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CCHR and Scientologists have to do much better in order to stop psychs cutting off consciousness of people and turning them deliberately into terrorists and monsters

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Dearest Marty, Captain of my Heart, how are you?

The Luka Magnotta (very much a non-Scientologist) case is horrible just as that of Jeremy Perkins (very much a non-Scientologist who was probably only in SCN because his mother was), and so are some other cases.

David Miscavige thinks that these cases just blow over, so CCHR does not really investigate and publish what psychiatrists and neuro”scientists” are doing to some people who are on Scientology lines.

Psychs are implanting and hypnotizing Scientologists and non-Scientologists (suicide bombers, 7-11 terrorists, school shooters, etc.) alike, including psychiatric agents who infiltrated the Scientology orgs to alter and bring Scientology down. After the perverted and heinous crimes, that were plotted by secret service psychs and Germany behind them, are carried out, psychiatric agents in the media, on hate Scientology blogs and in hate Scientology forums manipulate the opinion of the public that Scientology and not psychiatry behind it.

Our minds, Marty, are thanks heaven not as easily to manipulate.

Scientology orgs and CCHR should INVESTIGATE the psychiatrists and neuro”scientists” who nap certain people and turn them into Manchurian candidates. Depending on the tonelevel and what is psychiatric programmed into these psychiatric victims, they either commit “suicide” or kill somebody else and often commit suicide after the crime.

Psychs are using the ear implant code of the victims to activate “the sleepers”.  They know how to switch the conscientiousness of people on and off.  They can do this with remote-controlled devices and cowardly hide in the distance while the blood bath takes placed. It is the same “phenomena” as seen with shooters and terrorists that never had anything to do with Scientology. And they do it even to their own, e.g. neuro-scientist James Holmes. They do it even to kill toddlers by “activating” psychiatric conditioned Adam Lanza or recently in Pakistan were 142 children were killed. I am absolutely sure that the mass murder committed through the Taliban was a psychiatric remote-controlled atrocity. 

While below CCHR video contains definitely a lot of truth, CCHR failed to document how psychs targets Scientology, Scientologists, and also CCHR. 

Jeremy Perkins mother, worked for CCHR. I am absolutely sure that he was PSYCHIATRIC CONDITIONED to kill his mother because CCHR was the target. Psychiatrists want CCHR to surrender to psychiatry and dropping its criticism on psychiatry. Same thought was also behind the setup of the Lisa McPherson case. The only reason why p$ychs allowed her to leave the mental hospital with Scientologists was because p$ychs did set this woman up to die in the hands of Scientologists. Scientologist should feel helpless and surrender Scientologists to psychs.        


CCHR is correct warning of drugs, they alter personalities and are dangerous (with very serious side effects), but this is just a part of the horrible story.


CCHR fails to spill the beans on that these people are psychiatric conditioned, IMPLANTED, and HYPNOTIZED and that psychs behind the scene using the ear implant codes to run these people and that psychs are making them carry these acts out. They cut the consciousness of the psychiatric altered person off and radio through her ear implants to kill.  

How psychiatrists and “neuroscientists” cut consciousness off to make terrorists:

The orgs and CCHR can’t create a better world by not disclosing ALL crimes of p$ychs and particularly Germany and its secret services behind international psychs and these atrocities.

Scientologists and CCHR executives and members have to do much better if they want psychiatric atrociousness to stop. The world thinks that some people commit these crimes because they “forgot to take their meds” or Scientologists told them not to take it. While drugs indeed alter personalities, Scientologists and CCHR should get the records straight on what really is happening in the world, and what p$ychs do, in addition to drugging  and e-shocking that is messing up people too.

If they don’t do it, p$ychs will continue to condition people to ruin Scientology, CCHR, Narconon and any of Scientology’s causes. I think it is dangerous in Scientology orgs if they don’t publish and repeat constantly all psychiatric crimes as it means allowing p$ychs to come away with implanting, hypnosis, installing ear implants, silent sounds, using psychiatric devices to cut off and switch off conscienceless, etc.

So, at any time, psychs can condition an infiltrator in Scientology or a person who failed to apply Scientology and go up the tonescale to open fire in a org or hide explosives.     

If His Cobness (a fan of Ron’s impostor, a secret service agent and not of Ron, the real Scientology founder) would be smarter, he would have figured this a long time ago. As he wants to run, Scientologists, he should protect them accordingly.

As Ron developed Scientology for the use of all people, Scientologists should make sure that the entire world learns the full story on how psychiatrists make terrorists. If agencies who employ psychs or bad judges fail to do it, doesn’t mean that Scientologists should fail too.  

Here is a hint:

Electrical stimulation of a small brain area reversibly disrupts consciousness.

There is the sleeper, the Manchurian Candidate who turns into a terrorist whenever p$ychs and neuro-“scientists” snips with the fingers, e.g. uses a remote-controlled device to disrupt his/her consciousness. CCHR should be all over this in view of the many shootings and terror acts on the planet and in order to protect Scientologists and others.

I know you are not blind on the subject as His Cobness is.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed.

Yours forever, my soulmate.









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