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We need not another pharmaceutical drug, we need a new way of life to prevent aging and diseases

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Dearest Marty, my awesome hero,

Typically, in this psychiatric and medical-controlled world, “science” doesn’t come up with a new way of life to prevent aging, diseases and dying (you know what kind of way of life I mean as I wrote about it several times). The pharmaceutical industry rather wants again lots of cash by selling yet another pill. This time one against aging. That is their “solution”.

I read below article that indicates that the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City is working on a drug that should delay aging. Albert Einstein College of Medicine! I wouldn’t be a fan of medicine if I would be Albert, considering what they did to my brain. I also don’t believe that he died a natural death. Psychs and other doctors who wanted his brain knew how to kill with remote-control making it look “natural”.  

Anyway, here is the article:

When do they finally realize that the Fountain of Youth is not a pill, but a way of life that cuts all out everything that makes sick and ages. Actually, a real fountain with people making their own healthiest water is a part of it.  

Well, I am sure that this pill will have side effects, and people will age nevertheless on the inside and outside, and will die. The solution for youth, health, and no aging is not a medical one. It is a different lifestyle in protected environments letting nothing in that makes people sick, ages or kills them. Easy enough, isn’t it? 

Some people might think that such places are restrictive. But you know that doesn’t have to be if they don’t build them too small 

The village under glass that I remember from my childhood was huge. I believe it belongs to your family, Marty. It wasn’t easy to remember either. It was a piece of stolen memory. Psychs can steal from the brain and the mind whatever they want but not when a thetan postulates to remember against all odds as we did.

The village was round but several miles in diameter. I stood on a very upper level looking down. It was so beautiful, peaceful, lush green, hydroponics (I like those clean roots compared to the dirt and bugs that hanging on dirt grown plants roots and plants, yuk! Last fall I threw my garden-grown squash away because so many bugs lived on them. Despite I cleaned them thoroughly, I just couldn’t eat them…), no cars but a train, and in the middle, I saw rustic cabins, the center of the village. The air was so fresh and pleasant. Heaven or paradise really is on Earth or could be on Earth for everyone if not evil doctors would prevent it for mainstream (who would buy their pills if they would stay healthy and young?) Just a complete FOOL wouldn’t want to live like this. No multi-million dollar mansion can compete with this village and what it offers people to prevent aging and diseases.

I miss you, Marty. The conspiracy against us will break down. I hope I will see you in 2015. The truth will come out anyway. Germany (its secret services) who controls that international conspiracy against us typically doesn’t realize when they lost yet another war. This time, they even bring their American and other international agents down with them. As longer they conspire against us and separate us, as longer their rap sheets are getting and as more damage they have to undo, if possible at all.   

Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling.

Yours forever,






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