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Not much is known about the ancient Baigong Pipes in China

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible Prince,

Not much is known about those mysterious ancient pipes. They were discovered by some Americans in China who are unidentified and anonymous scientists. Huh? Gets even more mysterious. Why wouldn’t they want their names published? Afraid of aliens coming after them? Lol.

At first glance, they look like a huge pipe organ of a former civilization to me. They look like a human construction, definitely not like something natural. My first impression of this picture was that it is was a music instrument. A place of worship or art…

A sample of the pipes from the shoreline was tested, and they found that it contains 30% Ferric Oxide, 31% Silicon Dioxide, 31% Calcium Oxide and  8% of a chemical compound labeled as totally ‘unidentifiable’. As of today, Wikipiggy hushed up the 8% unidentifiable material. Some of these pipes were found highly radioactive. Maybe this place was bombed? That could be the reason why one side is bent. Some are as large as 40 cm in diameter and spread several hundred feet around the area. And some of these pipes lead in a salt lake. Some in a mountain. There is also a sweet water lake. The Chinese call the lakes “lover lakes”. The pipes are arranged in an apparently organized pattern. Maybe the pipes were used to get something pumped out of the lake that some could use? Salt? Minerals? Maybe they harvested once brine shrimps there just today’s companies in the GSL. The oddest thing is that these pipes are allegedly highly radioactive. The climate seems to be harsh and nobody live there (anymore).    

Here is the location on Google Earth. Very interesting pictures:,+China/@37.154434,96.994042,1801m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x370087977b620bed:0x28edcba67db79dbf?hl=en


Wikipiggy editors and some others want to sell readers the idea that these pipes are natural. Sure, Mount Rushmore looks very natural too. If some hostile people would kill the entire Earth population and if another civilization would populate the Earth hundred thousands of years later, and they would find relics of Mount Rushmore or for example Las Vegas, wonder what they would be thinking. “What on Earth…” (The often used expression “What on Earth is this?” is also interesting.)    

Anyway, this structure seems to be very old, before such a technique was officially invented.


Nearby are pyramids. I remember talking years ago to a Scientologist about pyramids. He was a staff member who never got his nose out of all kinds of books. We came to the conclusion that the pointy triangle on top of a pyramid had the purpose to break cosmic rays or anything else that came from space. In other words, we both were sure that it had the purpose of stopping aging and the destruction of human bodies through rays and beams.

Here is another media article. It is about the same area but it shows different pipes that doesn’t look at all like those above. It just mentioned their structures indicate a highly advanced and completely unknown construction technique. See here:

What are you thinking, Marty? Would love to hear your ideas.

Forever yours, and I love you.




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