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Germany caused the war in the Ukraine as it wants not just to annex all of Europe but also the Ukraine, Russia, and the rest of the world

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

I don’t have to explain things to you because I can feel how you think. You don’t drink Germany’s cool aide.

The war in the Ukraine injured and killed many people. The mistake that both Russia and the USA are making is not pointing with the finger at power-hungry Germany that annexes foreign countries.

As I explained before: Germany has international agents who recruit small children with unripe minds of any nationality and race all over the world to join a German secret service that they don’t really understand. Many of them don’t realize that Germany holds all the strings. They are kids. Although, we would have figured them at that young age, Marty. German secret services feared that we would see through them, and we did anyway .

So, children of all races and nationality agree to getting ear implants. They think that the ear implants that they are getting will help them to get though school (cheating through exams) and against bullies. They don’t tell those kids that these bullies are hired by them to bully so that all kids join the SEGNPMSS. Germany is also behind that schools are places were “education” (whatever Germany allows kids to learn) puts a lot of stress on children. Ron’s study tech allows children to study at their own pace and truly understanding the subjects. But the German world is unfair to children, so kids feel they have to cheat to keep up. They think they need ear implants and somebody whispering them what to say and write during exams to pass them. In other words: real independent thinking and real development intelligence has no chance under this German psychiatric mind-control. 

These little gangsters grow up and become full-blown agents in all walks of life who do anything what the German-oriented, German-controlled, German-run case officer order them in their language. One of those things is not getting into Germany’s way but assisting Germany to make the world German. Deutschland, Deutschland über alles just as the German national hymn says.

Germany’s plan for the USA is making it poor and ruining its reputation by creating an image of the most war-hungry and repulsive nation of all. German-mind-control really worked on anyone who thinks that Germany is an ally of Germany. It is the worst enemy of the USA as well as the worst enemy of any other country. Germany USES the USA to protect it from the enemies that Germany is making. And when this is done, German plans for the USA is having the USA to cry out to Germany (under the cover of Europe) to take it over like they took over the Ukraine. Once Germany has the official control of the world and no other country strong enough anymore to resist, Nazi boots will march again, and they will determine which nationality, religion or intellect may live and which will be eliminated. If Germany has no obstacle anymore, you, me, and our family members would die first of all, Marty, but who says we want to live in a Nazi universe anyhow? 

Some not so bright people think that this will never happen that the Nazis will march again, but they close their eyes to the fact that Neo-Nazis grow like mushrooms particularly in Germany, Europe but also in the rest of the world as it is a secret German world. Neo-Nazis grow because the old Nazis are still at it.

Senator Lindsey Graham and others wants the USA to support the pro-Russian rebels as they think that the Ukraine is a “democracy” in troubles. Democracy? What democracy? Both sides are run through German-controlled ear-implants and are Nazis, the pro-EU (Germany) and the pro Russians too. And he and others want the USA to support these Nazis? What is he thinking? 

The correct handling is showing the world what Germany did, does and its despicable plans for the future of this planet and the universe.  It is also behind the never-ending war between Israel and Palestine and terror groups all over the world. Actually, Germany needs to be dissolved as a country so that the world has a chance to get rid of fascism.

United States has to act truly American. The enemy of the USA is not Russia or Middle Eastern countries or Islam. It is Germany who whispers orders in the ear-implants of people of any nations, race, and religion to behave the way they do and start new conflicts, wars, terror, crimes, etc.

Russians FEEL somehow what Germany is up to, e.g. taking over all of Russia but they mistake this with that the USA is behind it. What they fail to do to figure is that the USA is the same victim as Russia of the same old Nazi Germany, the country that provoked two world wars and any other war on this planet as it runs people since centuries already through these ear-implants. German secret services are like the Borg.

In order to stop this war, it might be necessary to split the Ukraine in half, one side for the Ukrainians, the other side for pro-Russians, but all open borders for all to travel or to live. But I also would investigate and document to the world how Germany turned many Ukrainians into Nazis and ordered them through ear implants to call out to be annexed by Germany: ear implants! It will not longer be so easy for Germany to invade another country and take over all of Russia next once that German secret service tool ear-implants is publicly known.      

The pro-Russian fighting in the Ukraine has also a German purpose. Generally, people want peace. Germany also wants the Russians to be hated by the world not just the Americans. So Germany plays the rich, successful nation (by playing completely unfair and cheating the entire planet) that just want to help and wants peace, and the other superpowers are the villains as that is what the German international propaganda machine says. 

Germany’s secret services transmit in the ear-implants of Americans to involve itself in that war in the Ukraine against the alleged pro-Russians. Knowing Germany, it will secretly pour a lot of oil onto the flame so that this becomes a full-blown war between the USA and Russia if Germany is not stopped.

Obama follows Merkel’s lead. Under him, the USA is the same German poodle as France. Merkel’s marching orders are written to mislead people to think that she really leads Germany and that she never would be cruel to people that she has  no secret service case officers who tell her what to do, etc. But what do they know about the men behind her? Nothing. They picked a woman this time as they figured due to Germany’s past that a female will do better taking over the world for the men behind her. Merkel is ordered to says that the Ukrainians should not be armed as Germany doesn’t want Russia to get really mad at Germany. But the SEGNPMSS behind Germany want very badly that the USA arms those pro-Germany Ukrainians. Right now they sure radio in the ear implants of the Republicans to go to war. They want that the USA and the Russians fight a horrible war so that Germany can take it all over once everyone’s resources are exhausted – except Germany of course.  

Merkel’s visit today in Washington today is nothing but an alibi so that she can say that she tried to stop the USA to arm the Ukrainians. But she withheld that German secret services are pounding members of Congress and officials with loud and silent sounds to arm the Ukraine, which could end in a horrible between the USA and Russia. American taxpayer’s money used to help German Nazis to more power.          

Germany’s plan for the next US administration is clear to me. They plan to influence the next presidential election so that there will be an US President who will declare war against Russia. Germany since ever is so incredible hungry to rule the world. They want not just the Ukraine, they want all of Russia and all of the rest of the world including the USA. But the USA should help them to get it.         

GERMANY’S STRATEGY FOR THE USA IS TO USE IT TO FIGHT GERMANY’S WARS TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD FOR GERMANY AND THEN TAKE OVER THE USA TOO. How can anyone not see it? Because the political analysts have ear implants and are mind-control not to see the obvious.

Here is a revealing statistic, Marty. Yes, I know, the 30-year war is a while ago but Germany’s (particularly Bavarian’s) minds are those of eternal war makers. Have a look how deeply Germany and German states and how little Russia was involved in this war. According to that, Russia is not much into war, but Germany is, always was, always will.


You and me, we are able to think, Marty. We look at the trouble spots of this world and underneath the layers of cover up, we detect the German secret services with its insane psychiatrists and still existing Nazis. 

I love you, my hero. 

Yours always,








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  1. Merkel said this in Washington today regarding Russia and the Ukraine: “No matter what we decide, the alliance between the United States and Europe will continue to stand, will continue to be solid.”

    John S.

    February 9, 2015 at 9:48 am

    • Did you notice that she talks for ALL of Europe. Germany is all of Europe now. And the Nazis grow too as not otherwise expected.

      Those words by Merkel are telling me that she doesn’t mind if Obama, Democrats or Republicans declare war on Russia so that Germany can take over Ukraine and then Crimea and all of Russia, and the rest of the world. Merkel’s anti-weapons talk is just an alibi for herself and Germany to fool people into that Germany is not behind the hostility against Russia and not behind the anti-Americanism and anti-Antisemitism of Russia.

      Germany radios into the mind of American Congress people and officials to involve itself again in a other war to serve Germany, the country who is behind 7/11 attacks and helped Bin Laden to get away. Obama just got a dead doppelganger of Bin Laden and I bet the farm he knows it.

      Germany wants a “solid alliance” with the USA as it USES the USA but treats it like a dog. Always did, and this is not alright. It seems almost as if the USA made a postulate to stay Germany’s doormat. It does not allow for us non-Nazis to turn it around for the USA and the rest of the world.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 9, 2015 at 12:56 pm

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