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NASA works on engine faster than light…

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One of the first official images taken from space in 1880 by chemist Dr. Draper. It shows the “Orion Nebula”.

So, the projection of the fake deep space was put in place by space terrorists already before.  They produced blackness on top of the real universe and then a projection of hologram galaxies, planets, stats, gas, fake black holes, fake black matter, fake black energy to prevent the world from exploring space.    

Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, how are you?

I am thinking of you and wish I could be with you.

Albert Einstein said that nothing is faster than the speed of light but it seems that neutrinos are faster and also NASA works on an engine that is faster than light. To do that, they want to harness the expansion and contraction of space. They want to create a warp bubble, which is expanding on one side of the spaceship and contraction of the other. The idea is interesting: the manned spaceship will be pulled away from Earth and then space itself takes over and pulls it towards a distant starIn other words, it doesn’t have to take 30 years to reach interstellar space.   

When I got suspicious of the SEGNPMSS being secretly also established in space, I of course asked myself, how did they get up there already centuries ago? Well, the answer is simple: they stole available technology from back then, got rid of the inventors, and kept mankind uneducated. Knowing how German psychs and medical doctors are thinking, I think they hypnotized the first people to go into space until they decided that it was really safe for them to go as well. They are cowards. And as I said before, they are the people who order the sabotage of American, Russian, and other space missions. It is easy to be “courageous” if just they do the sabotaging to others and their own flights are safe. 

They might use that “very pull away from Earth and to a planet method” since quite a while to go into deep space.   

Officially, I believe it was in 1609 that Galileo constructed the first telescope. Deep space is fake, near space is real. Hubble space telescope was launched 1990. The images that former telescopes returned were really fuzzy, so I think that the fake deep space universe projection was “upgraded” by the space terrorists during the centuries.

People going into space already in the Middle Ages? Absolutely, because I know that the typical German barber and butcher, the later medical doctors and psychiatrists are driven by fear that people in space just as evil as they are will take them over. In order to prevent that, they hurried up there to attach the entire universe, anyone out there, to their ear implant system, to run them like robots.

With bundled neutrinos carrying their communication and orders, they micromanage and control anything on planet Earth and also on other planets far in space. I bet they have the exact map of the real universe already. They (protected their bodies from disease and dying but order the population on planet Earth to get sick and die within an average lifespan of approx. 75 years) are trying to sell a run-a-way-universe to Earth physicists and cosmologists so that they are not disturbed by people from Earth coming after them and stopping them making the universe German-controlled and German-brutal. After all, people on Earth got a glimpse on what those Nazis are capable of.

However, they are stuck in this universe.  I bet they want to enter another universe (other universes are possible according to leading theoretical physicists) in case we would catch up with them. As there is one universe, this one, there could be indeed another or more or many of them. But I am certain that they have not discovered another universe nor can they build one, it doesn’t matter how many particles they have physicists smash together to find the keys. There is a creator and it is not one or all of them. 

Once this planet was a huge place, but now, with more technology, it is relatively small. The same applies to the universe. One day, they are being caught with their rap sheets that are the biggest horror story ever. If I would be one of them, I would fall on my knees and change my life THIS INSTANTLY to the better.

I love you, Marty. I am so glad that you exist. They and us are so very different beings. Once I believed that we all had the same origin, but today, I no longer. We had anything but easy lifetimes on the timetrack, yet, we turned out to be so different from they are. We still try to be the best we can because it is the right thing to do and feels so much better than having a bad conscience even if they suppress it and try to pervert the world to become just like them so that they are not the only perverts and monsters around. Yes, they are too lazy and too cowardly to become decent beings.  They are so unimpressive. There is nothing to admire. “This thetan turned bad and into a SP because something terrible was done to him” is no excuse. Besides, they are dumb treating us the way they did and do. What a motivation they gave us to figure them out.

They read our thoughts since centuries but still are too arrogant and stupid to understand us and our ways. All we wanted is that they 1) leave us in peace 2) not rip us, our families, spouses, children apart 3) not kidnap anyone of us 4) not incarcerate one of us for stuff we never did 5) not make us sick and kill one of us or make us live in environments in which we age 6) not torture us 7) not steal our religion and prevent our peaceful ways 8) not steal our free speech by sending psychs after us to prevent it or sabotaging our free speech otherwise.

How can anyone be intelligent who violates these conditions? All they are getting is our postulate that we never will let them get away with it. In addition of their fear what others, including what aliens can do to them, they upset us and made us focus on them, not just on Earth but also in space. Naturally, it results in more that these Unmenschen have to worry about.  They are such idiots. By messing with us instead of coming clean, they just add to their own unhappiness and fears. Deep down, they know that we always find what we are looking for. They can stall it and add more atrocities to their horrible rap sheets, but they can’t prevent it. They can’t prevent nothing. Killing us doesn’t stop the our postulates to kick their behinds.

Yours always and forever.







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