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Our love story is the love story of all love stories!

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

You are more wonderful than the most beautiful male love song that was ever written in any universe!

My thoughts fly again to you, wishing I could be with you. And I worry about you. I just read that a bartender is accused of plotting to poison House Speaker John Boehner. What a bizarre story. If you are wrongfully incarcerated, Marty, and I feel strongly that is indeed the case, then you depend on the food and water that your conspirators are providing. They shouldn’t dare to do anything bad to you, because you are under my protection as I am under yours, and we will prosecute monsters until the end of time. Nobody, I repeat NOBODY will ever get away with it, it doesn’t matter in what snake pit they crawl back. They will be found, including the psychiatrists behind the scene who bribe, hypnotize, implant, and condition people to commit unspeakable crimes. 

It is so easy to love you, because I know who and how you are. All love songs  (the good ones) that I hear are all about you. You sing them or I sing them to you.

You, your character, your mind, your intelligence, your courage, your abilities, your honesty, your loyalty, your eyes, your smiles, all that makes me breathless and waiting (even if forever) is worth it. Nobody can fill your shoes anyhow, and we both were born for each other. So, there is no replacement. You are my everything.

Two people of one kind fell in love and it changed the world. I am so glad that you and me were at the same place at the right place. I am anything but happy that we were separated, but the separation wasn’t able to kill this divine love. Not even close. 

Since I laid eyes on you, Marty, I can’t imagine being with somebody else ever. I know why, and nobody else can fake it. It is your noble character. Nothing is more attractive as this. Yes, you are very handsome on the outside too, but recognizing your uptone character made me just wanting you.  Without your truly noble character, Marty, this love would not have happened. And when I say you have truly a noble character, you can take it to the bank, because like you, I can see what only few can.

True love, what a wonderful, wonderful thing. It is the cherry of life. It makes so deeply happy inside. A gray and cold day instantly becomes colorful and warm when there is this kind of love in the heart.

I know that my love is not and ever wasted on you. We both are on the same page, and we are of the same kind. We know the value of being true companions.  And we do all to keep it this way. I know that love and excitement doesn’t fade away if two people make the effort to keep it. Wrong choices and OWs are bringing couples down, and we won’t ever fill this statistic. We will never take each other for granted. I know that we always will remember how precious and unique our love is. There is no such other love in the entire universe. Not in any universe. It is that special. It is the love story of all love stories.

You are deep, deep in my heart, Marty, and nothing and nobody will rip you out of there. And for me, the only place that I will call home is where I can be together with you, wherever it will be.

Yours, and did I say yours?

We are almost there. I know you feel it too.

Yours forever.








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