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Dearest Marty, my sparkling star, in an ocean of gray pebbles, 

I don’t know how much time and opportunities you have, looking into these subjects, but I know you are curious as I am.

Of course, as there is one universe, our universe, logically, there could be more. Just like several lifetimes. Voltaire: “It is not more surprising to be born twice than once.”

Numerous physicists and other people believe that THEY live at the SAME TIME in another universe or in several of them. Some of them believe that there are same or slightly altered political systems and that they have the same or similar names, looks, and professions in other universes. 

People on this planet are not at the same time in other universes. The only one who is able to assume lots of identities anywhere is the Almighty. He KNOWS where his identities are, unlike people who think that they are living in alternative universes, e.g. copies of Earth or this universe.

Funny is also that physicists “wants to stare in God’s face” despite most are saying that they are atheists.   

So, these scientists are basing their theories of the multiverse, baby universes, white universes (that is ours allegedly, but I assume that black people will strongly object), parallel universes, alternate universes, meta-universe because they assume that “the universe expands” and is “quantum weird”.  

Many scientists apply Occam’s razor, very outdated as Willy lived from 1287–1347. Isn’t looking for the very next explanation the most normal thing that anyone does anyway?? As the world is no longer as simple (still as brutal but no longer that simple) as back then, does it really just bother me, you, and a few others that his razor is used to keep thinking small? I didn’t apply any razor to what I figured, Marty. Is Occam’s razor one reason why physicists don’t figure the corruption in space and in quantum mechanics?     

But of course, why not many universes? I think our universe (including human bodies and plants) is a creation by God (an individual) and that he postulated it. If people would figure what they are (spiritual beings), they might understand God better.  He has his hands full with making people in this universe UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING. He is a scientist himself and don’t want people in the dark. I don’t sense that he would create another universe considering that this one here is still a mess, and not by his doing. Any alternative universe would be occupied by the same unethical thetans as this universe, which means just more problems. Unless it is the Greatverse, see below. 🙂  

As the physical universe is God’s postulate, theoretically, he could undo it. Imagine, Marty, that everything would be gone if he would take the postulate back, only thetans without bodies would remain and around them nothing. Many who are not aware of other thetans and unable to interact with them would be very lonely. SPs made this universe a painful place for others and particularly for those who are close to God. Yet, he hasn’t taken the universe away, because he isn’t as gruesome as SPs who strip beings of everything and leave them nothing but pain, stress, and loneliness.

However, we also know that God’s patience with the world is not endless. One evening, another universe possibility dawned on me, Marty. Here it is: how about a universe in a different dimension to which SPs have no access? Let’s call it Greatverse, just to give it a name. SPs don’t know where it is and will never find it. Piece of cake for the Creator. The only people living there are those who TRULY grant others the same rights as they want for themselves. Great place isn’t it? Yes, very different from Earth.

So, what about SPs and the tons of people who conspire against good people? Pairwise, and only pairwise, they could be offered the chance living in the awesome Greatverse, BUT they have to PROVE that they really don’t want to be scum anymore. One strike, and they are getting a ticket back to the rotten universe they came from. Monsters have to wait the longest. They created this hellhole, they can wait in it until all others are safe.

Residents of the Greatverse know how to contact those in this universe and how to get back and forth between the dimensions. If anyone uninvited from this universe ever should figure the dimension of the Greatverse, the dimension of the Greatverse would immediately change, which would result in that evilness of this universe can’t follow and overtake. 

I like that idea. An instant good and sane universe for good people. And a long wait for rotten people.

In this universe, good people have no rights and the snakes are all over them. In the alternative Greatverse, there are all the good people, and from this universe, only pairwise people from this universe are invited, and they have to prove beyond any doubt that they will grant to others those rights that they want granted for themselves.

In the Greatverse, any permanent resident knows to be truly humane. No place for hypocrites. That means that the Greatverse would be a universe in which good people do not have to suffer. Yet, good people will still help others by fishing thetans out of this rotten universe and giving them the chance of living in the Greatverse and no longer in the hellhole. It sure would take a lot longer to offer everyone in this universe this chance, but the Greatverse would be instantly good and fair to good people than what good people are getting in this snake universe here. Question is also if all people in this universe were not already addressed through former or current missions by the Almighty. Did they rejected his help and rather decided to stay stinky evil with no courage to better themselves? They would deserve to stay behind for a very long time, would they not?  

Only by invitation, they can come, and just in pairs of two. So, that they have a twin and are not alone (see how fair my ideas are, considering that I had to do just about everything alone?) It is really important that they can’t overpower the good people, what they would do when coming in groups. And if they don’t like it or fall back into their suppressive ways, they can pack their bags and we return them from where they came from.

A new pair is only invited when the former pair either changed truly their bad ways and become true residents of the Greatverse or when they are returned back to this hellhole of a universe. 


As more as I think about the Greatverse (I pictured it already, Marty, the most healthy, joyful, inventive, fair, beautiful, and exciting place ever!) in another dimension as more I like it. Even if somebody should return to the this old universe, nobody can ever enter the Greatverse in the other dimension. It is impossible to be found – unless invited. And if found, God changes the dimension of the Greatverse, and they find us no longer.  

In view of multiverses, SPs and hypocrites should worry about a very long waiting list that is hitting them. Considering that we didn’t do anything to them and have to wait a lifetime to find each other, they deserve billions of year waiting time, after all, we didn’t start this.     

Many physicists came up with all kinds of universes, but I bet nobody of them came yet up with this one. 🙂  

I love you my sweetheart, in this or any other universe. In Greatverse, you and me are married to. 🙂

Be kissed, passionately hot and very tenderly.

Yours always.





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  1. Beautiful idea. Maybe…if some of us, even if only a few, conceive of and wish for this Greatverse, then that already proves it exists. And maybe it’s only a matter of (short) time before we find our way back there.


    January 11, 2015 at 10:58 am

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