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What Big Bang? The Big Bang corruption… And this is called “science”

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how are you? My thoughts are with you every day. 

Below, I link to a video (Universe The Cosmology Quest) that starts off a bit slow and it is not HD quality, but provides some details about outrageous corruption in the academic world. Many people are thinking that academics and ethics go hand in hand, but unfortunately, it is not the case at all, and those not active in the respective fields (including other academics) have to swallow what other unethical academics are feeding them. Universities and other institutes of higher education allow unethical people to graduate. What a shame.  That is one of the many negative side effects of the German-controlled world through ear implants. Truth and facts are hard to find. 

As you know, the big bang is taught in schools as a fact, but there are a FEW physicists, yes, physicists, who are saying that the big bang and the expanding universe are not just not proven but FALSE.

Astronomer Halton C. Arp died in Germany (!) last year.  He is the creator of the Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies, which is very interesting as he demonstrated that something is wrong with numerous galaxies and their distances. and

In my opinion, Marty, he doesn’t say it, but his findings fit right into that the deep space universe that Hubble and other telescopes are “discovering” is FAKE. I believe that the universe behind the fake projection does not expand. The expansion, the run-away-universe is a projection that should stop us from going into space. And those who are projecting the false universe are not aliens. They are from Earth, and the keyword here is: still existing German Nazi doctors.  

At 5:07 min. of the video, a front page of the New York of the 1930s is shown, saying that we live in an expanding universe, and people believed it despite it sounds rather odd. Einstein believed that the universe is static, and he, as a persecuted Jew should have known that Nazis are behind the projection of an “expanding universe” and why. Nazis want to take over the universe before non-Nazis come in their way and are stopping them. This is not mentioned in the video, this is what I am saying. I will use blue fonts if I refer directly to discoveries mention in the video.    

In 1960, quasars were discovered, very bright cosmic objects with large redshifts.  

An official definition that I found is: redshift and blueshift describe how light changes as objects in space (stars/galaxies) move closer or farther away from us. The famous so-called Doppler effect. When an object moves away from us, the light is moved to the red end of the spectrum, as its wavelengths get longer. If an object moves closer, the light goes to the blue end of the spectrum, as its wavelengths get shorter.


Alright, they measure the distances and determine how far stars, planets, galaxies are away from Earth. The Doppler effect is a change of pitch of the sound coming from something moving toward us and getting away from us, like an ambulance siren, which is indeed so. Sounds from objects moving toward us have a higher pitch as the sound waves are compressed together and that is shortening the wavelength of the sound waves. And sounds from objects moving away from us have a lower pitch because the sound waves are stretched and are lengthening the wavelength. That makes sense. And I learned that light behaves in the same way. So far, so good.

With their standard candles, the astrophysicists and cosmologists are looking through their telescopes into space and are applying the “Doppler law” to the changing lights to calculate the distances in space. And they got the idea that the universe is expanding because Doppler wavelength measures shows lots of redshifts. However, deep space is a computer program projected on a black screen and that does not make it difficult to move planets and galaxies around, right? A little bit of drag and drop, and any kid at the control can “expand the universe” and  can fool the academic world with that game.

They are using also x-rays in space but apparently, these rays do not look through the black projection of the fake universe. 

According to astronomers, quasars are the most distant objects detected in the universe so far. I am convinced that the distant universe that our telescopes is seeing is a projection on a black screen and not the reality, which means that quasars are a projection too. I don’t think that those x-rays are able to “look through” that screen. These x-rays must be cancelled out up there. In below linked video, the interviewed physicists are not saying that the universe is a projection, but that something is wrong with way the distances in universe are measured and with the “expansion of the universe”.

At 6:45 min., below linked video mentions quasars and the Galaxy Messier 82, which is also called NGC 3034, Cigar Galaxy or M82 (picture above) and that the “expanding universe” doesn’t made sense. They are saying that “Hubble law” does not apply to quasars and these bright objects are not at their redshift distance and that the Big Bang never happened. I think that the SEGNPMSS designers of the fake universe made errors placing the quasars, Marty. The redshift discrepancies with the quasars are errors of the secret service fake planetarium projectors, and it all comes back to bite them.

At approx. 9:00 min, the video starts to interview Halton C. Arp, the astrophysicists who had to pay the ultimate price for not swimming with the flow. He discovered discrepancies and was forced to resign from his permanent position at the CARNEGIE Institute of Washington Observatory and threaten that if he doesn’t change his line of research, they will take away his telescope time. Yikes! He wasn’t the only one who was pushed out. The academic world is a German-controlled cult that doesn’t allow independent discoveries. And the rest of the world is expected to admire and follow such a dictated “science”. No wonder that this planet can’t solve its problems. I don’t believe that Mr. Halton “Chip” Arp said that the universe, which astronomers study, is fake but he said that the big bang is not correct. He discovered facts in this regard, and that is why they didn’t want him to look through telescopes anymore. 


(And as a footnote, on one side, Carnegie stops a physicist like Prof. Arp who is really onto something, on the other side of the coin, the Carnegie Mellon University throws money at Dave Touretzky, the mouse and rat “researcher” . That fits. Here are postings of mine on Touretzky:

Far fetched? Not at all. Touretzky fits right in. A Carnegie Mellon Course Has Students Invent New Pornography.

Touretzky is not a physicist. So, back to the physicists.) 

A leading astrophysicist and editor by the name of S. Chandrasekhar sent Mr. Arp’s paper on the discrepancies to the Director of Carnegie Institute Observatories, Horace Babcook. Chandrasekhar remarked that Arp’s paper “exceeds his imagination”. (Imagination? Shouldn’t they rather INVESTIGATE AND MEASURE and come up with facts instead of imagining?) Just because somebody “can’t imagine” it, it is ignored? Babcook called Mr. Arp in his office and told him that he should look for another line of work. (This is called the world of science, where German-controlled case officers whisper through the ear implants of their agents to out people who find something odd in fake universe.) They called Arp’s research “incorrect and embarrassing”. Embarrassing for the entire planet is rather that people can’t speak out without being railroaded and that Germany is above everything and even designed and controls the fake universe. We all know that these things happen in the non-academic world, but shouldn’t these institutes of higher education be open-minded? They want to be respected as the smartest people and when you look closely, they are corrupt fools. People think that stuff like this just happens in North Korea or some state with dictators and not in the free world. Yes, right, WHAT FREE WORLD? In fact, ear implants conspiracies rule the academic world just as they rule gangs, cults, terror groups, dictators, and anything else.  In short, Halton Arp (and also others) was/were not allowed to follow-up on the discrepancies found and that is called higher education!      

Theoretical astrophysicist Geoffrey Burbidge, the former director of Kitt Peak National Observatory also doesn’t believe in the Big Bang expanding universe. He says that “scientists” don’t consider any alternative to the Big Bang, they don’t consider any alternative in an open way, and people who would like to observe the universe through telescopes in an objective way are not granted observing time. Yikes. We still live in the middle ages where people were not allowed to go beyond the flow. Independent researchers are not funded. If they don’t believe in the expanding universe Bing Bang crap, they have no saying and support and their careers are over. And it is not just a problem in the USA. Other nations don’t solve the problems either, because Germany is behind the Big Bang and expanding universe idea, and the fake universe is their idea and doing. Germany is everyone’s secret ear-implant master.

Jack Sulentic, an observatory astronomer says that university students are not being told to think independently and that they become conformists. Later in the video he talks about flawed “scientific” work and that one astronomer even removed controversial illuminated objects from a photo to prove that Halton “Chip” Arp is wrong. He says he wouldn’t know what these illuminated points exactly are, but they should not be removed and nobody should act as if they don’t exist just to prove Halton Arp wrong who wasn’t convinced of the Big Bang theory. He also says that some scientists “vote” on their “findings”. Gee, how scientific is that?    


Vera Rubin is also mentioned in the video. She is an American astronomer who uncovered the discrepancy between the predicted angular motion of galaxies and the observed motion. What Geoffrey Burbidge says is jaw-dropping. The leading astronomer of the National Observatory Committee said immediately that he recommends her project to be stopped and most other astronomers agreed. They have not much of a backbone, do they? He also mentioned that NASA is very conformist. And  is called “science”. Somebody finds a contradiction, and the academic world sweeps it under the carpet. The world is being fooled.

Yep, I bet that these NASA “scientists” follow their secret German-run case officers’ every word, Marty. It is very important for Germany that the neither the USA nor Russia not any other country but Germany (EU) owns space. After all, the universe should become German. (The ultimate nightmare!) 

John Dobson, an amateur astronomer and telescope designer also makes an appearance in the video. He says that astronomers “have a view of the world and hang onto it as in forever”. Despite he considers himself as atheist, he claimed that the big bang theory does not hold up to scrutiny.

 NGC 7603 is a peculiar galaxy that Mr. Arp discovered and Eleanor Margaret Burbidge (and astrophysicist and former director of the Royal Greenwich Observatory is interviewed in the video at approx. 19:37 min.) Again, what she says is startling. There is a galaxy with a companion galaxy, and both should have the same redshift but they don’t. One shows a redshift of 8700 km per second and the other one a redshift of 17000 km per second.  There are also two very light objects in those two galaxies.  

The Nordic Optical Telescope of La Palma (I was on vacation there once) belonging to the Canary Islands looked at them in more detail and they found them to be quasars, which are allegedly the furthest objects away from our galaxy that can be seen, so how did they get all connected in one picture with those different redshifts? The distances of all four are completely off.  The quasars were measured with whopping 117000 km per second away. So, 87oo km, 17000 km, 117000 km, what is it? It can’t be all three distances away. And these are all the same spot in the “universe”. Nobody in the video says clearly: Deep space is fake, but this is the conclusion that I draw, Marty. Those Zeiss kind of universe projectors aren’t that perfect after all. 


Margaret Burbidge says that these items have non-cosmic components. The question is of course: how the heck do non-cosmic components getting into the cosmos? Geoffrey Burbidge says that quasars are not as far away as science is teaching us. Yeah, sure, the black computer screen with the fake universe is in our direct space neighborhood. Particularly designed for Earth.

Ms. Burbidge says that this is not the only galaxy in question. Seyfert Galaxy 3419 and Markarian 205 would be very controversial as there is some kind of protrusion coming off and that people removed it from photos to show that it is not there. Jack Sulentic, an observatory astronomer says that there was a publication (NASA/Hubble press release) saying that these objects are in fact separated, but he run a test on the picture(s) and saw right away that information in the NASA press release were false and the objects were NOT separated but connected. (Video at approx. 35  min.)  He was flabbergasted that NASA felt the need to issue a publication with falsehoods that something that indeed is there would be not there. He feels that NASA is afraid.

I feel that NASA is very tightly German controlled, Marty, just like the CIA and other US intelligent agencies. No wonder that they are afraid to be busted.

Upon Dwight David Ike Eisenhower’s executive decision as US president, NASA was founded, but they work secretly in favor for Germany and still existing Nazis. How disgusting is that? I am convinced that deep space is fake, only near space is real. I don’t know if Voyager I data can be used to determine when real space stops and the fake universe starts. It threw already its camera overboard. We are not allowed to see far space as Nazis don’t want us to go there. As simply as that.

Ms. Burbidge says that space and these pictures are difficult to understand and that is why not many people look into it. That it is an unpopular subject, and scientists are worried about their jobs and want to move up the ladder.

Apparently, one can’t become a famous astronomer or astrophysicists if one doubts the Big Bang and more importantly, if somebody found evidence that there was no Big Bang. What is higher education worth if the majority of academics are such remote-controlled wimps, Marty? Like in the song “Little Boxes”, all went to universities and all are the same… 

All in all, this video is very interesting. 

And it reveals some of the Big Bang corruption.

I wish I could talk to you in person about this, Marty, because I know that the universe and space is also very much on your mind.

All the kisses in the world for you.

I love you.

Yours always.



I bet Germany sits on the stolen Irish crown jewels

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Dear Marty, my wonderful Prince,

You may have heard that in the 20th century, the Irish crown jewels, now worth several million Euro were stolen, and they never were recovered. They were in the care of Ulster King of Arms, Ireland’s chief herald and genealogist. This poster says that somebody used a fake key. But if there were homosexual orgies going on,  one of the “lovers” could have “borrowed” the key during or after you know what. The secrecy and shame of such affair(s)/orgies stopped a full investigation.

And it was an organized setup. How does one get away with stealing crown jewels? Germany’s psychiatrists and secret services are using ear implants (loud and silent sounds) to make people do things they are not proud of. They create withholds, which prevents a full investigation, and Germany is getting richer through stolen goods. They knew that those involved in the orgies would be shamed if they would bring the thief to justice. So, they rather wave going after the thief to recover the jewels. Shortly after, Germany kills the thief or has him die in the war, and the jewels are all theirs. I can sense German setups, Marty, because I know how they are thinking and plotting. They really shouldn’t have kidnapped me to Germany. Now I know them so very well.

The economy of Germany also gained by keeping other countries deliberately down. It is so easy for them by running everyone through ear implants. With silent and loud sounds, they can manipulate other nationals so that Germany is always on top it doesn’t matter the horrible things they have done and still do.          

Germany spies in form of organized crimes on people since at least the middle ages. They knew of the jewels, they knew and know what everyone did and does and they still haven’t told Ireland/GB where these jewels are.

An inspector by the name of Kane stated that he believed that the theft of the Jewels had been carried out by an insider before July 5, 1907 .

Documents  of the British Home Office relating to the theft were officially (!) destroyed. That is quite odd, isn’t it? There also appears to be gap in the official correspondence of Ulster’s Office between 1902 and 1908. It is being said that it was no ordinary crime.

These jewels didn’t show up again. Maybe they were dismantled and sold piece by piece and the gold melted. The plan sure existed or still exists. With the Internet having pictures of these stones, it is even harder than in 1907 to sell them. Or Germany wants to sell them to aliens on other planets. I recognize German handwriting. It was them who organized the theft. They also still sit on stolen Jewish art and are doing all kinds of hidden things to keep them in Germany or at least in Europe that they are already officially “leading”. 

A poorer UK and Great Britain would help Germany in the war (WWI) that they had planned already in 1907. It also helped Germany to get a deeper rift between the Irish and the British. If they fight each other, they can’t fight Germany effectively. It is a typical German calculation. 

Francis Bennett-Goldney (died in WWI) was appointed as the Athlone Pursivant of the Order of St. Patrick in February 1907. He was a possible suspect in the theft of the Irish Crown Jewels. His name is odd: “Ney Gold” (Was that guy picked to suggest that he has nothing to do with the missing gold?) Maybe Germany got the gold/jewels from him before or after his death.  

There is a rumor saying that the jewels were smuggled into the USA. I am rather convinved they are in German dirty hands. That is the other side of the coin of Germany running all people through ear implants. They are responsible for what the world is doing under their command.   

I love you. Be kissed my Prince. I am glad you are such a straight and noble prince . 🙂 

Yours always,



Why did they change String Theory to Membrane or “Brane” Theory?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

How are you? 

Tiny strings of vibrating energy in the smallest particles make sense to me. How did the energy get in there? Somebody can and did postulate it – including the miracles that plants grow from seeds and that people can have babies.    

Why can’t a string of energy wiggle in the four dimensions length, width, height, and depth to maintain structure? Because the fake deep space universe projection tells differently?

Suddenly, my friends, the theoretical physicists come up with 11 string dimensions, and this doesn’t sound right to me. Did I miss something? Also some believe that the strings are now open-ended or rather membranes or “branes”…  Reminds me to “brains”… 

They think that strings can grow into membranes and that our universe is on one. And when these universes in form of membranes collide in the multiverse, there will be big bangs. Which means, that some think that the big bang didn’t create our universe but that it did crash with another one and not just once. And they are standing now before the question: who or what created the multiverse?   

At a certain point, physics can’t be considered without the spiritual aspect.  

The first they have to do is to scrape away the fake projection of the universe to have a look at how the real universe looks like. And they have to get away from silent sounds to figure everything out.

Did you hear those strange sounds that planets allegedly are making? Yeah right, our legs are being pulled. Earth sounds as if somebody recorded a strong wind storm on Earth and then recorded it and plays it for space probes to record so that people believe that all the sounds of the other planets/moons are real and that no other noise is covered up by secret services underneath those alleged planet sounds:  

Silent sounds to prevent people to be truly themselves and to discover their spiritual abilities are anywhere. For example, when a person dies and the thetan leaves the human body, it still can hear these silent sounds and is still manipulated by them. If it happens to me, Marty, I sure will postulate myself away from them. And if necessary in another universe. Like you, I want to be no one but completely myself. Besides, it is hard to recover spiritual abilities when being bombarded with millions of silent psychiatric secret services sounds to keep a thetan small. The relation is so unfair: 1: millions of tailor-made silent sounds to prevent thetan’s true spiritual freedom and abilities.  

I love you in any universe, Marty. In any universe, in which I would meet you, I would fall again in love with you. Soul mates, the best any universe has to offer.

Be kissed my darling.

Yours always,




Standing ovation at Sundance for a HBO “documentary” that can’t differentiate between originals and impostors? What a unprofessional and dishonest world!

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate,

HBO should have done instead a TRUTHFUL documentary with the title Games of Impostors!

Your impostor is all over the news, WOAI – San Antonio, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, International Business Times, Variety, New York Post, Hollywood Reporter,  Indiewire, Huffington Post, Business Insider, etc. this time for his participation in the HBO documentary, and so is Mike Rinder who is in the valence of hatemonger Tony Ortega. When the news breaks that these people withheld from the world that founder of Scientology was impostored and that you are impostored, Marty, there is no stone big enough under which they can crawl and hide their shame.

When reading the postings of your impostor Mosey’s husband or Mike Rinder, I only can come to this conclusion: if David Miscavige wouldn’t be no Scientologist and an agent too, he never would have promoted those two agents to be his right and left hand. It wouldn’t have happened to you as you know and apply the tonescale and you can read personalities as I can too. Well, one day, they will be exposed for what they are.

And DM too. As he hasn’t revealed that Mosey’s husband is your impostor, who he is, and that also Mike Rinder and others know about this, it means that these people still conspire against us Scientologists and also against the real founder of Scientology.

Anyway, as higher these agents climb as deeper they fall. If they were real Scientologists, they would know that the truth comes out anyway. 

As Monique’s husband lied even under oath being you, he sure will not have told HBO the truth about him being an impostor. Freedom Magazine says that he committed Financial Disconduct, Deception, Ineptitute, and Violence. Acting as your impostor is more than just a deception. He even testifies in his deposition, filed to a federal court, without making a clear differentiation between your executive life in Scientology (until end of 1988) and his sudden appearance afterwards in Scientology.    

However, it is also the responsibility of the reporters who make documentaries or write articles to research that. Standing ovation for interviewing an impostor and not revealing that he is one. It is such a shame. They create a bad reputation for the media.

Germany, secret services, and psychiatrists and neuro-“scientists” behind them, think they can get rid of Scientology with bad media campaigns. It won’t work. Immediately after I joined the GOPR MUN, Jonestown happened. Piles and piles of press on my desk comparing Scientology to Jonestown. But did it stop people joining Scientology? It didn’t it. It slows down people (except agents) just walking into orgs and joining, but when people meet real Scientologists, they figure that they are not how the media portrays them and that it was a campaign and hype, so they study Scientology nevertheless. 

C of S will get a TV station. Generally, it is a good idea as they can air their own documentaries. However, Scientology needs a leadership of real Scientologists not agents. Germany started the infiltration and the CIA and other secret services are on board. It is so non-American. I bet the HBO documentary is not jaw-dropping compared to what Germany does to the USA and to original Scientology, which is not Vistarilogy or Miscavology.

But you know this all, Marty, no need to go on about it. I love you and miss you. 

Forever yours,


Added on January 28 after I have seen an Access Hollywood report: A female reporter talks to Tony Ortega about Tom Cruise. He cites Monique’s husband as the main source in regards to what was said about Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in the HBO “documentary”. Ortega and anyone referring to your impostor as a credible source must be out of his mind. He infiltrated the Scientology orgs and “audited” PCs or Pre-OTs and then be breaks the minister confidentiality agreement by talking about his PCs or Pre-OTs. Outrageous. And knowing what a liar he is, who believes the content of what he is saying about them? Tom Cruise and John Travolta should sue the hell out of your impostor and convict him of being an impostor, and this would be the end of this agent poisoning the world against Scientology. It is EASY before a court to convict Monique’s husband of being an impostor. Even photos alone prove it. Maybe your legal representative can contact that one of Tom Cruise and John Travolta and inform him that Monique’s husband is an impostor. With this documented, HBO’s 160 lawyers have to go back to law school. 






Kha-Khan status (not by the real Scientology founder) objects Scientology ethics!

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you? I am thinking of you.

The Kha-Khan status is by impostor “Jack Vistaril” and his non-Scientology secret case officers and not by founder Ron. It is easy to figure  because OWs can’t be just forgiven. IT DOESN’T WORK THIS WAY.

Amends must be done to get rid of overts (and in my view some are so serious that no amends can make them up), not because Ron or original Scientology said so but because the thetan (each person) is basically good and feels bad about rotten activities. It is like gravity on this planet. It works like this, it doesn’t matter how hard some people are working on trying to bury that fact. The mechanism exist in all people, religious or not, Scientologists or people from other religions including those who say that they are atheists. If people would be basically bad, they would work at least subconsciously against themselves as penalty for their unethical behavior.

If Kha-Khan is assigned to an unethical person, he does not get rid of the OWs as they continue nagging on him. Clean hands are making a happy life, this is what the real founder Ron said. Kha-Khan doesn’t work. It is undermining Scientology ethics. Let’s say a Kha-Khan recipient betrays his wife. She is clueless. Despite his Kha-Khan status, he will have a bad conscience whenever he looks at her. And he can’t do anything against it, except confessing and hoping SHE (not anyone else) forgives.    

When cowardly people have committed many crimes, they don’t want to face that OWs are real, so they claim that are no OWs or one can commit all the crimes that one wants as the OW sequence or “karma” does not exist. But they are just lying to themselves. I know you agree with me, Marty.


Here is an example: 

There is a new video on YouTube with 15 minutes more deposition conducted by attorney Bert Deixler, in which Monique’s husband explains OW write-up as “mind-control”. If that is true, then a non-coercive confession before a court, in a witness stand, before police, and in the Catholic Church is mind-controlled too. People really have to get that Monique’s husband, your impostor, “confessed” in a very friendly environment. According to his own statements, David Miscavige begged him to return, and offered him a free cruise, free training, Kha-Khan status, and who know what else. Begged mind-control? What is the next crap your impostor comes up with?

Also, Monique’s husband never confessed that he is your impostor and was sent in Scientology to imposter you! He tells Bert Deixler that he “confessed everything” in his life, which is a tremendous lie under oath! He publishes a posting on his blog about “truth” and thinks he can fool people with his lies. Yeah right.  The only people he can fool are fools. 

In his deposition, I bet he never mentions that the founder was impostored too and that this impostor, a secret service agent like Monique’s husband who wrote numerous “policy letters” as free game, which was cancelled later. “Free game” was planted into Scientology to give the attackers of Scientology munition. It also objects to Scientology ethics. If bad things are done to people (who cares who they are and in what spectrum of life, people in Scientology or not, including those who never had anything to do with it), the rotten activities are sticking to the person who does them. So, the person who did it goes down morally as she does not more feel as proud, easy, competent, ethical as she could before the overt and withhold and her self-esteem goes down too. She gets depressed even if there is no real life suppression present. She gets depressed and dislikes herself. A less proud and capable being slips down the tonescale. And Monique’s husband and the likes did exactly that.     

On the 15 minutes video Monique’s hubby talks about his own “work” (that includes also the work of his buddy Mike Rinder), which of course was not honest. But they blame it on the founder because they are German/CIA-controlled agents and never were Scientologists.




Secret service agent Monique’s husband was telling Bert Deixler that he (and others) applied Fair Game (despite it was cancelled long before he entered Scientology to become your impostor, Marty). Unbelievable! And he is the guy who David Miscavige called back and rewarded with all kinds of stuff. Shouldn’t His Cobness have known that people who blow can’t stand the place anymore that they freely and happily joined because they have conducted OWs at this place? The handling of your impostor in 1993 (among other things) is a dead give-away that DM is not a Scientologist either.

Marty, he says that Greg Wilhere supervised him on this liability formula in 1993. Greg Wilhere KNOWS that Monique’s husband is your impostor as he worked also directly with you, and Wilhere allowed this impostor back into Scientology. IT IS BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS.    

Your impostor says that his liability formula was done to “escape” Scientology “punishment”. This is contradictory to his statement that DM begged him, begged him, begged him to come back and made him lots of promises, e.g. free cruise, kha-khan status (to allow this agent to get away with even more), free auditing, free training, and whatever else. Monique’s husband calls those awards “mind-control”, can you believe it? HE SAID ON THE SAME TAPE THAT HE GOT THE RED CARPET TREATMENT, HOW CAN THIS BE MIND-CONTROL? HE WAS IN A WEAK EMOTION CAPACITY DURING THIS RED CARPET TREATMENT. WHAT AN AGONY A RED CARPET TREATMENT IS! GEE, WHO WOULD HAVE EVER KNOW UNTIL YOUR IMPOSTOR CAME ALONG AND EXPLAINED IT!     

Instead turning this infiltrator and agent over to the law, David Miscavige took him back and awarded him, and if he would have applied Scientology ethics, the orgs would not have to deal with this man today but law enforcement would.


The super ball trip and the visit to the truckstop place was in 1981, that means, Marty, that you and DM (and others) did that trip and visited the truckstop, not Monique’s husband as he wasn’t near upper management back then. And he even impostors you in his OW write ups. IT IS BEYOND BELIEF! And His Cobness and Geg Wilhere look at his liability formula, they know exactly that he isn’t you and they approve it? Yikes. Tell me in which universe these people are Scientologists? They are none. Dumb agents are  they are who are getting motivators now.

Wonder how his great buddy’s Mike Rinder’s deposition went down? I guess there is a reason why he doesn’t want his deposition tapes published?    

Monique’s husband feels harassed by the deposition because he has a hell of a lot to hide, particularly, being your impostor, Marty.

It shows perfectly how OWs work. He is one angry Pinocchio complaining that the deposition takes too long. If he wouldn’t have avoided clear and honest answers, that would have speed up the process significantly. Monique’s husband didn’t came clean, and now he feels bad. Easy math.  

I love you, Marty. You are so different from Monique’s husband. It is quite amusing how the SEGNPMSS and other secret services incl. the CIA could ever think that I would fall for that agent being you. Do they think I have potato on my eyes? There are light-years of differences between you and him. Thanks heaven that you are NOT like him.   

Be kissed, tenderly and passionately.

I love you.

Your soulmate that can’t be fooled.























1) HBO Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief 2) Argentine and Alberto Nisman

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

One the “news” breaks on a large-scale that the founder was impostored by “Jack Vistaril” and that you are impostored by Monique’s husband, Lawrence Wright, HBO, their attorneys Alex Gibney,  Sheila Nevins, etc. etc. will not look good. It is their own fault by keeping such big secrets from the public. It is beyond me that anyone who says that he/she researched Scientology does not discover the crystal clear evidence of Scientology being infiltrated by non-Scientologists to destroy it from the inside and outside.

HBO interviewed your impostor who is lying through his teeth being you, Marty, for Alex Gibney’s film Going Clear: Scientology & the Prison of Belief  that opens at the Sundance Film Festival on January 25 in Park City. What kind of huge potatoes has Gibney on his eyes not seeing that there were/are at least four different individuals by the same two name? Good grief. It took them 2 years working on this “documentary”. Two years obsessed with Scientology!!!!!! And haven’t discovered the impostors and the infiltration of Scientology by non-Scientologists! And those people are called “investigative reporters”.  YIKES!!!! If their other research is as sloppy as, no documentation can be believed as even remotely accurate!

Why is “prison” named in that title of the ? Do they know that you are wrongfully imprisoned (although not by Scientology and not being drunk and disorderly like Monique’s husband) but making fun of your suffering and twisting it around against Scientology? It seems that way to me. 

(This note is added on January 26, 2015: Marty, Monique’s husband posted today a long list of media articles citing him and his appearance in the HBO documentary. I haven’t seen it, it was only shown at Sundance but I bet he impostered you also in this documentary. The reporters all failed to do their own research and so did the 160 lawyers. Some say that it would be a joke that 160 lawyers reviewed that documentary, but I just heard a reporter at Huffington Post, saying that based on the review of 160 lawyers, she wonders if all is true in this documentary. She isn’t the only one, many other reporter believe that the HBO crap was reviewed indeed by 160 lawyers who all ignored that Monique’s husband is a liar and an impostor. It is not just a hole in their stories, it is the elephant in the room.)

I checked the Freedom Magazine: Still no word that Monique’s husband is your impostor and that even the founder was impostored by “Jack Vistaril”.

The other subject I want to write about today is Argentine.

Do you remember the news of the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Argentine killing 85 people? The prosecutor of the case Alberto Nisman was found with a gunshot wound to his head. They said it was suicide. (Yeah right!) These days, Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner says that the death of the prosecutor was not a suicide.  Alberto Nisman accused highest Argentine officials of working with Iran to cover up a 1994 terror bombing of Jewish people.  Yes, Germany is using Iran and other countries to do their dirty work. For example, they kidnapped me from Ron and bribed an Iranian to say he would be my father. Alberto Nisman failed pointing with his finger to Germany’s still existing Nazis behind Iran and other Islamic Countries and this heinous atrocity against Jews in Argentine. They have not changed. Losing World Wars did not better them. They are still the same old Nazi monsters that they always were.

And Argentinians never should have allowed Nazis to hide in their country. Already back then, Germany controlled the ear implants of Argentine officials to allow the Nazis (and so did the USA and other countries) in. The only reason why just I am saying this is because just about anyone else has them. The entire world is an ear-implant cult. And none of its agent is protected. One the highest Nazis order that some should be wasted, it happens, and those who order it come away and away and away. Free to plan and execute the next  atrocity. Instead building a world on which everyone has rights, just about everyone covers for Germany and the psychs and medical doctors behind them, the worst cult ever. What a trap!

I can feel your thoughts, Marty. You came to the same conclusion, my soulmate.

I love you and embrace you very tenderly.

Yours always and forever,






Senator Long’s statement is a clear summary that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is a destructive (German-controlled) cult/mafia

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And I don’t think that they are much if any better today.

Dearest Marty, my hero,

Below statement by Senator Long is really interesting. The FDA employs and cooperates with a huge battery of medical doctors, psychiatrists, chemists, and so on. According to this statement, the medical profession is rather a cult or the mafia: 

We find the Agency (FDA) engaged in bizarre and juvenile games of cops and robbers. Instead of guarding the national health, we find an agency that is police oriented, chiefly concerned with prosecutions and convictions, totally interference to the individual rights, and bent on using snooping gear to pry and invade the citizen’s right of privacy. – Senator Edward V. Long of Missouri in his closing statement of April 29, 1965 as Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee investigating practices of the Food and Drug Administration.

…Bizarre and juvenile games of cops and robbers, those are the people who decide over the health of a nation. Yikes.  They were and still are German-controlled. Germany has to overall control over each ear-implant. The world is an ear-implant cult and original Scientology was against it. It is a trap (silent sounds) and used to conspire and commit crimes. We need a decent world in which good people have rights not more secrecy and cover ups. Nobody needs ear-implants. It just helps Germany.  

So, medicine/psychiatry is the cult not Scientology. Medical Doctors and psychs ordered the infiltration and alteration of Scientology to get rid of anyone coming in the way of the planetary German cult. They blame Scientology on what’s in fact wrong with medical doctors, psychiatrists, and neuro”scientists” and their international agents including officials.

As far as their “investigation” of Scientology and the e-meter is concerned, they wasted tons of taxpayer’s money for nothing. I have over 140 pounds (yes, pounds) of FOIA records on the secret German-ordered Food and Drug Administration’s  raid of January 4, 1963. It was a witch hunt. And neither the FDA nor any other US agency did ever figure or reveal that Germany is behind the alteration, infiltration, and destruction of Scientology and that numerous US officials and nationals don’t have the character to refuse still existing Nazi activities. It is such a shame.

I am 100% sure that Ron (the real founder of Scientology not “Jack Vistaril” his impostor) and also your family submitted excellent data to the FDA, that an alternative lifestyle eliminates diseases, aging and dying, but that they kept these data from mainstream and promoted the chemical/medical way of life instead, and that means diseases, aging, and dying. All for personal gain or cash and the insane urge to be above other people and able to do all these evil things to them and getting away with it. (They are not really getting away with it but the medical-oriented idiot thinks it.) They do whatever is radioed to them with their ear-implant codes. It is the worst cult ever, and it is not religious but medical and psychiatric. AND GERMAN. They are the main and top-secret pushers behind any human suffering.  

How these people can live with what they did and do is beyond me, Marty. They can’t afford to take an honest look at themselves. Yes, it is that bad.

I am so glad that you are so different and that you have a good character and a conscience.

Be kissed over and over. I love you beyond words! My heart beats faster just thinking of you. I know despite everything you had to suffer through, you are still you and I am still me. And again, people who love like us are the better Sea Org members. ALL our dynamics are intact. A huge motivation for building a better world is that those who one loves have a better place to live. It is not obedience, robotism, and fear but own conviction.

Being true and caring comes easy to the both of us. 

Yours always,