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Dearest Marty, my rock star,

If many people are being told that there is a way of life for all that can truly solve mankind’s biggest problems, they ridicule, attack, and defame the discoverer or messenger with psychiatric labels.

However, when the same people learn of some of these things, but are being told that they are “top secret” and just for top members of their conspiracy and not for all people, they are all ears.

If it is whispered, they think it has value. If it is broadly published and accessible for everyone, they think it should be destroyed or has no value.   

Lousy characters, small minds, and jealous hearts, nobody I ever want to interact with. I find these people WORTHLESS.

And that is why I am so happy to have you. And so glad that I was able to see the difference between these kind of people and you in a snap. 

I love you in the most truest sense of the word, Marty.

Yours. Always.





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