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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

How are you?

The first part of the deposition of your impostor is on YouTube. Caramba! Nobody flies off the handle as he does. (Particularly at the end of below linked video.) He has so much suppressed anger inside of him. Just like when he slammed that car door over and over in a reporter. And that is the kind of personality who David Miscavige put on post and even wanted back after he blew. Unbelievable. Attorney for the C of S is Bert Deixler, attorney for the Garcias is Theodore Babbitt. Case is Luis A. Garcia Saz and Maria Del Rocio Burgos Garcia vs. C of S, case no. 8:13-cv-00220-JDW-TBM in the USDC Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division, judge is James D. Whittemore.

At the start of the deposition, your impostor corrected his name to be Mark Rathbun and that “Marty” is a nickname and he withheld that it was originally YOUR nickname and NOT his. 

He is now selling used furniture, likely on eBay and Craigslists.




After he realized that he can’t get rich delivering his brand of auditing to people, he showed his real face of never a Scientologist and started to attack our applied philosophy and the founder. Interesting enough, auditors in the “Freezone” (I am not endorsing them either) are auditing all the time. Somebody sent me some Freezone stats, and if these are not forged, they are auditing and growing. What your impostor did so very wrong was embracing all those vicious  people who attacked the founder. Monique’s husband danced on all parties at the same time and wasn’t considering that many people had huge wins thanks to Scientology and didn’t like where he was going. By doing so, Monique’s husband harmed his own “business”. Also, he mixed his own practices into alleged auditing. This and a lack of charisma resulted in that fewer people wanted his “services”. In other words, unlike some auditors in the “Freezone”, he destroyed himself what could have fed him and his wife. So, he lost on this front and his wife had to go back to work. And I assume she didn’t like it. Then, the opportunist thought he could offer “a course” (against money of course) for people to leave Scientology. Who needs a course for that? If one don’t like it, one leaves. That’s it. Who needs a course for opening and closing a door? He apparently found no people who would be that dumb to take that course and pay for that crap. Not many people are interested in his thin books either. Finally, he came up with having his wife sue the Church of Scientology for millions. Isn’t that typical? A part of the case 03-14-00199-CV C of S v. Monique Rathbun is pending in the Court of Appeals, Third Judicial District of Texas, in Austin. IMO, Judge Dib Waldrip is clearly biased towards Scientology and failed to investigate that your impostor is behind the case of his wife to make big money despite it was his own doing in the C of S who brought Scientology in discredit, among others destroying papers that were needed in another lawsuit (Lisa McPherson). It doesn’t matter if DM ordered it or not. You and I wouldn’t have done it, it doesn’t matter who orders it. It will be interesting to see what he does when she does not win big money.      


He said he came to Scientology in Sept 77. I found Scientology again in April 77. I saw him nowhere when I was in LA in 1983 and 1984, but I saw you, two very different personalities. The question is, was he sent already in the orgs in 1977 by the CIA and its secret senior SEGNPMSS or did he join much later, around the time when you were wrongfully arrested in Spain end of 1988? He said he was in charge of the Big Blue renovation project in 1978, but was that really him or rather you? I bet the farm that the one who worked in L.Ron Hubbard external communications from 1979 to 1981 was you, and not him. What he basically says is that he covered up so that “Jack Vistaril”, Ron’s impostor “could not be traced” by process servers and authorities. How dare him! You never would have supported or committed criminal acts.  You also told the private investigators who should check up on Pat Broker NOT TO DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL. That wasn’t Mosey’s husband (or back then Cheray’s or Ann’s husband). It wouldn’t even dawn on him to make such an important note.

They spoke about messages that he got from “Ron”. I’ve got plenty of letters from “RON” (in and after 1977) but they were written by the letter writing unit and they forged his signature on the letters. I got suspicious after a girl named Martina in the Munich org (blew shortly later and sued the orgs for cash) came to see me with a broad 1.1 grin on her face that Ron wrote her that he would not know me. I was thinking that this is quite odd as Ron would never write such a thing. It was a secret service attempt to alienate Ron in my eyes.

Your impostor said that he got a letter from LRH. (It wasn’t Ron who ever wrote him but “Jack Vistaril” because Ron knew you as his son-in-law, Marty. He would have asked you where I am and not instruct you on paint, besides, buildings on the unprotected surface of the Earth and the use of chemicals was never Ron’s idea for Scientologists and their buildings).

Monique’s husband said that he thinks he got a message by L.Ron Hubbard welcoming him to Author Services. No real Scientologist would forget a letter by Ron. It was you who received that letter but it wasn’t by the founder but by “Jack Vistaril”, and I am convinced that you suspected that already back then.


He said he never had any other communication with Ron. Huh? How can other Scientologists of this time period have big stacks of personal letters from and to Ron and he didn’t? He said that he “contributed” to communication going to LRH. If secret services put your doppelganger up to join Scientology in 1977, he was a small number in Scientology up to the end of the 80s when agents David Miscavige, Rinder, and others allowed that non-Scientologist to take over your position and leave you behind, wrongfully incarcerated. They are monsters, Marty.

About this time, Monique’s husband answers with “I think…” Because it wasn’t him back then, it was YOU. He is speaking for you without your permission, and he portrays your activities and motivations wrongfully. And all under oath. How dare him. He lies that it was him who transferred into the Special Unit. It was not him, it was YOU! I know this for 100% because I met you and I have seen so many pictures, and videos, and read so many comments and articles by Mosey’s husband that I can say with 100% certainty, that he is NOT you. He is as little you as the Rocky Mountains are in Kansas.

YOU became the highest legal officer for Scientology, but Mosey’s hubby says that you (he) also were in charge for “finance and intelligence”. Wasn’t that rather  Lawrence/Larry Brennan’s job who also was placed by David Miscavige above you so that you had to report your legal actions to LB? LB turned out to be an agent for Germany (the later Denise Brennan who left Scientology and saw psychiatrists, which resulted that he changed is gender and then died and likely would still be alive if he wouldn’t had done the sex change) He was the Special Unit In Charge. And your impostor assisted Germany – of all countries – too. It is all so easy (at least for me) to figure out what is going on here.  3312

He talks about Lyman Spurlock, Becky Hays, Steve Marlow, and YOUR time in Scientology. How dare all of them not coming forward that Monique’s husband was not holding executive posts until you were wrongfully arrested by a political German/Spanish setup. All these people who worked with you knows that Monique’s husband is not you. And DM knows it best of all.      

Monique’s husband said he did not but that “L . Ron Hubbard” (Jack Vistaril) and DM tried to confuse everyone. Yeah right. Monique’s husband taking over your life and impostering you is no attempt to confuse people, right? He blames others instead! This man has quite some nerves!  

I know that you joined Scientology for the right reasons and represented it ethically, Marty, but Monique’s husband puts his own personality in this and it becomes icky, like “one justifies everything so much”. How dare him. You had to justify nothing. He says your work (lying it was his) was unethical and immoral. How dare Germany, the CIA, and DM to allow a man like this to take over your job and life. 

He tried to smear Scientology ethics. Original Scientology ethics is positive ethics. The infiltration is unethical or rather criminal, but he doesn’t tell that Scientology is infiltrated and even replaced the founder with an impostor. What’s unethical isn’t Scientology but secret service activities.

He said he objected to Greg Wilhere  as he didn’t want to become the Inspector General for Ethics. In fact, you were the first IG for Ethic, it wasn’t him. All publications on the Inspector General for Ethics until late of 1988 show YOU, Marty, not Monique’s husband.



At approx.34.00 min into the deposition, Monique’s husband, NEVER a Scientologist, always an agent, tries to throw Ron under the bus by saying that 1) Ron instructed him to do things despite he was dead and he never met him  2) by not telling that the many RTC directives were from agent Vistaril, his case officers, other agents and not the real founder of Scientology. He gets angry too because pretending to be you and all his lies take away from his happiness. As Ron said, clean hands make a happy life. Something that your and Ron’s impostors never understood. Remember the only footage of the real Ron talking to an South African reporter and how positive and upbeat Ron was despite particularly Germany was so gruesome to him? Monique’s husband is anything but upbeat. He calls a simple question by a lawyer a “harassment”. He probably thinks such statements serve Monique’s gold digger case against the Church of Scientology so that they get millions from the orgs. These agents alter Scientology into something bad, plant their bad deeds into the orgs, then they smear it and blame it on the founder, then they tell others not to join, but they don’t mind demanding and taking personally lots of money that the alleged harmed members paid in.  

Anyway, as longer the deposition takes, as more nervous he gets, no surprise. It is not easy to be an impostor, I suppose.

Here is the video.

I love you, Marty. I am glad that you are nothing like your impostor.

Many tender and passionate kisses, I adore you.

Yours forever,







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