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The day the music died – I boldly claim that three promising musicians dying in a plane “accident” was no accident

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Dearest Marty, my one and only and magnificent soulmate, how are you? I worry about you, an innocent man sent to hell for no other reason but him being good and who could make a big difference in Germany enslaving secretly the world. However, typical for Germany and their international agents, their crimes against you, me, Ron, and other members of our families, will catch up with them. Germany has secret control over just about anyone (consciously or subconsciously) and anything, yet, Germany loses notoriously at the end, because Germany (particularly the Bavarians) fail to better themselves character-wise and fail to enter an honest competition with the rest of the world. Their problem is to refuse to learn from past mistakes. One of their biggest mistakes is sure messing with us.

However, we are not the only people they mess with. By withholding from people who dying is (medical) murder and how people could live forever healthy and active lives, they are messing with everyone, and very much so their own agents. Another group that is evidently under attack are artists and celebrities. Many people dream of being famous artists, but do they consider that by becoming famous, that Germany’s (particularly the Bavarian’s) psychiatrists and mind controllers will have them on their radar?

For a brief moment, it looks like famous artists have everything: admiration, fans, money, a wonderful life. But just for a brief moment as the medical jealousy is creeping in. Either themselves or their families are targeted with tragedy, diseases, “accidents”, suffering, and death. A steep price to pay. Any artist/celebrity should be very interested in busting the Germans, because if they don’t, these artists/celebrities might not be around long.

Knowing Germany, they organized for example the air plane “accident” of  Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper to kill America’s  music and they enjoy killing as history clearly recorded. Psychs can influence with implants or just loud and silent commands what actions people are taking (e.g. flying on a bad day, pilot errors, fighting among the people, distraction, engine failure, etc.) and controls the weather (making a snow storm or making it worse) with weather satellites. Instead being happy about artists making good music, they are killing them (also with car accidents, other “accidents” drugs, prescriptions, guns, diseases, alleged “suicides”, whatever…), and that because these secret service doctors and agents are JEALOUS of the individual artists and particularly of that they are Americans and enrich the USA.

Children aren’t spared either.

I know you figured this out too, Marty. It is a bad universe to live in. That needs to be changed.

I miss you. A lot. Thinking of you is pure joy, my love. I just wish that I would have held onto you while it was still possible. The waves that we made and are making to find back together sure are much bigger than they would if rotten to the core Germany wouldn’t have organized our separation, Marty. Psychs are such idiots. They are so blind. They don’t see anything coming. They ignore those senses who we use on a daily base.  

Yours forever,










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