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Fourth Reich is rising and ear-implants with its instructions (loud and silent sounds) are its most secret tool

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

How are you?

Angela Merkel visits President Obama in the White House on February 9.  She should be arrested when she comes as she represents Germany, the still Nazi country whose secret services secretly run the USA though ear implants to bring the USA down and to bring Germany all the advantages and one day soon the position of official World Power I. Her country and secret services are behind the ear-implants and turning all people on Earth into German-controlled robots.

Right now, she is in Russia with France that does everything that Germany does. France that has a constant memory loss as to what Germany did to it. When they can’t persuade Russia to allow Germany to invade other countries (by sending radio messages into their Ukraine agents’ ear implants wanting to become a part of the Großdeutsche Reich (EU), they want the USA to fight a war against Russia. (Germany was the architect of the September 11 and other terror attacks. The Middle Easteners and implanted and hypnotized people are just their tools.) 

The “Pro-Russians” in the Ukraine (I have a hard time calling them pro Russia as they harm Russia by acting just like the Nazis in the Ukraine instead of taking the high road, which is not anti-Semitic) are anti-Semitic too, which means that they make it easier for the USA to support what should become the Großdeutsche Reich, attaching Eastern Countries to Europe, led by Germany who is still the same old Nazi force that it always was.

For example, because Ukraine is known for its Neo Nazi movements, the USA can’t give them openly all they want. But when the Pro-Russians are also Neo Nazis, the USA could say: yeah, they all are anti-Semites, but we have to support that side that is more “western”. And Germany (not truly western but the same old Nazis that they always were) wants: the USA financing and fighting Germany’s wars and secret invasions. And that, despite the USA owes Germany all its problems that Germany did plot and still plots by running the USA and the rest of the world secretly through ear implants.

Have a look at these headlines. History really repeats itself.

Nazism’s Reemergence in Europe

“Ukraine’s position is particularly dispiriting and alarming. One can hardly understand how a country, the people of which suffered their full share of the horrors of Nazism and contributed significantly to our common victory against it, can vote against a resolution condemning its glorification.”

(German-controlled ear implants in people makes it possible.)

Antisemitism on rise across Europe ‘in worst times since the Nazis’

(It is the SEGNPMSS. It really does exist.)

Terrifying rise of the Fourth Reich: Fears Germany is losing its battle with neo-Nazi menace

Seven decades after the downfall of the Third Reich, Germans seem blind to the horrors

(Marty, Germany and other countries deliberately allowed the new Nazis to grow because they all carry German-controlled ear implants with German orders.)

Neo-Nazis on the Rise in Europe, Jews and Minorities Must Take Action

(Marty, I know you agree that the USA and President Obama must stop throwing money at Germany and its Nazis and no longer fight Germany’s battle to take over the world.)

Europe’s Dark Core: The Neo-Nazi Movements on the March

A Neo-Nazi’s Political Rise Exposes a German City’s Ethnic Tensions

(Germany’s economy booms because they control all people on the planet through ear implants helping Germany and keeping the rest of the world down.)

The Nazi Resurgence in Europe: The Waffen-SS Marches Again

Latvian Nazis March Again Glorifying Hitler’s Germany

Over 4,000 Nazis organized a march to promote their ideology in Cologne, using ISIL terror as motivation to gather more supporters for “white christian Europe”.

(SEGNPMSS running these idiots through ear implants just like the old Nazis did and still do.)

US convinced Europe’s Nazis are on march again

(But the USA is supporting Germany with money and is fighting Germany’s wars! Germany’s secret services are behind the raise of the Nazis.)

Rightists rally overshadows Dresden ceremony (German Neo-Nazis march again)

(Germany knows of this problem since more than a decade. They have done NOTHING effective to stop the new Nazis. The brutality and terror under the name of Islam is also German-ordered and controlled, incl. the endless Gaza conflict.)

Thousands of ‘Pinstriped Nazis’ March

Anti-Immigration Movement in Germany Reignites Debate Over National Identity

English Neo-Nazis Marched Through London on Remembrance Sunday

(Yes, German ear-implants in English people)

Anti-Semitism on the march: Europe braces for violence -Fears of violence and anti-Semitism at major protest marches planned in Berlin and other German cities this weekend against Israeli operations in Gaza

Ukraine crisis: the neo-Nazi brigade fighting pro-Russian separatists

Jewish outrage as ship named after SS war criminal arrives in Europe

“Naming such a ship after an SS officer who was convicted of war crimes is an insult to the millions who suffered and died at the hands of the Nazis…”

Top Nazi Hunter: Eastern Europe Rewrote the Holocaust

(Because Germany whispers in the ear implants of people to become Nazis.)

And the list goes on and on, Marty.

Ear-implants allowed  the Holocaust and other genocides to happen and they still are not exposed, which means that Nazis and their secret methods will continue.

I love you. You are the best. Wish all people having your good character, Marty.

Yours forever,




6 Responses

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  1. Ukraine peace bid moves to Moscow as U.S. weighs military aid in conflict
    Ukraine peace bid moves to Moscow as U.S. weighs military aid in conflict

    Late Bloomer

    February 6, 2015 at 2:15 am

    • Merkel and her poodle Hollande didn’t even discuss their “peace talk plan” with the USA, because when Russia doesn’t do what she (the men behind her) want, she can run to Washington and whine there and convince President Obama and others to start a new war, this time with Russia, so that Germany gets the World power no.1 as Germany brings the USA also otherwise down, secretly and openly. The USA doesn’t even have a say, it is just Germany’s servant.

      Listen to this: “We are convinced that there’s no military solution to this conflict,” Merkel said in Berlin before heading to Moscow…”

      That is Germany’s alibi but no word that they run American officials through ear implants making the world think that Russia and not Germany is the enemy. If the USA is so mind-controlled to use weapons in this “conflict”, Germany can say: “It wasn’t us who wanted this. The USA constantly wants war, horrible! We just wanted talks…” (Right, and they hush up that German secret services order the wars right into the ear implant of Americans with their supercomputers.)

      And that is what Merkel said too:

      “But we also know that it’s completely open whether we will manage to achieve a cease-fire with these talks.”

      See how sneaky that is? They run BOTH SIDES in the Ukraine with those ear implants. All they have to say to both side: stop fighting, but they don’t because Germany wants the Grossdeutsche Reich, the same that Hitler wanted. This time, they don’t fight the USA, this time they are USING IT.

      The best for peace if the Ukraine would be to be totally independent and handle their own affairs and very much so their anti-Semitic attitude because that makes them completely unlikable to any decent person.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 6, 2015 at 3:33 am

    • THE HAGUE, Netherlands — A Dutch-Swiss maritime engineering company is refusing to change the name of a giant ship being fitted out in Rotterdam that is named for a convicted Dutch Nazi.

      Late Bloomer

      February 6, 2015 at 3:36 am


    President Barack Obama is coming under growing pressure from US congressmen to supply arms to Ukraine’s military, to help it withstand an offensive from separatist insurgents who use heavy weaponry provided by Russia.

    Late Bloomer

    February 6, 2015 at 3:41 am

    • Yeah, but the latest news is that Germany, France, and Russia are making some secret deals and neither the UK nor the USA are happy about this.

      John S.

      February 7, 2015 at 9:45 am

      • Here is what it is: Germany keeps countries like Russia down, e.g with communism or using ear implants to have Russians do the wrong things (just as they do with Americans and other nationals) to slow or sabotage their economy. So, Germany gets wealthy and then it buys countries for lousy 1 Billion to become world power no I.

        Also, I doubt very much that Germany’s Merkel asked to outlaw anti-antisemitism by all sides in the Ukraine in order to make this deal work.

        I can tell you exactly what game Germany is playing. Merkel plays the role of “this conflict cannot be solved with military means” but the German secret service men behind her conceal that they radio in the ear implants of Americans to use weapons. Germany has its alibi and can say: we didn’t want violence but the USA is such a war nation, it is them who couldn’t be convinced to solve this diplomatically.

        Germany wants to be seen as peacemaker but it is not. It is still the no. 1 war maker on this planet and they do all secretly with the help of ear implants and manipulation of international officials.

        Germany’s secret weapons are psychiatric ear implants. The CIA might use them too but Germany controls the CIA.

        The only reasons why Germany can butcher millions of people and is able to grasp all of Europe (and very soon Russia, Asia, Africa, Australia and the USA) just a few decades later again is because they manipulate the thinking of people with loud and silent commands/sounds.

        I want to know from the NSA who Merkel’s case officers are. They have records of her phone calls, and I want to know who gave her orders. She is NOT acting alone. The men behind her use a woman as they think that the world surrenders rather to a German woman than a German man.

        But the German monsters are still there and still in power, behind her.

        If anyone knows Germany, it is me.

        Barbara Schwarz

        February 7, 2015 at 10:50 am

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