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What Big Bang? The Big Bang corruption… And this is called “science”

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how are you? My thoughts are with you every day. 

Below, I link to a video (Universe The Cosmology Quest) that starts off a bit slow and it is not HD quality, but provides some details about outrageous corruption in the academic world. Many people are thinking that academics and ethics go hand in hand, but unfortunately, it is not the case at all, and those not active in the respective fields (including other academics) have to swallow what other unethical academics are feeding them. Universities and other institutes of higher education allow unethical people to graduate. What a shame.  That is one of the many negative side effects of the German-controlled world through ear implants. Truth and facts are hard to find. 

As you know, the big bang is taught in schools as a fact, but there are a FEW physicists, yes, physicists, who are saying that the big bang and the expanding universe are not just not proven but FALSE.

Astronomer Halton C. Arp died in Germany (!) last year.  He is the creator of the Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies, which is very interesting as he demonstrated that something is wrong with numerous galaxies and their distances. and

In my opinion, Marty, he doesn’t say it, but his findings fit right into that the deep space universe that Hubble and other telescopes are “discovering” is FAKE. I believe that the universe behind the fake projection does not expand. The expansion, the run-away-universe is a projection that should stop us from going into space. And those who are projecting the false universe are not aliens. They are from Earth, and the keyword here is: still existing German Nazi doctors.  

At 5:07 min. of the video, a front page of the New York of the 1930s is shown, saying that we live in an expanding universe, and people believed it despite it sounds rather odd. Einstein believed that the universe is static, and he, as a persecuted Jew should have known that Nazis are behind the projection of an “expanding universe” and why. Nazis want to take over the universe before non-Nazis come in their way and are stopping them. This is not mentioned in the video, this is what I am saying. I will use blue fonts if I refer directly to discoveries mention in the video.    

In 1960, quasars were discovered, very bright cosmic objects with large redshifts.  

An official definition that I found is: redshift and blueshift describe how light changes as objects in space (stars/galaxies) move closer or farther away from us. The famous so-called Doppler effect. When an object moves away from us, the light is moved to the red end of the spectrum, as its wavelengths get longer. If an object moves closer, the light goes to the blue end of the spectrum, as its wavelengths get shorter.


Alright, they measure the distances and determine how far stars, planets, galaxies are away from Earth. The Doppler effect is a change of pitch of the sound coming from something moving toward us and getting away from us, like an ambulance siren, which is indeed so. Sounds from objects moving toward us have a higher pitch as the sound waves are compressed together and that is shortening the wavelength of the sound waves. And sounds from objects moving away from us have a lower pitch because the sound waves are stretched and are lengthening the wavelength. That makes sense. And I learned that light behaves in the same way. So far, so good.

With their standard candles, the astrophysicists and cosmologists are looking through their telescopes into space and are applying the “Doppler law” to the changing lights to calculate the distances in space. And they got the idea that the universe is expanding because Doppler wavelength measures shows lots of redshifts. However, deep space is a computer program projected on a black screen and that does not make it difficult to move planets and galaxies around, right? A little bit of drag and drop, and any kid at the control can “expand the universe” and  can fool the academic world with that game.

They are using also x-rays in space but apparently, these rays do not look through the black projection of the fake universe. 

According to astronomers, quasars are the most distant objects detected in the universe so far. I am convinced that the distant universe that our telescopes is seeing is a projection on a black screen and not the reality, which means that quasars are a projection too. I don’t think that those x-rays are able to “look through” that screen. These x-rays must be cancelled out up there. In below linked video, the interviewed physicists are not saying that the universe is a projection, but that something is wrong with way the distances in universe are measured and with the “expansion of the universe”.

At 6:45 min., below linked video mentions quasars and the Galaxy Messier 82, which is also called NGC 3034, Cigar Galaxy or M82 (picture above) and that the “expanding universe” doesn’t made sense. They are saying that “Hubble law” does not apply to quasars and these bright objects are not at their redshift distance and that the Big Bang never happened. I think that the SEGNPMSS designers of the fake universe made errors placing the quasars, Marty. The redshift discrepancies with the quasars are errors of the secret service fake planetarium projectors, and it all comes back to bite them.

At approx. 9:00 min, the video starts to interview Halton C. Arp, the astrophysicists who had to pay the ultimate price for not swimming with the flow. He discovered discrepancies and was forced to resign from his permanent position at the CARNEGIE Institute of Washington Observatory and threaten that if he doesn’t change his line of research, they will take away his telescope time. Yikes! He wasn’t the only one who was pushed out. The academic world is a German-controlled cult that doesn’t allow independent discoveries. And the rest of the world is expected to admire and follow such a dictated “science”. No wonder that this planet can’t solve its problems. I don’t believe that Mr. Halton “Chip” Arp said that the universe, which astronomers study, is fake but he said that the big bang is not correct. He discovered facts in this regard, and that is why they didn’t want him to look through telescopes anymore. 


(And as a footnote, on one side, Carnegie stops a physicist like Prof. Arp who is really onto something, on the other side of the coin, the Carnegie Mellon University throws money at Dave Touretzky, the mouse and rat “researcher” . That fits. Here are postings of mine on Touretzky:

Far fetched? Not at all. Touretzky fits right in. A Carnegie Mellon Course Has Students Invent New Pornography.

Touretzky is not a physicist. So, back to the physicists.) 

A leading astrophysicist and editor by the name of S. Chandrasekhar sent Mr. Arp’s paper on the discrepancies to the Director of Carnegie Institute Observatories, Horace Babcook. Chandrasekhar remarked that Arp’s paper “exceeds his imagination”. (Imagination? Shouldn’t they rather INVESTIGATE AND MEASURE and come up with facts instead of imagining?) Just because somebody “can’t imagine” it, it is ignored? Babcook called Mr. Arp in his office and told him that he should look for another line of work. (This is called the world of science, where German-controlled case officers whisper through the ear implants of their agents to out people who find something odd in fake universe.) They called Arp’s research “incorrect and embarrassing”. Embarrassing for the entire planet is rather that people can’t speak out without being railroaded and that Germany is above everything and even designed and controls the fake universe. We all know that these things happen in the non-academic world, but shouldn’t these institutes of higher education be open-minded? They want to be respected as the smartest people and when you look closely, they are corrupt fools. People think that stuff like this just happens in North Korea or some state with dictators and not in the free world. Yes, right, WHAT FREE WORLD? In fact, ear implants conspiracies rule the academic world just as they rule gangs, cults, terror groups, dictators, and anything else.  In short, Halton Arp (and also others) was/were not allowed to follow-up on the discrepancies found and that is called higher education!      

Theoretical astrophysicist Geoffrey Burbidge, the former director of Kitt Peak National Observatory also doesn’t believe in the Big Bang expanding universe. He says that “scientists” don’t consider any alternative to the Big Bang, they don’t consider any alternative in an open way, and people who would like to observe the universe through telescopes in an objective way are not granted observing time. Yikes. We still live in the middle ages where people were not allowed to go beyond the flow. Independent researchers are not funded. If they don’t believe in the expanding universe Bing Bang crap, they have no saying and support and their careers are over. And it is not just a problem in the USA. Other nations don’t solve the problems either, because Germany is behind the Big Bang and expanding universe idea, and the fake universe is their idea and doing. Germany is everyone’s secret ear-implant master.

Jack Sulentic, an observatory astronomer says that university students are not being told to think independently and that they become conformists. Later in the video he talks about flawed “scientific” work and that one astronomer even removed controversial illuminated objects from a photo to prove that Halton “Chip” Arp is wrong. He says he wouldn’t know what these illuminated points exactly are, but they should not be removed and nobody should act as if they don’t exist just to prove Halton Arp wrong who wasn’t convinced of the Big Bang theory. He also says that some scientists “vote” on their “findings”. Gee, how scientific is that?    


Vera Rubin is also mentioned in the video. She is an American astronomer who uncovered the discrepancy between the predicted angular motion of galaxies and the observed motion. What Geoffrey Burbidge says is jaw-dropping. The leading astronomer of the National Observatory Committee said immediately that he recommends her project to be stopped and most other astronomers agreed. They have not much of a backbone, do they? He also mentioned that NASA is very conformist. And  is called “science”. Somebody finds a contradiction, and the academic world sweeps it under the carpet. The world is being fooled.

Yep, I bet that these NASA “scientists” follow their secret German-run case officers’ every word, Marty. It is very important for Germany that the neither the USA nor Russia not any other country but Germany (EU) owns space. After all, the universe should become German. (The ultimate nightmare!) 

John Dobson, an amateur astronomer and telescope designer also makes an appearance in the video. He says that astronomers “have a view of the world and hang onto it as in forever”. Despite he considers himself as atheist, he claimed that the big bang theory does not hold up to scrutiny.

 NGC 7603 is a peculiar galaxy that Mr. Arp discovered and Eleanor Margaret Burbidge (and astrophysicist and former director of the Royal Greenwich Observatory is interviewed in the video at approx. 19:37 min.) Again, what she says is startling. There is a galaxy with a companion galaxy, and both should have the same redshift but they don’t. One shows a redshift of 8700 km per second and the other one a redshift of 17000 km per second.  There are also two very light objects in those two galaxies.  

The Nordic Optical Telescope of La Palma (I was on vacation there once) belonging to the Canary Islands looked at them in more detail and they found them to be quasars, which are allegedly the furthest objects away from our galaxy that can be seen, so how did they get all connected in one picture with those different redshifts? The distances of all four are completely off.  The quasars were measured with whopping 117000 km per second away. So, 87oo km, 17000 km, 117000 km, what is it? It can’t be all three distances away. And these are all the same spot in the “universe”. Nobody in the video says clearly: Deep space is fake, but this is the conclusion that I draw, Marty. Those Zeiss kind of universe projectors aren’t that perfect after all. 


Margaret Burbidge says that these items have non-cosmic components. The question is of course: how the heck do non-cosmic components getting into the cosmos? Geoffrey Burbidge says that quasars are not as far away as science is teaching us. Yeah, sure, the black computer screen with the fake universe is in our direct space neighborhood. Particularly designed for Earth.

Ms. Burbidge says that this is not the only galaxy in question. Seyfert Galaxy 3419 and Markarian 205 would be very controversial as there is some kind of protrusion coming off and that people removed it from photos to show that it is not there. Jack Sulentic, an observatory astronomer says that there was a publication (NASA/Hubble press release) saying that these objects are in fact separated, but he run a test on the picture(s) and saw right away that information in the NASA press release were false and the objects were NOT separated but connected. (Video at approx. 35  min.)  He was flabbergasted that NASA felt the need to issue a publication with falsehoods that something that indeed is there would be not there. He feels that NASA is afraid.

I feel that NASA is very tightly German controlled, Marty, just like the CIA and other US intelligent agencies. No wonder that they are afraid to be busted.

Upon Dwight David Ike Eisenhower’s executive decision as US president, NASA was founded, but they work secretly in favor for Germany and still existing Nazis. How disgusting is that? I am convinced that deep space is fake, only near space is real. I don’t know if Voyager I data can be used to determine when real space stops and the fake universe starts. It threw already its camera overboard. We are not allowed to see far space as Nazis don’t want us to go there. As simply as that.

Ms. Burbidge says that space and these pictures are difficult to understand and that is why not many people look into it. That it is an unpopular subject, and scientists are worried about their jobs and want to move up the ladder.

Apparently, one can’t become a famous astronomer or astrophysicists if one doubts the Big Bang and more importantly, if somebody found evidence that there was no Big Bang. What is higher education worth if the majority of academics are such remote-controlled wimps, Marty? Like in the song “Little Boxes”, all went to universities and all are the same… 

All in all, this video is very interesting. 

And it reveals some of the Big Bang corruption.

I wish I could talk to you in person about this, Marty, because I know that the universe and space is also very much on your mind.

All the kisses in the world for you.

I love you.

Yours always.




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  1. It might shock you to learn that

    Carnegie Mellon Course Has Students Invent New Pornography


    January 30, 2015 at 4:03 am

  2. Scientists abandon highly publicized claim about cosmic find…

    Sonny and Bonny

    January 31, 2015 at 11:50 am

    • The Europeans published last year that they found the Hicks Boson. It wasn’t true either. They say now that they found “one or more impostors”. European Space Agency isn’t a bit smarter than any other space agency on the planet. The only difference is that German secret services want them to appear smarter than other space agencies.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 31, 2015 at 1:05 pm

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