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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

How are you? My thoughts are with you every day!

There are those 10 handwritten pages (exhibit 1) that attorney Bert Deixler gave Monique’s husband to read out loud during the deposition in the Garcia case in December 2014. Monique’s husband acknowledged that it is his handwriting but reacted very sensitive and refused to read  those pages into the records. He rather had judge James D. Whittemore issue a decision as to  if he really has to read them. The pages are of 1993, so I think HE wrote them and not you, Marty. “Where did you get it?” and “Scientology never would produce a document like that”, he told the attorney. What is all the fuzz about reading the pages of his own writings in the records? If his opinions changed during the course of the time, he always could add that. I think one reason why only video part I of the deposition was published is because he had to read out those pages after all.  

He also said, that he can’t be sure that LRH wrote to him in the early 80s when he was in Author Services. Duh, it wasn’t him in Author Services it was YOU. If it was him, how “can’t he be sure” that he got such a letter? He also wasn’t really sure how many people were in the All Clear Unit. “Six”, he thinks… Why isn’t he sure if he was a part of such a small group? He often says “I think…” He wasn’t there – as simple as that. He isn’t sure about what happened when you became the Legal Executive of Author Services, Marty. Bert Deixler asked him a question about legal handling of trademarks and fiction work of the founder, which your impostor clearly didn’t knew but said he was the Legal Executive. Of course he didn’t, it wasn’t him who ever worked in Author Services. He has a hard time (also at approx. 24 min into the deposition) explaining what happened during your time in Scientology, and he blames this on a “confusion” put there by the founder, who was, according to my intuition, already murdered by secret service doctors (ordered by Germany) in the beginning of May 1984. He isn’t really sure how to spell “his” former superior Steve Marlowe’s name. Yikes! How can anyone have a senior and not knowing how his name is spelled? It sure isn’t easy to pretend to be someone else. And no wonder, he was so angry during the deposition. It is difficult to remember events that he just learned about when he was hired to impostor you but didn’t witness himself.


Shouldn’t there be a John Sweeney there yelling: “YOU WERE NOT THERE!”?

How can he say that he was ethical according to Scientology ethics if he NEVER was a Scientologist but a hired secret service agent who impostored you? Nothing what he did from his first day to his last in Scientology was acceptable under Scientology ethics. He never applied it. He speaks about “justifying”, but he has no bad conscience pretending before all world that he is you. What kind of conscience and ethics is that?  

In 1993, he blew, said that he wanted to spend time with his cancer-sick father but he didn’t visit his father instead a friend in San Antonio. Whose leg is he trying to pull? If  he left to see my sick father, he would have traveled to him and not six days long to a friend in another state. He criticized that in Scientology, one looks to oneself as to what is wrong with oneself. He never did that. He is an impostor, an infiltrator and an agent, he never asked him what’s wrong with him lying to the world and pretending to be somebody else and leaving you, an innocent person behind to rot in prison for crimes you never committed.     

And David Miscavige, the other agent, awards him with a cruise and free training on the Freewinds. Award instead of ethics. Typical non-Scientologists! And then, His Cobness wonders when Monique’s husband causes troubles a few years later again. Sigh. Will they ever learn anything?


My other subject, today, Marty, RB, my “kryptonite”, a suppressible person who was obsessed with anything I did. Over and over, I asked her to mind her own business. But no!

I even tried to find her a husband so that she has somebody in her life but she just showed these men photos of me and they wanted to meet me. Argh! So I ditched that plan. It was all so twisted. So unnatural that an alleged mother can’t leave her adult daughter alone. And the German government shoved her always back into my life. And they knew very well that she didn’t have her marbles together.

She didn’t really know me either. Her being chosen as my “mother” was absolutely a German psychiatric lab experiment. But Germany and RB didn’t win. She made my life miserable, put my health at risk, she took the wind out of my wings, but she did not win. After all these years, I am still a Scientologist, I still think the world of Ron (the original), my dad, and of you and love you just the way if not more since we met.

But I didn’t want to do her to you, Marty. She destroyed lives by forcing her will on anyone. And she didn’t just do it openly. She sneaked behind the back and used governments to destroy those who she allegedly loved and those connected to it. She was the most fanatical person I ever knew.

Remember that song of Billy Joel, My Life? I said it thousands times to her: This is my life, I will be alright, get your own life and leave me alone. 

I also asked Rosemarie over and over if she knew of any case filed against you behind my back and she over and over replied that there would be no such case. She and anyone else in my family learned of your existence first after Cyril Vosper and his men kidnapping me in Herrsching, Germany. So whatever action was filed against you, Marty, from 1984 until end of 1987 was Germany, and Germany alone without RB’s doing. As I said, I still don’t know if such a case against you involving me really exists, however, I CAN FEEL IT and my intuition really works. I am so glad that I am a Scientologist and an OT as I don’t think nobody else would have figured it out just by using intuition and spiritual abilities.  

RB followed me to the USA of course and to SLC. One day, Reginald Alev, a former CAN executive visited her in SLC. I saw him just briefly, Marty, both had a very cozy relationship, and she told me later that day that he gave her a 100 Dollar note. Don’t ask me for what… He was rather abusive when talking to her. He barked at her when I was in the restaurant. She took it without protesting. I wouldn’t allow anyone to talk to me that way. I just asked him the following question: “Do you know any legal case filed against Marty or Mark Rathbun or de Rothschild?” He said no. RB was grinning like a fox at his side. I didn’t believe a word he was saying and left the restaurant.

Back then, after RB had followed me to SLC and we lived at Broadway, she one day said that I should sue you, Marty, so that you would be forced to come forward and then I would be able to see you again. What a snake. I rejected her rotten proposal right there in my apartment the minute she said it. What a luck that RB was never my opinion leader. She was flat thinker and didn’t think in many layers as we do.  I never would have sued you, Marty, under no circumstances. You were so decent, and you never did anything wrong to me. Besides, it is a German world. They control courts and judges too. And Germany ordered us to be separated. 

There were times when RB could no longer look in my eyes. It was a very sign of a bad conscience. She clearly committed acts behind my back and didn’t tell me about them. However before and in 1984 until end of 1987 as she had NO CLUE of our existence and that I loved you. I didn’t tell her either in 1987. She overheard your name end of 1987 and sent my sister to me asking me who Marty is. RB was NEVER a person I confided in. Not even when I was a little kid. I grew up without having any adult to talk to about important matters. I raised myself. Whenever RB learned anything about my life, she just made it a hell of a lot worse. SHE was the troubled, suppressive, backstabbing and depressed and had no insight into human nature. For her, somebody having a university degree was equal good character. Yes, she was that dumb. I also could not tell anything ever to my siblings as RB could press it out of them. The only stable data that I had growing up and later was not becoming like her. 

She is gone since 2005. Cancer. As child, I hated her, as an adult, I felt sorry for her all my life, but I don’t miss her a bit. However, I didn’t feel much relief when she was gone because the conspiracy who had her kidnap me and “raise” me as her “daughter” continued breathing down my neck. SEGNPMSS arranged that she became my “mother”. I will never let them off the hook. Each one of them deserves a “mother” like that who forces her suffocating personality and ways onto them that they can’t breathe anymore and follows them around like the plague. If you are not allowed to live your adult life as you want, it is a stolen life. And Germany has to answer for that, and also any other nationals including Americans who are doing their dirty work and helping them!    

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty, alienation doesn’t work with real soulmates. 🙂 Only people who have no soulmates are thinking they can between soulmates. Fools they are. I love you in the truest sense of the word, always have and always will, and no criminal and lunatic planet can change anything on that. You really had me at the first hello, my sweet, sweet Prince.

Yours always and forever,







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