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Glenn Miller’s disappearance in 1944

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Dearest Marty, my unique Prince,

I know that you are a music man. Wish I could enjoy music with you together.

Plants would grow just fine to this kind of great music. 

I assume that you know that on December 15, 1944, Glenn Miller got in a small plane and his aircraft disappeared in bad weather over the English Channel. Allegedly, his remains, those of the two others on board and the plane was never found.

There are a lot of conspiracies out there, but most people believe that the weather brought that plane down. In addition, the norseman was not cleared to fly and the pilot wasn’t that experienced. The U.S. military recorded his death has an accident. 

But there are also reports of “friendly fire”, e.g. that English bombers or their shock waves downed this plane, and because it was an “aborted” mission (other word for useless, I guess), the English pilots (RAF) were not required to write reports or maybe they did and the reports “disappeared”.

Germany runs the world since ages with ear implants. It is a piece of cake for them to manipulate other nationals with loud or silent sounds to let them make foolish decisions as taking off in bad weather or bombing an ally. And there were/are also traitors working directly and secretly for Germany in the USA, UK and any other country who knowingly kill one or more of their own.

In other words, organizing a bad plane, inexperienced pilot, a rush to be somewhere, and bad weather caused via weather satellites, is nothing that Germany hasn’t done covertly over and over again.

So, what was Germany’s problem with Glenn Miller? He made great music, and they hated this, because they couldn’t get credit for his accomplishments as he wasn’t German. He even fought the Nazis. And I am sure that they were hoping that the death of a beloved band leader as Miller would divide the USA and England and would end their relationship as close allies.

Officially, Germany didn’t kill Glenn Miller (except for starting WWII). But I say that they directly organized it.

Very revealing is that Hitler changed the strategy of the war just one day after Miller’s disappearance (death), which is known as the battle of the Bulge, which was Nazi Germany’s last big official offensive. The plan was 1) to kill  American music that conquered the world 2) to end the alliance between the USA and the UK. This is how the Nazis hoped to win the Battle of the Bulge and the war. As you know, the Battle of the Budge was the largest and bloodiest battle fought by the United States in World War II with most losses. The British and other allies also had losses. Reading about this particular battle, I can feel clearly the German influence over the ear implants of Americans and other nationals that were allies or alleged allies, considering how many “errors” were made, e.g. poor areal intelligence that gave Germany such an advantage in the beginning. However, the Allied Supreme Commander, Ike Eisenhower won against all odds. It is a miracle too that he won, considering the many traitors even in the USA, including the US government and the military.    

Guess in the twisted minds of the Germans, the US should have attacked the UK over the death of Miller, or at least being distracted and not trusting them, or the UK even joining the Nazis against the USA if the USA would have accused UK of being the killers of Miller.  

My main conclusion is, all those incidents leading to Glenn Miller’s death, were clearly German set ups.

I love you, Marty. Nothing can ever change this. To me, without you, this planet would be just a watery ball. You make all the difference.  

Yours forever,


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