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“Security” conference in Munich – what a bad joke!

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate,

As you know, Munich was never the official capital of all of Germany but I remember it was always called “The secret capital of Germany” among Germans. The brutal Bavarians and its psychiatrists (former butchers and barbers) rule secretly all of Germany. I don’t miss the city and Bavaria one tiny bit. I am glad that I don’t live there anymore. I wouldn’t even want to be buried there. Everything felt creepy there. It was Bavaria and Munich that helped Hitler to grab power.

Wikipedia has an article on this “conference”. The German Wikipedia article actually mentions what kind of businesses attend this conference: worldwide weapons producers. Argh! I know for a fact that Germany is arming itself still today to take over unarmed countries. Seriously, I can prove it. 

So what is behind it that this international Security Conference, the largest of this kind, with heads of States, other officials, ministers, members of parliaments, military and weapons industry, media is held in a country/state/city that is still riddled with old and new Nazis? They want to mislead people to think that Germany and Bavaria means security and peace, and they want to control that nobody kicks Bavaria’s/Germany’s their behind and  they want to make lots of cash on top of it all. 

The official reason is allegedly that one of Stauffenberg’s circle suggested such a conference to prevent military “conflicts” as WWII. (They call this horrible war that Germany provoked just a “conflict”!) Stauffenberg was a Nazi. I don’t believe that he and his circle had any attention to kill Hitler. It was completely staged to discourage anyone from really trying to kill Hitler. I don’t think that Stauffenberg was executed. I think the Nazis helped him to a new identity and executed other people instead of him. I think he was awarded for his part in preventing that Hitler was really hit by an assassination. How better to prevent assassination than to stage that assassinations are futile? I lived among Germans and Bavarians and know how these people are thinking. Who says there is no justice for kidnapping me to Germany? My study of Scientology and my perceptions made me see how they tick. And Marty, it is one insane ticking what I discovered…     

Senator McCain, John Kerry, and others are misunderstanding the entire situation. They knows that in 1938, a Munich agreement was made between Hitler and Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister, which allowed Adolf Hitler to annexe Sudetenland.  Did they miss that today’s Germany annexed the Ukraine? It wasn’t Russia who marched in. Germany installs ear implants in Ukraine people’s ears and German secret services have the overall control over what is being radioed to those people. They tell their agents to submit to Germany by calling to be attached to them or the EU, which is basically Germany and will be Germany if nothing changes this horrible course. This is not democracy. It is mindcontrol. Besides, when they attach these people to their systems, they are small children with unripe minds. They suck intelligence and independence right out of them, and these people, later when grown up, act like robots and don’t know how to think for themselves. They explain everything in favor of the most dangerous people on the planet: Germans, particularly Bavarians and the mind-controllers (psychiatrists and neuro-scientists) behind them. They are blind. Easy to manipulate. German psychs just use their supercomputer and the code of each person, and there he/she does what Germany wants or at least can live with.  

Of course, Russians have these ear-implants too. Otherwise, they would have seen that communism who held them down and denied their rights was also a German secret service strategy. Russia would be very rich and mighty, if Germany wouldn’t have Marx, Engels, and Lenin, and other German-controlled Russian agents put up to making Russia communistic. Still today, Germany transmits in the ear of Russians loud and silent sounds as they also do with Americans, Israelis, Middle Easteners, Europeans, Africans, Asians, Australians, you name it. The actions of Russia against Scientology are very very German. Yes, Scientology is infiltrated by non-religious people, also put up and controlled by Germany, but Russia should know better that they don’t have to fear original Scientology. Some of us were even Russians in past lives. Russians, but not communists.

Typical German is also that psychiatrists/neuro-“scientists” (Germany’s insane holy cow) are labeling the Russian President now of being mentally ill. Welcome to the club. He has allegedly Aspergers. German p$ychs talking in the ear-implants of American p$ychs. When Russia retaliates, Germany wants the USA being hit not Germany, just with the Japanese once. Germany hides behind other nations. Should they get the beatings. This is the “award” for being German allies/agents.

Kremlin denies Mr. Putin being mentally ill.   

What is the problem with those psychs anyhow? Didn’t they drop Asperger’s syndrome from the 2013/14  edition of the psychiatrist’s  crap “bible,” the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders? Now it is again a mental illness? What a “science”.

Who doesn’t do as Germany wants or who they want to have a bad reputation for Germany to gain more power is labeled mentally ill. 

Anti-Semitic hatred on both sides in the Ukraine reveals clearly who is controlling the ear-implants and actions of both sides in the Ukraine: Germany.

Some people who do not think in many many layers as we do might think: why does Germany goes through all the troubles when running the entire planet already? Why not just taking over? Well, they ruined that chance by showing their real faces during the Nazi time. Even their some of own international agents have a problem with past German behavior, so Germany has to do a lot secretly. Germany likes the world to think that they are completely different from how they in fact are.  They are the worst war makers. They are behind each terror act. They control the ear-implants of all people. How many wars were provoked and carried out on this planet? Germany could have stopped them, but they did not. They caused them. And they are still at it.

Some of Germany’s secret service strategies is to ruin the reputation of the USA and Russia and Jews. The world population should think low of them and highly of Germany. They radio in the ear-implants of Russians, Americans, and also Jews to act in ways that much of the world population will reject.

Germany blind-sided Europe, the USA, and the rest of the world with their straw puppet Merkel. And actually long before she became Chancellor. (Note the word “chance” in that name. Even that name was chosen to mislead people to see a chance or chances.) Really, Marty, the Obama administration should publish the Merkel phone calls. I bet the farm that she has secret case officers to who she reports and from who she takes orders.

For example: Merkel and Germany play openly the peacemaker but behind the scene, the SEGNPMSS transmits into the ear-implants (silent sounds and/or loud commands) to create new wars and also terror groups.

The German security conference has no other purpose but Germany controlling that it is not being found and hit for all its heinous activities behind the scenes and controlling everyone else. 

I read this in a media article: “Delegates at the American meeting in Munich discussed how to press ahead with arming Ukrainian forces despite the new push for peace, according to the report in Bild.” (German paper.)

The SEGNPMSS runs the minds of these unintelligent “Americans”. They want Russia and Germany at each other’s throat while they playing the “peacemakers”.

Any nationals who thinks that Germans, and particularly Bavarians have changed is a full-blown idiot whose intelligence was sucked away by German psychiatric mind-control. There is no other way to say this.

The future that I imagine is Americans and Russians being not just allies but brothers and sisters, Europe NOT being run (openly or secretly) by Germans, Bavarians, Germany, the trap of ear-implants exposed, end of antisemitism and hatred against any race, human rights for all, end of terror and wars, and people being allowed to protect their health and youth etc.

Russia and China should prosecute Germany for having held them down with communism for so long.

I don’t have war at all on my mind, Marty, and I know you don’t either. This includes Germany. We don’t want the world bombing Germany either. I think that many Jews who died at the hands of Nazis in 1945 took a new baby body in Germany thinking all is over. They reincarnated again and must feel really horrible seeing so many Nazis march again in Germany, Europe and rest of the world.

But Germany needs to be prosecuted before a truly independent body of justice. The case officers behind the scenes who organized the atrocities and  high crimes need to be prosecuted. Usually, the really bad people come away, and this must change as they start the same misery for others over and over again.  Once the men/women behind the atrocities  are being found, justice must be so severe that it makes their heads spin. And I am not talking execution but them working with their two hands to make the damage up to each of their victims. And considering how many victims they have, it will be a very long way for them on which they can learn how to become finally finally humans. I am not talking 5 years, I am talking lifetimes. They have to learn the hard way that crime does not pay. Because at the moment, it pays for them. At least this is what they think.   

Knowing you as my soulmate, I know that much of what I write is a part of your mind too.

I love you so much, my irresistible  husband.

Yours forever,








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