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1) Catholic priest George Lemaître (didn’t discover that deep space is a fake projection) is the Big Bang daddy 2) Science 2.0 says atheists do not exist (seriously)

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Marty, my incredible soulmate,

How are you?

The first who came up with that Big Bang stuff in the late 1920 was a European Catholic priest came up. George Lemaître described his theory as the “Cosmic Egg”. He is the Big Bang daddy. Just wondering what a low opinion Lemaître had of God, if he thinks his “cosmic egg” exploded and created the universe. I rather think that this catholic priest was picked and chosen by an atheistic movement to promote that theory to get the “religious world” on board with atheists.

He too didn’t discover that large space is a computer projection and not the real universe. As the people who fool the world by projecting an “expanding” universe computer program over our heads, he and today’s scientists and other people believe that the universe was once a dense hot spot or a cosmic egg that suddenly exploded. And created everything, the physical universe and all souls and minds. Haha, yeah right! Baloney. What a low awareness and appreciation he had of God.


A tiny ball that exploded? What a crap. That is all that Lemaître thought God can create? Did he inhale too much frankincense? He came to the conclusion after he heard that the universe is expanding. Really, Marty, someone has to create a telescope or another instrument that scratches away the layers of computer projections over our heads as our scientists are Truman Burbanks. Nearby space is real, but far space is fake. The “runaway universe” should discourage our astronauts and space missions to explore it. We should stay grounded, and it is not God who is behind this and makes shuttles explode and missions fail. I know you figured this too – independently from my postings. 

I am fully aware that being atheist is “in”.

Secret services that hire and make alleged religious people do brutal or perverted things in the name of “religion” add to the atheist movement. A cruel God as portrayed by the Bible, the Coran, and other scriptures is a stranger to me too, Marty. Their suppressive “God” is not that being who is with me when my world crumbles or also when it doesn’t crumble. There is someone out there, and I am not saying that because I am a coward and not ready to face anything and everything alone. I am saying it because like you, I have an increased awareness. The world conspires against us, and to survive this, we are blessed with increased awareness and perceptions.  

Just because God doesn’t talk to them, doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist.

Behind the curtains are some people who have done so evil things that they fear God. Those who constantly talk into the ear implant of people to make them commit horrible crimes, those who psychiatric condition people to blow others up, etc. are very afraid that somebody will hold them accountable. So, in  order not to be reminded of what they did so wrong, they decide that God doesn’t exist and they tell their agents to spread that false fact. It is all because they are not men and women enough to better themselves and face the music.   

On the other side, thetan basically knows is in full force.  Science 2.0 wrote that Scientists discover that atheists might not exist, and that’s not a joke. Basically, all believe and even Darwin went to church when he was old.

The article starts with the sentence:  “God, if he is around, may be amused to find that atheists might not exist.”

(Mr. Vittachi, thanks for that very interesting article, however, you can bet your savings on that God is fully aware of that thetans [spirit/soul] basically knows, so he is not surprised.)

“They point to studies showing, for example, that even people who claim to be committed atheists tacitly hold religious beliefs, such as the existence of an immortal soul.”

Yep, thetan basically knows. It has nothing to do how we were raised. I threw everything overboard on how I was “raised” in Germany. It has something to do with that thetans are spiritual beings too.  

“Scientists have discovered that “invisible friends” are not something reserved for children.”

Do we really need scientists to discover this? 

“In the United States, 38% of people who identified themselves as atheist or agnostic went on to claim to believe in a God or a Higher Power (Pew Forum, “Religion and the Unaffiliated”, 2012).”

Again, thetan basically knows. People who believe that humans are purely material beings with no spiritual element are very bad observers and they don’t know themselves at all.

“It is clear that in almost all fictional worlds, God exists, whether the stories are written by people of a religious, atheist or indeterminate beliefs.”

Again, thetan basically knows.

“…the difference between the atheist and the non-atheist viewpoint is much smaller than probably either side perceives.”

Because all thetans basically know that they are spiritual beings, and one really special one was named “God” (good, already in the word) by thetans who basically know.    

Higher education results in atheism?! I have a hard time calling “higher education” higher education, considering how much “higher education” doesn’t cover. “Higher education” hasn’t even figured what a person really is. That is the most important, the most essential piece of data anyone should have. We are spiritual beings who have a body, brain and mind, but we are not our bodies or brains. So, there are some huge holes in “higher education”. It is not good enough, it is not high enough.

“Godlessness flourishes where there is stability and prosperity…”

That is proof of very superficial people, Marty. If the world is stable and prosper, we both don’t become less spiritual.

“It’s clearly the case that the future will involve an increase in religious populations and a decrease in skepticism…”

Interesting, according to these scientists, atheists are becoming less instead more. But actually, people should not just believe. They should UNDERSTAND how things really are. There is more evil around than most think, but it is not God, and you and me know that he operates missions explaining this to people. Right now, people are skeptics of God but most appear not to be skeptics against evilness of the rotten people who control their ear-implants.     


I love you so much. Be kissed, Marty, passionately and tenderly. Our passion and love will never die. I am so glad that you understand me.

Yours forever,




A few words to Monique’s husband’s new posting. How can he think that smart people believe him being truthful and not being a lying secret service dude if he continues to impostor you? How can posing as somebody else be truthful and ethical?

He cited Buddha: “You are what you think.” (Gee, that allows him to claim that he is you, Marty, as he now thinks that he is you??) Well, I do not just think that he isn’t you, I KNOW THAT HE ISN’T YOU. Nobody is stopping him to become his own person. But impostering you is not the way. I am sure that he tells none of the reporters that he was hired to “replace” you and that you were left wrongfully behind some bars. 

And what do you make of this sentence of his? “Virtually any practice or ism that overtly or covertly requires continued membership, obligation, participation, or belief becomes anathema to truth…” He wasn’t/isn’t a secret service agent?  Is he saying that nobody hired him after you were framed by the Germans and wrongfully incarcerated, Marty? He walked right into the orgs and sat down in your office and started to impostor you? All on his own? Yeah right. Pull my leg. I bet the farm that Monique’s husband was and still is a CIA/German double agent. Why else does he claim to be you and makes the world believe that you are not missing? He left the orgs over a decade ago, and became David Miscavige’s “main opponent”.

If His Cobness alone hired him to impostor you, why didn’t he and Mike Rinder say so many years ago? Despite Monique’s husband and Mike Rinder smear Scientology on blogs and in the media, in this regard, DM, Mike Rinder and Monique’s husband work still together. They are agents who hate each other, and nothing of it is or was Scientology. Despite fights and lawsuits, they are still secret service agents and are not and were NEVER Scientologists.

Mosey’s husband is to you what “Jack Vistaril” was to the founder.    

I  don’t swallow their cool aide that they are “truthful”, having good hearts and not being evil to the bones. They failed to confess what happened to you and why you and Ron were impostored, and also why they allowed this to go on for so long. If I wouldn’t have figured it out, there would be virtually NO MENTION if this ANYWHERE. This is how bad they are. 

People who conspire against someone innocent and leave him wrongfully incarcerated behind are MONSTERS. They can lie all they want to themselves, that doesn’t make them into better people and doesn’t make their lies into truth.  

Another despicable person is Tony Ortega. 

Tony Ortega’s hate blog is in troubles with Disqus and Google. Google stopped serving their ads, and Disqus came rightfully to the conclusion that The Unterground Bunker is a hate blog (but so is that of Mike Rinder, that of Monique’s husband, and the likes). Ortega wants now scheduled payments from his hate-filled atheist cultist-followers.

Ortega is after the Scientology founder and a philosophy that you and I, Marty, interpreted correctly.  

In fact, DM is wrong for Scientology but Tony Ortega’s blog isn’t showing that. I often think that if DM wouldn’t have “received” Scientology from the founder’s impostor, he would have left Scientology and would go be with Rinder, Monique’s husband, and the likes against our applied philosophy.

What real Scientologists allows a Scientologist (you) and even the founder to be impostored by agents? NONE! Just above the law agents do rotten things like that.  

It is spiritualism that is bothering Ortega and his case officers (“we”). 

His Cobness is the one who promoted Mike Rinder and your impostor for decades without applying the Scientology tonescale and other important SCN tech. He is the one who doesn’t tell Scientologists that you are and even the founder was impostored by secret service agent “Jack Vistaril”.  And Ortega doesn’t blog about that either.

Ortega and his people are anti-truth and pro-hatred. They are indeed their own cult.

Can you imagine an Ortega-world full of his kind of primitive and spiritually completely unaware people who have nothing better to do but to campaign against people who seek spiritual activities? They are fanatical and really creepy.








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