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A study revealed that getting cancer is rather bad luck than anything else – And I say that the “bad luck” is medical terrorism…

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Dearest Marty, my darling, 

Despite you are out of my sight, you are never out of my mind. 

You know that I am convinced that cancer is medical terrorism.

Remote-controlled microorganism are made to attack the human or even animal body. Thinking about it, there might be a possibility that meat-eaters might consume cancer-causing  bacteria from animals who have them. But they are also in other things that people consume, even in medicine as such.  

(On December 31, 2004, I posted a video how bacteria are remote-controlled, e.g. with magnets.)

The “bad luck” is the decision by medical terrorists who should get cancer.  Some are only “teased” (by also making sure that the doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical industry earn a bundle) but many are being killed, even their very own agents. Some die very fast, others have a few years longer, after all, who would do chemo and buy their pills if there is no hope of a few years more (even if it is medical hell for patients). Ron (the real one not his stupid impostor) was right, the thetan wants to survive. So, it is a safe bet that most pay medical doctors, institutions, and companies to prolong their lives that medical terrorists with remote-control are secretly stealing from them. 

I learned how the health industry counts cancer survivor. If they die 5 years after the cancer was detected, they still are counted as “cancer survivor”. If they die after 5 years and one day later, they still are counted as “survivors”. Some lousy stat, isn’t it?  

In 1963, Salvatore Bellini wrote about magnetic bacteria, and R. Blakemore wrote in 1975 also about magnetic bacteria, but Ron discovered them so many decades earlier. (I doubt that Bellini or Blakemore discovered the use of magnetic bacteria as a medical terror weapon, but I am 100% sure that Ron did.) 

Before Scientology was altered by infiltrators/secret service agents, I am sure that the definition of body thetans was bacteria, e.g. low thetans who inhabited microorganism bodies. Ron didn’t advise to kill them with chemo and other pills. He advised to build villages away from living conditions that are helping medical terrorists.

Science in general does not consider bacteria as animals, however, unlike plants, to me it appears that there is a low thetan attached to each micro-organism.

Birds can navigate the magnetic field of this planet, and bacteria seem to be able too, provided that not all of their behavior is remote-controlled. I sure prefer birds, Marty, even if they mess up my deck so often. 

Just like people and animals, bacteria react in panic when they feel their survival is threatened. So, in other words, it would be greatly beneficial for people to get rid of the body thetans, making them leave and flushing their dead or alive one-organism bodies out of the human system. 

Microorganisms are a secret tool for medical terrorists to cause illness, death and getting very rich in the process. Original Scientology opposed this among other things, so no surprise that Scientology was infiltrated, altered, and defamed by medically oriented and run secret services, by the SEGNPMSS and its front groups (incl. the CIA). 

Being unlucky means being the target of medical terrorists, and considering how many people die (including their very own agents and their family members), demonstrates how stupid it is to support this system instead turning it in.

I want original Scientology back. Cultists and DM can keep the psych and medically altered one.

I love you bunches, Marty. Be kissed. 

Yours forever and always,




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