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What a huge waste of taxpayer’s money by the HHS – considering that the founder of Scientology never claimed that the e-meter was a medical device

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

How are your days and nights? I wish I could do something effective to help you.

If the US government would have asked the real founder of Scientology, Ron, to attach a plate to the e-meter saying that it is not intended to treat medical diseases, he would have gladly done so, because – and everyone knows it – the e-meter never was designed to treat diseases.

Original Dianetics and Scientology addressed the spirit, however, original Dianetics and Scientology offered a way of life (protected living under a roof with making own water and food, etc.) against diseases, which medical doctors and the pharmaceutical industry didn’t like as it means that people don’t age and are not getting sick, and they don’t get filthy rich upon the suffering of mankind. Dianetics and Scientology, as you know, approaches the mind too by approaching the spirit, but who the hell are p$ychs to prohibit this to the people?  Ron didn’t go into brains. He said it is a switchboard for the human body but concentrated again on the spiritual approach of Scientology. It is all about the thetan, and it is a spirit not a brain or a body. Period.         

Instead of asking, the U.S. Department of Health and its officials, medical doctors, psychiatrists, neuro”scientists”, and psychologists wasted huge amounts of US taxpayer’s money in an incredible witch hunt.

The US raid of 1963, and the attacks against Scientology took place upon secret German psychiatric Nazi orders to prohibit Scientology. The e-meter was just their gimmick, a justification for what they were doing.

The CIA (also upon German secret service orders) uses “Jack Vistaril” to impostor the founder and change his writings, so that the German-controlled USA can do something against Scientology, because under the real founder Ron and original Scientology, they had nothing that mainstream would dislike or attack.

Typically for crook Nixon also to support psychs and trying to bring Scientology down by concealing that the founder of Scientology was replaced by a secret service agent and impostor. Nixon even concealed before the American people that President Eisenhower was impostored by a doppelganger. Nixon had no conscience.

The “National Academy of American Psychology” was most certainly not the idea of Scientology founder but that of the CIA/German double agent “Jack Vistaril”. Germany and their agents in the USA wanted psychologists to attack Scientology. The real Ron didn’t want to have anything to do with psychology or psychiatry. I also know no real Scientologist who would want to be on such a board.

The real founder Ron knew from his dad Ike that Nixon was not to be trusted. Ike didn’t want him as vice president. The real Ron never would have addressed Nixon. And why would he? Ike was his Dad. He had a direct line to the one who was above Nixon. (However, in 1963, the real Ike was already murdered, and Ike’s doppelganger sat in the White House.) But nevertheless, Ron would not have tried to “win” Nixon. He knew his tonelevel and what to expect of him.

Besides, I am also sure that Nixon knew that Ron was impostored and that it was the impostor CIA/German double agent “Jack Vistaril” who wanted Nixon officially on his side. 

The one who wrote in 1955 to the FBI “turning communists in” was the impostor “Jack Vistaril” not the founder Ron. In 1955, the FBI got very likely mail from the real Ron but saying that I, Ron’s daughter, was kidnapped to Germany. (I was kidnapped several times and several times returned, but the last time returned when Ike was murdered in 1959/1960. Typical for an infiltrated USA!) CIA/FBI double agent “Jack Vistaril” probably even undermined the real founder’s letters by sending his baloney at the same time to the FBI.

Also, the real Ron knew that Communism was just one of the German systems and that not Russia but Germany is the cancer of the world.

So, the Secret Service invests secret service agent “Jack Vistaril” by concealing that Jack Vistaril is not the founder but a doppelganger and impostor. That is typical German-controlled slime. They think their setups are the smartest, but here we are, looking through them and their setups like through dirty windows.

Any letter citing Mary Sue is also by the impostor not the founder. Mary Sue was one of the impostors’ wives.

“Jack Vistaril” was to Ron what Monique’s husband is to you: nothing but non-Scientologists trying to impostor the originals. These two are so alike.

And you and the real Ron are so different from  them.

I love you, my Prince. Be kisses, tenderly and passionately.

Yours always,




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