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If Mike Rinder and Monique’s husband and the likes ever were Scientologists and no agents, they would have applied the Scientology definition of truth all the time: truth is the exact time, place, form and event

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Dearest Marty, my hero and soulmate,

I hope this posting of mine finds you well.

The deposition of Mike Rinder in the Garcia case is published online. 164 pages, see link below. I don’t think that Monique’s husband and Mike Rinder did themselves a favor inserting themselves into the case Luis A. Garcia, et al., v. Church of Scientology, Religious Trust, et al., case no. 8:13-cv-220-T27 TBM, before judge James Whittemore. They make the impression of caught worms.  

Rinder says that his “faith as a Scientologist did not require” him “to tell the truth.”  Good grief! Can you believe it? He infiltrates Scientology for three decades and never learned to apply ethics.  How can anybody not grasps immediately the Scientology definition of truth? It is the exact consideration – truth is the exact time, place, form and event or the many other policies that Ron wrote about being truthful. Rinder knows that many others wrote and implemented written material in Scientology and when he and the likes would be intelligent and real Scientologists, they would know that anything that objects the definition of truth is not Scientology and has no place in Scientology and should NOT be applied.

Hypocrite Tony Ortega cracks jokes when he discovers someone without a college degree having had or having an executive position in Scientology, but he has no problem promoting Mike Rinder who has no college degree and works as “consultant” for attorneys, the media, maybe even the government, and others. 

Mike Rinder advocates leaving Scientology. He is in Ortega’s valence, he tries to copy his blog, he lacks originality and tells people basically that Scientology is nothing worth, yet, Rinder’s Scientology training is apparently good enough to get hired by all kinds of lawyers, media, and companies who pay him $175 the hour as “consultant”. So, he makes Scientology look bad for others but applies certain Scientology knowledge to get hired and charges them hefty consultancy fees. 

He considers arbitration a barrier to litigation. Just about all large organizations implemented arbitration clauses in their contracts today, and such clauses are not considered a barrier to litigation because a party still can sue under the law when the arbitration didn’t solve the problem. This article talks about the advantages of arbitration:

Rinder’s consultations are sounding really stupid.

I think the Garcias really should have participated in the C of S arbitration. If they paid money into Scientology and want it back, they should get this chance but not accepting an arbitration clause just because it is Scientology is not lawful. It is like “other laws apply for Jews”.

When I sued the C of S in  the early 90s, (not for money but to find out about your whereabouts and to help you, Marty) I was not offered an arbitration by the C of S, OSA, and Mike Rinder was in charge of OSA! He wasted Sea Org reserves to hire very expensive SLC lawyers to get rid of my case and keep us separated and your impostor on your post. I would have immediately (!) withdrawn my case if anyone in the infiltrated Church of Scientology would have informed me as to what happened to you, Marty. Rinder as OSA i/C was on top of this infiltrator conspiracy against us. And he wonder why I don’t like him. Sheesh!  Lynn Farney who worked for your impostor and Mike Rinder wrote an “affidavit” to get rid of my case filed in Utah trying to find you, Marty. Rinder said in below linked deposition that Farney was also involved in destroying papers in the Lisa McPherson case. These people who keep Scientologists separated are no Scientologists, they are secret service agents without any conscience. The IAS has as purpose to UNITE Scientologists! How do these people justify separating real Scientologists? David Miscavige awarded him with a 3000 Dollar watch. And how did  pervert Jesse Prince ever get an executive position in Scientology? Incestuous pedophilia, and severe other criminal record! DM never applied the tonescale, ethics or other Scientology wisdom. Waste of Scientology money by non-Scientologists for non-Scientologists. Agents instead of Scientologists! Yikes!

Rinder flies in a plane over the C of S building with banner “Where is Shelly?” while she is not missing according to police, but nobody flies a banner asking where you are and you are really missing, Marty. Monique’s husband is not you. He is an impostor.       

Mike Rinder says in the deposition that he is no minister of any church, and he would not know where the Independent Church of Scientology is located, but he signed the marriage certificate of Monique’s husband as Minister of the Independent Church of Scientology. And your impostor Monique’s husband used an incorrect date of birth on the marriage certificate. How can such a marriage be valid?

Did the adoption agency know this? Did they ignore the details? Did judge Dib Waldrip even LOOK at the details of this marriage in case Rathbun vs. David Miscavige and C of S no. C 2013-1082B? He made a very biased impression to me. Does the appeal court know about this strange marriage? (03-14-00199-CV C of S v. Monique Rathbun). Monique apparently is a part of this. She knows the real date of birth of the man she “married” and that there is no Independent Church of Scientology. Yet, she and your impostor at her side want millions from Scientology. They don’t apply laws but want the courts to award them millions.

More from the deposition in the Garcia case: 

Bert Deixler: Mr. Rinder. You are, however, a minister of the Independent Church of Scientology; is that true?

Mike Rinder: I wouldn’t — no, I wouldn’t — I wouldn’t say that’s true.

My comment: “I wouldn’t say that’s true…”? Either it is true or not. What a slick and dishonest person Mike Rinder is. Never a Scientologist as a real Scientologist applies this: truth is the exact time, place, form and event.

Deixler: … have marked as Exhibit Numbered 1 a document filed with the State of Florida and ask you to take a look at it. I have a copy for your lawyer, and it purports to be a Department of Health Vital Statistics, State of Florida, marriage record involving the marriage of Mark Charles Rathbun and Monique Renee Carle, and at the bottom left-hand corner of the document there appears be a signature above a printed name. First, do you recognize that signature, sir?
Rinder: Yes, I do.
Deixler: And is that your signature?
Rinder: Yes, it is.
Deixler: And this was a signature which you applied in connection with your role as a minister of the Independent Church of Scientology?
Rinder: Correct.
Deixler: And as of the time that you signed this document in or about July of 2010, were you a minister of the Independent Church of Scientology?
Rinder: I was.
Deixler: And where is the Independent Church of Scientology headquartered, if you know?
Rinder: I don’t.

My comment: Rinder tries to pull legs during the deposition, Marty. If he was an ordained minister of a church, he should have said: In 2010 it was located at….. and I was ordained by them on….. He should have told the truth: My buddies and I considered that it is more profitable to sue Scientology for millions and charge $175 for blah blah “consultations” to get rich so we dumped the idea of an Independent Church of Scientology which did not exist at the time of the “marriage” and still does not exist many years later.  

Deixler: Do you continue to work as a minister of the Independent Church of Scientology?
Rinder: No. I already told you that I don’t — I don’t do that now.

There was never any Independent Church of Scientology.  Rinder avoids to give a clear answer.

My comment: He does not do this NOW? That means whenever Rinder sees an opportunity that fits his plans better, he will either say that he is a minister or not. Rinder is flip-flopping just like Garry Scarff. How “impressive”.  If he would had been ever been a Scientologist and not an infiltrator, he would have applied this: truth: the exact consideration – truth is the exact time, place, form and event.

Deixler: You don’t do that now. What do you mean by that?

Rinder: Work as a minister of the Independent Church of Scientology.

Deixler: When did you stop being a minister of the Independent Church of Scientology?

My comment: There was never any Independent Church of Scientology.  Rinder avoids to give a clear answer.

Rinder: I’m not sure when I would — when I would say that I no longer considered myself to have that view of life.

Deixler: View of life. Are you still a member of the Independent Church of Scientology even if you are not a minister of that charge?

Rinder: I wouldn’t — I wouldn’t think so.

My comment:  How doesn’t “consultant” Mike Michael Rinder know what he is? Slimy worm.

Deixler: When did you stop being a member of this independent church?
Rinder: Same answer: I’m not really sure.

My comment: Oh please, the guy tells others what to do and knows nothing about himself.

Deixler: Sometime in 2014 or 2013 or sometime — a different time?
Rinder: Yeah. Like I said, I’m not really sure.

My comment: HE IS NOT SURE? He is always so sure in his hatred against Scientology on his blog and so sure in following into hate-monger Tony Ortega’s footsteps. I hope Rinder doesn’t consult anybody on improving memory as his lacks everything:  the exact consideration – truth is the exact time, place, form and event.  

Deixler: I see. When were you anointed as a minister of the Independent Church of Scientology?
Rinder: I don’t think that there is such a — I don’t understand the question.

My comment: He understood the question and he almost answered it. There is no Independent Church of Scientology, and Rinder was no ordained minister to marry your impostor and his “Scientology-Pay-Us-Millions-Of-Dollars-Bride”. Mosey claimed to be Clear, an auditor, and how Scientology helped her on YouTube but she tells then courts that she has nothing to do with Scientology. Your impostor blogs these days that Scientology is nothing worth. So that video how good she became after “gone clear” was a lie then? They failed to make big cash with delivering their strange version of Scientology and now they sue to get rich. Cash is what they were/are truly interested in. Monique should be deposed too. 

If any of them would have ever applied  Scientology, they would have applied this: truth: the exact consideration – truth is the exact time, place, form and event.

Deixler: You don’t? How were you invested with the powers of being a minister of this independent church, what was the mechanism, procedure?
Rinder: There wasn’t really a procedure.

My comment: A fake  and non-existing “church” that marries people with incorrect birth date.
Deixler: You just decided that you were a minister of the Independent Church of Scientology and that was the end of the procedure?
Rinder: I — hmm. I’m not so sure that I know exactly what the answer to that is. I think that it’s probably the fact of the people who considered themselves or do consider themselves Independent Scientologists would nominate or decide who is or isn’t someone that they would look to perform ceremonies on their behalf.

My comment: Attorney Deixler didn’t ask sharp questions, this time. These guys are anti-Scientologists and claim that they can perform marriages as Independent Scientologists. Laws mean nothing to them. 

Deixler: I see. Who nominated you to perform this marriage ceremony?
Rinder: Mr. Rathbun.

My comment: Your impostor who also wrote a false date of birth on his marriage certificate to Monique and who wants to break Scientology, nominates his buddy, a non-ordained minister of a non-existing church to marry him. People should wrap their heads around the doings of Ortega’s poster boys.  

Deixler: OK. And were you nominated on the morning of July 8th, 2010, or sometime before then?
Rinder: Oh, no, sometime before that.
Deixler: I see. And you don’t know exactly when you stopped serving in that role as minister; is that fair?

My comment: He never served as minister. There was no independent church. It was all fake. It seems to me that Deixler’s questions rather helped Rinder to get out of very uncomfortable spots.
Rinder: Yeah, that’s —

My comment: How can he stopped being a minister of a church if that church never existed and never ordained ministers? Monique’s husband, a secret service agent and impostor simply determines who a minister is? And what is wrong with Rinder’s memory? Who wants a consultant with no memory? Or should I better ask what is wrong with Rinder avoiding telling the truth?  

Rinder claims to be a consultant of all kind. Maybe a consultant in avoiding straight answers during depositions. Mike Rinder, the man who is a part of the plot exchanging you, Marty, with impostor Monique’s husband, is consulting people to sue to press millions out of Scientology. People just have to read the deposition to see what kind of consultant Rinder really is. He comes across exactly like the dishonest dupe and agent that he is. Who needs a consultant to do that? Anyone can wiggle like he does on a hook once caught. It looks that he is also a “consultant” of the many cases that Hamilton filed. Did you see the unprofessional website of this attorney? Rinder is also the “consultant” in your impostor’s and his wife’s gold digger case.

Rinder also violated Scientology policy “never lie in PR” when he was a “spokesperson”. I am so tired of non-Scientologists running Scientology, and this also includes DM who promoted your impostor and Mike Rinder to be his right and left hand.

I don’t think any smart attorney or other professional would hire Michael “Mike” Rinder, Garry Scarff or Monique’s husband as consultants of anything considering their history of lying. Can’t believe that attorneys paid self-confessed liar Mike Rinder approx. $2000.00 per month for his “consultation”. If the parties lose the cases at the end, they might blame Rinder and sue him. He charges $175 per hour. Question is, why he didn’t sue the C of S himself, if he thinks it is that bad? Because afraid the real truth about impostors, secret service infiltration, and his involvement  and participation in all that will be revealed? When the fact of the secret service infiltration and the impostors break on a large scale, all these media outlets will be anything but happy about your impostor’s and Mike Rinder’s “consultation”. Rinder needs a real job. Does he send this wife to work like Monique’s husband – despite there are little children in each household?  

It was Rinder’s decision to refer to DM as Hitler and Rinder has the guts to blame this on Ron’s writing about anti-social personalities. Preposterous! He attempts to smear Ron and says later that he didn’t renounce all concepts contained in Scientology.  Rinder twists everything as he wants and needs it.

First he infiltrated Scientology to lay rotten eggs and than he is trashing it.  

Also, do you really believe that Monique’s husband and Mike Rinder didn’t speak for periods as long as four months? Not even at the phone or in mail or at Skype? Hard to believe. Either not a good friendship or lies. Well, maybe their secret case officers does the coordination. 

Rinder avoids clear yes and no whenever he has something to hide, e.g. being involved in drafting the “arbitration clause” of which he claims that it would be fraud. I think that it was drafted by lawyers while you were still in the orgs. But I know how honest you are, Marty, you would have never agreed and supported anything to defraud anyone. You even told detectives to never do anything illegal. What you did was working with attorneys to work out a process in which differences can be resolved in a civilized manner.

Rinder squirms to avoids a clear answer and replies with: “I suspect” instead of “yes” or “no”. He seems that he and others changed that arbitration clause later after they left you behind, Marty, something that real Scientologists never would do (Code of Honor).  He thinks all people are stupid and buy his baloney, and nobody can look through him. If you worked on it (not your impostor), Rinder is accusing you indirectly of having done wrong with that process. Before we could sue him, I bet he would return to Australia immediately and hide there.  

A non-Scientologist and dupe as Mike Rinder became the L. Ron Hubbard Personal Public Relations Officer International. Outrageous!  Of course he kept it a secret that also the founder was replaced by secret service agent “Jack Vistaril.”

The analysis of the keywords by the court reporter at the end of the document is interesting. Link:

I love you, Marty. Always remember this. 🙂

Yours forever,











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  1. I enjoyed your post very much Barbara. Thanks for saying some things that I would have liked to have said!



    February 10, 2015 at 1:43 pm

    • Rinder milking others for $175 an hour. Rinder know what to do with cows.

      Jimini Cricket

      February 10, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    • You always still can say what you want to say where you want to say it, Harol.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 10, 2015 at 5:27 pm

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