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I don’t believe in an accidential Shanghai stampede

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

Above picture shows Shanghai, Chicago’s sister city on a calmer day.

Today, I don’t like crowded events at all, but many young people often think that they miss out on life by not visiting such events. Been there, done that.

What happened in Shanghai could have happened anywhere. Like a domino effect, one falls over a step and goes down, many go down. Chinese police is quoted having said that throwing that fake money into the crowd didn’t start the stampede, but the fact that somebody did, tells me that there was a plan to cause a stampede, even if the panic really started at another end of the location. It sure had something to do with it. The fake cash likely should make the stampede even bigger. Anyone knows that throwing money into a crowd of young people who likely drank something before and couldn’t immediately differentiate between real and fake money, would result into a disaster. Also, in a remote-controlled world, even that can be organized: too many coming, one or several falling, too many pushing in various directions, panicking, and colliding masses.

Police seems powerless for a while. They and some other young people tried to signal others to move back, but it is really hard to disperse a crowd that is pushed together so tight. After police and many visitors chant “fall back”, one can see on that video that newcomers turn back, and the crowd moves finally in another direction.

The fake money resembles U.S. Dollars, which means that the person(s) behind that atrocity had two things in mind:

1) Many visitors would not recognize fake Dollars right away at night and from a distance and would push each other trying to grab it. 

2) They used money that looked like U.S. Dollar to blame the USA on the stampede. I bet it was deliberately thrown by one or more agents (any nationality) who knowingly or unknowingly work for the SEGNPMSS. Germany has the overall control over anyone’s ear implant. Here is the fake cash that was thrown into the crowd, from a balcony of a night club. If it was indeed thrown after the stampede occurred already, somebody wanted more stampede and of course blaming it on the USA.  


What a horrible world it.

Going to crowded events is really risky. Same stampede as in Shanghai can happened anywhere else.

Here, it was very quiet, Marty. Except in the morning, when I met a very rude dog who should be on a leach. Not hard to guess who radioed in the ear implant of his owner to have him run free and harass me. I think I will buy milk bones  or other dog treats and throw it at dogs in the future. Then they have something to sniff out and eat while I can use that time to get away.   

I love you. Many kisses, my darling. Wish I would be with you.

Yours always.

That is the way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. This is how we both would do it, Marty. 




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