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Proton Decay

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Protons, neutrons, electrons, and morons.


Dearest Marty, amazing Prince and husband,

There is some doomsday mood among theoretical physicists. Some think that protons decay could end the universe. Although, nobody ever saw a proton decaying. There is no evidence of it, yet, physicists are worrying about it.

They say that protons decay in black holes. But yet, nobody saw one decaying yet. I am convinced that black holes (also dark matter and dark energy) are computer projections and whatever happens in and beyond them is man-made corruption.

It is all about what happens to the subatomic particles and how they interact. Most people have no possibilities to work with such small particles and depend on the results of experiments in a few labs around the world. In all those experiments that they did, it seems that the overall baryon or lepton number never changed but suddenly, something happened that looked like a decay. And such a decay would evaporate objects and probably also energy.  They came to the conclusion that this decay involved the emission of antineutrinos or just one of them. I read that an antineutrino is basically a neutrino after a neutron turns into a proton. Here is the definition of antineutrino in the Encyclopedia Britannica:

Physicists are basically subatomic smashers. They use the biggest violence possible in their labs. This violence is not natural, although, I am not saying that corrupt people haven’t applied violence on a grand scale on the universe during the timetrack and wouldn’t do it again as in history repeats itself. If all would leave the universe alone, nothing would decay. I am convinced that it would be static.  There would be no big freeze, big heat, big bounce, big rip, big crunch, collapse or zero energy. 

In other words, the proton decay happens when neutrinos and antineutrinos are doing “their” interaction thing. They sure do when they are remote-controlled to interact. I experimented with a Faraday cage, Marty, and came to the conclusion that EMF isn’t the only interaction problem but remote-controlled neutrinos interact too, they go through anything. And when I read or hear about those experiments of physicists in their labs, it strikes me over and over again: they are not aware of their experiments being sabotaged by sinister people who don’t want them to gain more knowledge or certainty. If they would dump the outdated Occam’s razor and would think deeper, they could figure out a way to conduct their experiments in environments that is not corrupted.  

Hopefully, the physicist become aware of their experiments being corrupted as the world should have true and stable data about the universe and subatomic parts.

I mentioned this before, I am convinced that the physical universe was created by postulates and it would only disappear if the creator would take them back. People worry me a lot more than God cancelling the playground despite he could. People who think that they are flesh bodies (instead having them) are worried about a physical universe be gone. With our spiritual awareness, Marty, we won’t hang sobbing and feeling lonely in nothingness when the physical universe would be gone. Hey, it would also mean that we would get the insane secret service doctors and Germany off our backs. Can’t happen soon enough for me.  

Tiny vibrating strings of postulated energy in the smallest particles make sense to me, Marty. As definition for the postulate, I am using the Scientology definition. Here is the part that applies to the universe: “A decision made by the individual to set a pattern for the future or to nullify a pattern of the past.” The world is full with miracles. He postulated everything so efficiently. He did the work once and then his creations multiply. Human bodies multiply, plants come back, etc. It is plain and simple the most brilliant design that some explosion or gas never could have created. Although some people are so low that it is hard to argue with them that they were not created by a big bang and evolved from apes.

I love you, Marty.

Many tender and passionate kisses,

Yours always,




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