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It is the SAME still exsting Anti-Semitic German secret service behind the Ukraine AND the Pro-Russian Rebels

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

It looks like the Ukraine but also Pro-Russian rebels in the Ukraine want to be under eternal Nazi boots. Both are using anti-Semitic slurs against each other who indicates who is running them. Germany still wants the Großdeutsche Reich by leading Europe and attaching all Eastern States to Europe that not yet belong officially to Europe and people seem having forgotten how brutal they are.

Ukrainians and  Pro-Russian Rebels are fighting each other and both are targeting  Jews. How can they not get that Nazis are sending these hate messages in their ear implants and heads? Can only we figure that these guys behind the entire Ukraine conflict are the same old German Nazis who gassed Jews in the 1940s and the rest of the people are too blind to see it?

Have a look at what this idiot Alexander Zakharchenko is saying. He is completely wrong. Germany wants the Ukraine. Germany are not Jews but still existing Nazis. He is the same fool as those pro-Ukraine Nazis and allows himself to be used by Germany.

Two wrongs are making no right.

“Hiding Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Reality” an article about the role of Nazis the Ukraine, so not just the pro-Russians, if you can call them pro Russians as they also are help Germany’s Nazi causes and not Russia.

Also, Germany is using the USA again to serve Germany by sending weapons to the Ukraine. What on Earth is President Barack Obama thinking? Germany is the reason for USA’s many problems by commanding officials and just about anyone else through ear implants to secretly or openly advance Germany and keep the USA down, yet, he throws US money to help Germany to take over the world.

In 2011, the The Simon Wiesenthal Center reported that “Ukraine has, to the best of our knowledge, never conducted a single investigation of a local Nazi war criminal, let alone prosecuted a Holocaust perpetrator.”

They have German ear implants since ever, Marty. 

Trying to involve the USA in yet another war just to satisfy and assist still existing Nazi Germany? 

I was wondering if the Anti-Semite statements of idiot Alexander Zakharchenko should make it easier for the USA to supply the Ukraine with weapons and fight another war for Germany. Ukrainians showed their Anti-Semitic face and numerous Americans don’t want to support this. But when the Pro-Russians display anti-Semitic hatred too, President Obama and his administration can say that they all are like that and that the USA supports those leaning more to “the west” (hushing up that Germany wants to run the world officially and will show it’s real very brutal and ugly face soon again.)     

Russia should make clear too that they don’t want Nazis “helping them” as they do not. 

Europe allow the Nazis to grow, and it goes hand in hand with Germany leading Europe. Isn’t it odd that as more Germany is on top as stronger Nazis are getting all over the world? The news on Germany, Europe and other continent indicate that history repeats itself. Nazis are marching. And the USA should stop feeding them by helping Germany and any other country who doesn’t stop Anti-Semitic hatred and attacks. 

Angela Merkel is a puppet of the men behind her. Other countries should trust her because she is a woman. Her lame words about not being anti-Semitic is nothing but an alibi for Germany. Where are her effective handling of the murderous problems? She doesn’t correct her secret services who run the planet with ear implants so that more and people again turn into Nazis. 

With anti-Semitic ear implants (even in Jews), the USA and Jewish people do not really have a true representative.  I see open and hidden activities to degrade Jews everywhere. And Germany plays BOTH SIDES!

This planet sucks. And I am asking myself again,  Marty: What are nice Jewish people as us on a disgusting planet like this?    

I love you, Marty, my Jewish prince. You my darling alone are more worth than a universe full of such people who serve still existing Nazis.


Yours always,







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