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I bet Germany sits on the stolen Irish crown jewels

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Dear Marty, my wonderful Prince,

You may have heard that in the 20th century, the Irish crown jewels, now worth several million Euro were stolen, and they never were recovered. They were in the care of Ulster King of Arms, Ireland’s chief herald and genealogist. This poster says that somebody used a fake key. But if there were homosexual orgies going on,  one of the “lovers” could have “borrowed” the key during or after you know what. The secrecy and shame of such affair(s)/orgies stopped a full investigation.

And it was an organized setup. How does one get away with stealing crown jewels? Germany’s psychiatrists and secret services are using ear implants (loud and silent sounds) to make people do things they are not proud of. They create withholds, which prevents a full investigation, and Germany is getting richer through stolen goods. They knew that those involved in the orgies would be shamed if they would bring the thief to justice. So, they rather wave going after the thief to recover the jewels. Shortly after, Germany kills the thief or has him die in the war, and the jewels are all theirs. I can sense German setups, Marty, because I know how they are thinking and plotting. They really shouldn’t have kidnapped me to Germany. Now I know them so very well.

The economy of Germany also gained by keeping other countries deliberately down. It is so easy for them by running everyone through ear implants. With silent and loud sounds, they can manipulate other nationals so that Germany is always on top it doesn’t matter the horrible things they have done and still do.          

Germany spies in form of organized crimes on people since at least the middle ages. They knew of the jewels, they knew and know what everyone did and does and they still haven’t told Ireland/GB where these jewels are.

An inspector by the name of Kane stated that he believed that the theft of the Jewels had been carried out by an insider before July 5, 1907 .

Documents  of the British Home Office relating to the theft were officially (!) destroyed. That is quite odd, isn’t it? There also appears to be gap in the official correspondence of Ulster’s Office between 1902 and 1908. It is being said that it was no ordinary crime.

These jewels didn’t show up again. Maybe they were dismantled and sold piece by piece and the gold melted. The plan sure existed or still exists. With the Internet having pictures of these stones, it is even harder than in 1907 to sell them. Or Germany wants to sell them to aliens on other planets. I recognize German handwriting. It was them who organized the theft. They also still sit on stolen Jewish art and are doing all kinds of hidden things to keep them in Germany or at least in Europe that they are already officially “leading”. 

A poorer UK and Great Britain would help Germany in the war (WWI) that they had planned already in 1907. It also helped Germany to get a deeper rift between the Irish and the British. If they fight each other, they can’t fight Germany effectively. It is a typical German calculation. 

Francis Bennett-Goldney (died in WWI) was appointed as the Athlone Pursivant of the Order of St. Patrick in February 1907. He was a possible suspect in the theft of the Irish Crown Jewels. His name is odd: “Ney Gold” (Was that guy picked to suggest that he has nothing to do with the missing gold?) Maybe Germany got the gold/jewels from him before or after his death.  

There is a rumor saying that the jewels were smuggled into the USA. I am rather convinved they are in German dirty hands. That is the other side of the coin of Germany running all people through ear implants. They are responsible for what the world is doing under their command.   

I love you. Be kissed my Prince. I am glad you are such a straight and noble prince . 🙂 

Yours always,




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  1. Did Germany return the paintings to the Jews?

    Jack Steel

    January 29, 2015 at 2:16 pm

  2. Anni Ano

    January 29, 2015 at 4:41 pm

  3. According the German Jew Samuel Igra, author of “Germany’s National Vice” (1945), it was the righteous Jewish newspaper publisher Maximilian Harden who exposed a homosexual cabal in control of Kaiser Wilhelm’s pre-World War I German government, leading to a series of major public trials from 1907 to 1914. Those trials angered the growing German “gay” subculture, including the young Adolf Hitler (who was, according to Igra, a male teen prostitute in Munich and Vienna in those years), turning him violently against the Jews because they were responsible for the “homophobic” moral crackdown. When Hitler’s Nazi Party later started scapegoating Jews, the majority Christians did not come to their defense (with some exceptions) and the result was the Holocaust.

    Kemen Chasin IV

    December 27, 2017 at 11:07 pm

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