I know German fanaticism and how typical Germans are driven by their daemons. Having total control over everything is so important to them and by doing so, they make huge mistakes.)

Germans, particularly Bavarians are so afraid that others do to them what they do to us and others on this planet that they think that they just can face them by manipulating and controlling their minds. Germans, particularly Bavarians are also afraid that aliens are as horrible as they are! We are completely different. We smitten others with our charme. (JUST KIDDING!) We convince with making others UNDERSTAND.     

One of the biggest questions that I had, Marty, is how scientists measure the universe. How can a computer simulation being mistaken for the real universe? Here is what I puzzled: they accurately measured the distance to the Moon, Mars, some other planets, and moons in our solar system, after all, they were on the Moon and know how far some of their spacecrafts traveled to other planets or moon in NEAR space. In other words: near space is REAL, not a simulation, but DEEP space is covered up by a fake projection of a fake universe with fake depth.

So, what is with deep space, how do they measure it?

They say they use parallax, which can be understood by sticking one arm straight out with thumb looking upward. By closing one eye and then the other, the thumb moves optically a bit. When the arm with the thumb up is closer to one’s nose, the thumb appears to move optically even more, although it remains on the same place.

I learned by reading about astronomy, they take a picture of a planet or star and then wait six months until the Earth has moved around the sun. As closer a star is, the more it seems having shifted. So, Mars shifts a lot, and those planets or moons that are further away shift less. By measuring how much a planet or star shifts, they figure out how far away that star, planet or moon is from Earth. So far, so good.

This method doesn’t rule out that deep space is just a projection with optical depth. This method probably can be only applied to closer stars and planets not to those that are allegedly in very deep space.

So, I wondered how astronomers are measuring those “distances”.

So, I learned that they use light, as further away a star, as dimmer is its light. Okay, this is not illogical. But how to they measure it? They use “standard candles” for objects with “known luminosity”  (how much energy is coming from the thing per second). For example, they measured the luminosity of the sun and go from there. Some stars are getting luminous in a regular way, so they use this for the measurement. Funny, isn’t it, the idea that they look into space with “candles”?

They check how much light hits a telescope compared to the brightness of an object. Based on that, they figure distances. The engineers of the fake universe (projected on top of the real one) could use different illumination of lights for stars or have them blink in regular intervals and all that on a flat screen with fake depth.

They are also using the Doppler effect to measure the universe. (A biography says Doppler is German. Germans are so desperate for admiration! As less real personality and accomplishments, as more they crave it!) Sound waves are higher when something approaches and deeper when it moves away. Can be noted when standing at the side of a street and cars or other objects drive by.

Astronomer use this principle also on LIGHT WAVES, they stretch and compress, e.g. blue waves indicate something closer and red waves that some star or galaxy is further away. Based on that, they study the motions in space. If I understood it correctly, it some kind of radar that produces velocity data on objects at a distance. Still, these light waves can be based upon computer simulated speed and not being created by motions of real stars, planets, moons or galaxies.

It is a 3D-universe on a flat computer screen using fake depth.

The Doppler effect is telling astronomers that the universe is “expanding”. The engineers of the fake universe might call this “expansion” of the universe “upgrading” their system. Imo, a universe could “expand” if people blow up planets and their components scatter and create “more space”. Or if people are building planets by putting the parts together that make planets and forming them somehow or by building the structure of planets, e.g. constructing planets like a skyscraper just round. This could result in more real planets. Or they could make rock “grow” and hang them into space. That is how it could get bigger. I am sure that the creator of the universe it not the one who “makes the universe” expanding, and I am also sure that evolution is not expanding the universe as this “expansion” serves Germany’s plan to stop this world of conquering real deep space, as “space” is getting away from Earth.   

The fact that it is a runaway universe, raised my eyebrows. It is very suspicious. As more space conquest technology this planet gets, as more the planets, stars, and galaxies are  “moving away” from us. What a “co-incident”. NOT!  The people behind the fake universe don’t want us to find them, and don’t want us to find out that the universe is fake. It feels absolutely German to me. (Wasn’t gassing of millions of people “imprudent”? Wasn’t jailing people in communistic systems “imprudent”? Wasn’t invading other countries “imprudent?” Isn’t it imprudent to sell us a fake universe?) We want to see the real one. Period.  

I may know just a thing or two or four or twenty (;) about physics, Marty, but I know that things can be slowed and accelerated.

Harvard physicians slowed speed of light in 1999. A beam of neutrinos from the atoms smasher in Switzerland turned out to be faster than the speed of light, and physics says that speed of light is the fastest. But both could be accelerated or slowed down, depending what kind of secret sabotage is applied (with lasers for example) for whatever German-controlled retarded purpose.

Wish I could have dinner with you, Marty, with our own set of standard candles. 😉

I love you so much.

Yours always and forever,




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  1. An interesting discussion is worth comment. I think that you
    must write extra on this topic, it may not be a taboo
    subject but usually people are not sufficient to talk on such topics.
    To the next. Cheers


    December 25, 2014 at 2:29 pm

  2. Physicist Paul Davies: “The appearance of design is overwhelming…”
    Prof. John Lennox (Oxford): “The more we get to know our universe, the more hypothesis is that there is a creator…”

    Stepping in

    December 30, 2014 at 9:30 pm

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