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I had no idea that you rejected the RTC Inspector General for Ethics post, Marty

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince,

As your impostor (Monique’s husband) took over your job around 1990, it was YOU (not him) who rejected the position of the RTC Inspector General for Ethics, so it was YOU (not him) who told Greg Wilhere that you don’t want to assume this post. (In his sworn affidavit, Monique’s husband can’t even remember if you told the same to David Miscavige or not.) He posts about “truth” on his blog and pretends at the same time to be another person under oath. Good grief! Monique’s husband likely heard that you objected from Greg Wilhere himself or heard it from those secret service officers (no Scientologist) who put Monique’s husband (back then Cheray’s or Ann’s husband) up as your impostor.

I know that you are a real and original Scientologist, Marty, like me. The survival of original Scientology is very important to you, but you and I couldn’t care less for Vistarology and Miscavology, and I think this is the reason why you rejected this job.

When I was offered the Assistant Guardian position for Germany or the EAP (External Affairs Project) in charge for Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland, I didn’t want those jobs either. I didn’t want to be stuck in Europe. I wanted to be in the USA but a German-controlled Vistarology and Miscavology of course never would offer Ron’s kidnapped daughter a position in the country she was born in. Also, I wanted to work with you and being as close to you as possible. But I was told that nobody but I could do it. And of course, I didn’t want Scientology to vanish in Germany and Europe. Sigh.

Now with more life experience, I would have handled everything better, because those promotions were nothing but German-ordered and -controlled set ups to prevent that we can get back together, Marty. Then there came the time when, Germany ordered its agents in the orgs to make my life as miserable as possible and ordered my own juniors to even kick me out despite I was the elected president.

It wasn’t a complete win by this conspiracy within and outside of the orgs because that behavior was so strange, so non-Scientology and so German, that I got very suspicious, Marty. Later, they put me (never crazy) under guardianship so that I can’t leave the country. How suspicious! Same time they filed one penal complaint against the other against me. The German government raided the MUN org, carried out hundreds of boxes of material to pin something on me. During the time of the guardianship, I defended myself against numerous penal complaints and got them all dismissed as I didn’t do anything criminal and not even Germany, biased like hell against Scientology did find something, and they were looking very very hard.

Disconnections and abortions, nothing of that kind happened under my watch either. We didn’t run away back then and took the easy ways out. We handled our problems.

I later heard that officials of the Munich tax offices FORGED papers that related to my time as President of Scientology Germany, but these criminal acts were discovered. Do you see what was going on? If I was crazy and needed a guardianship, they shouldn’t have filed one legal action against the other at the same time against me, right? How can somebody who is allowed to stand in court even without attorney defending herself so effectively that all cases had to be dismissed be in need of a guardianship? Exactly! One German judge said it out loud that the guardianship was a farce but he didn’t cancel it either. That guardianship was only issued so that I could not fly to LA to see you. And seeing you again was always on my mind.

For the same reason, the secret services who control Vistarology and Miscavology, promoted you to the Inspector General of Ethics. They wanted you high up there, just for the purpose to have you wrongfully arrested. It is all German organized and they use other countries like Spain and the USA to hide behind. It is so typical German.

Don’t understand me wrong. I have seen you work. You are capable of doing ANY job absolutely professional, may it in the orgs or elsewhere in life. If you would have run the orgs instead of David Miscavige, Scientology would not have the problems that it has now. You are the much better leader than DM or Jack Vistaril ever were. You picked Mike Sutter as your junior, His Cobness picked your impostor and Mike Rinder. And after blown, he wanted them back! Yikes! DM doesn’t apply the tonescale at all. I don’t use the following word as it wasn’t coined by the real founder, but in regards of DM, I just can’t help myself: he is a WOG.

Anyway, Marty, I thought that you wanted your RTC IG career in the orgs. I know you made them into better places as you didn’t do anything criminal (unlike your impostor who imo is a German/CIA double agent). It is typical YOU, telling Private Investigators Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold not to do anything criminal. That would never have dawned on Monique’s husband who even destroyed records in the Lisa McPherson case. It doesn’t matter if DM ordered this or not. You wouldn’t have done it. And neither would have I.

I wish Germany wouldn’t had stolen my freedom to travel, I wish I would have known back then what I do today, Marty. I would have come back to see you, but when I realized it a few years later, you were disappeared, and Mosey’s husband had taken over your position and posed in your Sea Org uniform with your ribbons… pretty much the same thing that Mary Sue’s husband, secret service agent “Jack Vistaril” did to the real founder Ron. Psychiatrists are such idiots to think that I would fall for people who have completely different personalities than the noble originals.

When I saw in C of  S publications that you became the Inspector General for Ethics, Marty, I thought that I am in your way because psychiatric hypnotized and implanted RB was constantly running after me not knowing where she ends and I start. She was my kryptonite. I didn’t fear her, stood up to her all the time, and I could handle her face to face, but the smallest change in our arrangement to call her every day and to visit her constantly would set her off. She and the German government was the “perfect match” to PHYSICALLY stop me. She was the ROBOTIC AND CRAZY  TOOL THAT GERMANY NEEDED to stab me in the back over and over again. And she wasn’t even my biological mother. The set up of all of that, including kidnapping me and not just once, is so German disgusting and so psychiatric, that they now have created an eternal opponent in me. They won a lot of battles, Marty, but our postulates and activities will prevent that they will win the war. There will be justice for us. They can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but they can’t fool all the people all the time.

In short, Marty, Scientology-hating (she was psychiatric implanted to hate it) RB attached herself to me like a dangler despite I was in my late 20s. “Nobody is allowed to steal her from me” was her motto. She even nailed this saying on the wall in my flat.  If it is any conciliation, Marty, she would have done this to any man. She was obsessed with living with me together and didn’t want to share me with anyone. In her past lives, I am sure that she was a male secret service psychiatrist as she had that insane behavior written all over her.

So, as you became the Inspector General for Ethics, Marty, I thought that I would end your progress in Scientology if I would have returned, because RB would have followed me and that was like her fingernails scratching down a blackboard all day long. She was such an unbelievable pain in the neck that I didn’t want you to go through this. That is why I stayed away after I was divorced and after I got rid of the guardianship and my passport back. This was the reason, because I did not want to be a burden to you because of lunatic RB. Another reason is also that the orgs were infiltrated by non-Scientologists, I likely never would have made it pass the reception to talk to you and they would have never told you that I was there. 

Disconnecting from RB was out of the question. She would have hired people to ambush me and you somewhere. German secret service would have told her the exact location where we are, and she would probably hired people with real munition to kill you if they would have told her that she gets away with it. 

I could handle her but only when I was constantly in her presence. I know that she did a lot behind my back. She swore that she knows of no case against you but I never believed her. RB lied without the slightest conscience. However, I never got a shred evidence of anyone that you were framed having harmed me, Marty. But thetan basically knows. As an OT, I feel that you were framed in regards of me, and I never was consulted, NEVER said one negative word to anyone about you, I always thought and still think of you in the highest way possible. Whatever was filed against you, Marty, I would have stopped it if I would have seen it. I never would have given my permission, NEVER!

It seemed all she wanted having me with her and she fought anyone “who would steal me from her”. And no American or German psych ever told her how nuts she was. They told me but never her, and they allowed her to run free.  What a “science”.  

Remember that song by Dolly Parton and sung by Whitney Houston from Body Guard that was recorded at that time? This was EXACTLY how I felt about you and me, Marty. 

Be kissed, greatest and only love of my life.

Yours forever and ever,






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