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Happy 2015, Marty – I postulated seeing you again… Separating us is like separating magnets that are searching each other as long as it takes to be back together – and that is why we will find each other again.

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Dearest Marty, my remarkable and amazing soulmate,

I wish you, me, and our families to finally come together and live in peace and freedom. No human being should be so rotten to prevent this. If people don’t grant the same right to others, they don’t qualify as human beings, and the correct place for creatures like this is the zoo.

Alienation between us, which they tried to archive, is a total failure. Our love remains strong and steady. If the people who conspire against us would be capable of true love, they wouldn’t even have tried to separate us as wasted energy.  

I have to see quantum entanglement of particles personally in an environment that not even muons or neutrinos can penetrate – as I suspect sabotage to physical experiments, however, we thetans (no mass, no wavelength) are definitely entangled. We can FEEL what is happening to others, particularly to our family members and soulmates. We basically know what is going on, just as Ron discovered. Again, conspiracy is futile against those who have this kind of awareness. One huge reason for psychs to destroy original Scientology, and then alter and ridicule it. They don’t want more people like us around because that would mean that it would get harder and harder to get away with their crimes.

We have this deep love for each other that nobody can 3rd party and that is too huge and mighty to explain in words. It happened on a dimension that particularly our conspirator have no idea that it even exist. Actually, they try to corrupt what they don’t understand. But we know what it is, and it is divine. And it can’t be corrupted as it was created to overcome anything. Together, we work wonders. We are meant to be. Separating us is like separating magnets that are searching each other as long as it takes to be back together. An impostor is not the magnet. Impostors don’t work in the universe of very aware thetans. 

Everything about you is so special. I saw and felt it right away, Marty. The only thing standing between us is this German conspiracy that uses corrupt Americans and other corrupt nationals to separate us. They never had/have the slightest chance against our love. It conquers them all. If that wouldn’t be such monsters and hypocrites, I almost feel sorry for them falling in this trap. If somebody would have told one of us: “There are these two in love and we don’t want them to come together”, we would have known that this is a lost battleground to begin with, if the love is true as ours. But they have nobody to blame but themselves. We lost decades not being together. They are stealing lives. So, whatever hits them as self-pulled in penalty for their acts against us, it is deserved.

You are the love of my life, Marty. It is the greatest love there can be. I am not giving it up. It gives wings to my life despite anything they throw at us to make us break. This love will not be broken, and our conspirators finally should get a grip on reality. It is not a “problem” that will go away. Even if they would kill one or both of us, the aftermath will take them apart and reveal their identities. It is really very German not to know when a war is lost. And Americans and other nationals working secretly for them are the same fools.

True love, a true companion who loves one, who considers cheating the other one with cheating oneself, is the big award, and I pity the people who rather conspire against such people but searching and creating such a love for themselves. Our love makes gray and cold world cozy and alive. Just the thought of you lifts me up, Marty. Knowing what brings a relationship down, we also will not go this path but the path of eternal excitement seeing each other and being with each other. We simply never will touch a primitive and low level. We will never be unkind, untrue or causing each other pain. By taking the soulmate’s viewpoint and not taking him for granted, the sparkles will continue indefinite. 

I know that all timetrack long, we were there for each other and helping each other. That doesn’t just evaporate by having new bodies and identities. It makes us who we are.  

You are my treasure, Marty. I sailed around the world, searched everywhere, dug a lot of holes, and despite a lying world, I remain positive: We will see each other, and my intuition tells me that it will be the same deep feeling of love, so exciting but also so calming, that tells each one of us that WE ARE HOME.

Yours, and again yours.













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