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The bigamist

Marty, my remarkable Prince,

Again, I find myself thinking about you and wonder how you are.

There are different kinds of love around, and I believe that people are getting that kind of love that they think they deserve. By having a high moral and being truly ethical, they have a much better chance of getting what we have. And what we are having is divine. And you totally deserve to be loved, Marty, with all my heart.

During last weekend, I had a few hours to waste, so I arbitrarily clicked on an old flick on YouTube of 1953, called “The Bigamist”. It is the story of a sales man who commutes between San Francisco and Los Angeles. He (Harry) has a wife (Eve) in San Francisco and feels lonely when in LA. Instead of making friends, he is getting close to another woman (Phyllis) and falls in love with her too. She gets pregnant and he marries her despite being married already. Yikes! Really, the SUREST WAY TO GET UNHAPPY AS A MARRIED PERSON IS STARTING IN AFFAIR, because developing feelings for both people. If he would have made just friends in LA, instead of a lover, it would be all fine.

Anyway, Harry visits Phyllis in the house where she rents a room. After asking her to marry him, despite he was already married, he walks to the window and opens the curtains and the camera shows a big building on the other side of the street. (Picture above is a screenshot from the movie.) I recognized it right away, THE BIG BLUE!


Here is the link:

It isn’t the best movie ever made, so it is enough checking just a few seconds from 1:02:16.

I believe that “boarding house” in the movie on the other side of the Big Blue is a Scientology property too since a long time.  

Yes, I know, the Church of Scientology was founded around 1953 when the movie was filmed, but back then, the building was the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. “Jack Vistaril” who impostored Scientology founder Ron, was probably really a bigamist, and he impersonated Ron not just since Scientology was registered as church around 1953, but likely or already before the real Ron turned 18.

Church of Scientology purchased the Big Blue around 1976, when the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital had merged with the Mt. Sinai Hospital at the Westside, however, it was hardly the real founder who told Scientologists to purchase a former hospital but rather “Jack Vistaril” and his medical secret service case officers. I am sure that there were other suitable big buildings that the orgs could have purchased instead in LA. They likely e-shocked and lobotomized in that building before.

Despite I am aware that Jews have a history in any country, I associated Lebanon more with Muslims than with Jews. But yes, I know Cedars of Lebanon is a place mentioned in the Bible. The tree in the Lebanon coats of arm and flag reminds me more of a Christmas tree but a cedar, Marty. So, neither Muslims nor Jews. 



Besides that, I loved the orgs in LA because YOU were there, Marty. I would have given anything to stay there WITH YOU. It was the time when I started to unravel what a kind of world this really is, in which we live. I wish that I would have known back then what I know today.    

However, when I saw this 1953 movie about the bigamist, I couldn’t help myself but thinking if there was already a plan that a forming Church of Scientology should buy that hospital t later and that bigamist “Jack Vistaril” will Scientology over and the life of the real founder will “evaporate”, just as yours did when Monique’s husband took over your legacy and changed it. When people later watch the movie, the bigamist, should they subconsciously or consciously associate the Big Blue with “bigamist”? 

I saw a poster of BBC’s Louis Theroux posing in front of the Big Blue for his “movie” on SCN. I bet nothing he reports is as interesting as what we discovered, Marty.  




There is even a creepy story in regards of the Cedars Lebanon. Maybe you heard it already, Marty. It is mentioned in the Wikipedia talk pages of this hospital and in some YouTube videos too: in June 1972, a woman appeared in Cedars hospital in LA and wore nothing but a white, blood-covered gown and said she would be God.

Yikes! What creepy minds are making God creepy, even just in “legends”?

And about the very non-creepy you and me, Marty. I still think that Germany framed you back then and that this case is still pending. I still have no thread of evidence, but I will not ignore my intuition. Thetan basically knows, so I know basically that you were framed of having done harm to me (WHICH YOU DID ABSOLUTELY NOT), and you deserve to be exonerated. I don’t know how other people can live with knowing that an innocent person is suffering and not helping him, I can’t live with it. Even if I would not love you or also if you would not love you, I still would not be able to live with participating or knowing of such a horrible crime against humanity.

However, I love you, Marty, and that is an axiom.

Yours, and again yours.


 P.S. It is really funny that understanding us and our love is so difficult for the German medical/psychiatric people and their international agents who conspire against us. I know that they are asking each other: “How could that love be so strong and last so long?”

They haven’t the foggiest about soulmates, Marty. For us, it is very easy and clear.   

Haha, even if they would blast our hearts through the LHC in Cern and have them colliding, they still wouldn’t figure what makes us “us” and a love that special and strong and would be unable to destroy our love. Not even psychiatric e-shocks can’t bury that love and the sanity that comes with it.  






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