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Another Valentine’s Day without you, Marty

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Dearest Marty, love of my life,

I ask myself so often how you are and what your exact whereabouts are… wishing that I could do something effective for you, something that really helps you. 

People who separate and conspire against us take being together with their spouses for granted. What foul characters and appalling hypocrites they are not granting the same rights to us. And they are stupid because the Overt Motivator Sequence will follow. How can they be truly happy and in high spirits by knowing that they do horrible things to people who do not deserve this treatment? Nobody can be truly happy who participates in denying other people’s rights. By suppressing others, they are just making themselves depressed. Instead of coming clean and becoming better people who are naturally happier, they take antidepressants with all these side-effects and are harming their own health. Full circle of idiocy.     

Marty, looking back on my life, I gotta say that you were always with me in spirit. Even without the memory of each other that Germany and their psychs stole from us, you were never gone. There was no memory anymore of your identity but still A FEELING OF MEMORY TO YOU that accompanied me. Everything beautiful in life had your touch. Everything beautiful reminded me of you. My memory to you (and also to Ron and Scientology) was completely erased but not the beautiful spiritual melody of our love. When I saw you again, Marty, I look at you, and there was suddenly this deep and familiar feeling of happiness that makes me feel fly. Never had this feeling with anyone but you. Out of the blue, I heard this spiritual melody of our love again. No, it is not a recorded song, it is how I feel when I am near you, and despite many love songs are quite beautiful, none is as wonderful as the songs of our love.

Here is a song that describes some of my memories to you. All kinds of everything reminds me of you, Marty. 

Anyone can say “I love you” but only a few wait for their love – even if it takes a lifetime – and prove that their “I love you” is indeed true. And I am glad that I did, Marty. I have the same loyal mind that you have too, something rare and something we can be very proud of. Not even in mind, I am betraying you. I am thinking that I am so lucky to have you to love and that I wasn’t so stupid to waste my love away for someone undeserving.  

Anything is more beautiful with you in it, Marty, and this includes memories. Life and any situation feels so much better with the thought of you and the hope of seeing you again. This alone is one of the miracles that you created in me. A pretty scenery is a pretty scenery, but when I imagine that you and me are together in this scenery, it is not just pretty, it becomes completely exciting and thrilling, everything is better, looks better, has better colors, smells and feels better, blue is no longer just blue, it is BLUE!, red is no longer just red, it is RED!, green is no longer just green, it is GREEN! and gray skies, rain, cold and snow become cozy instead of depressing. And it is all because of you. You, your personality makes it happen. You elevate average things to higher levels.  

And I don’t know anyone but you who just has to look at a woman and gets her heart forever. These are not just words. Look at how many years I love you. Your “secret” is your high spirituality, awareness, ethical character, honesty, and your courage. How did I feel around you? Like around nobody else! You are so completely unique and so wonderful, Marty, that the idea of “moving on with somebody else” is like slamming the door on my paradise. Can you imagine how I felt when we were driven apart and Germany took my passport away and stopped you from coming to me? The still existing Nazi beast was stomping on our love that was really made in heaven.

Your personality radiates all those characteristics that I honor. No, you don’t have to be perfect, but by being you, you are perfect to me. It is you for me or none, and actually, all people who do not have a love as we do, are missing out on the best award in life: a true soulmate. 

Everything a thetan did in this and former lifetimes is bundled up inside of it. I met people and their vibes made my blood freeze. I don’t mean physical looks, they don’t matter and change, but I mean the vibes that surround these people do really matter. Even when they said what great and well-meaning people they are, I felt their flows that say otherwise. Despite they thought that they are the cat’s meow, I was able to feel their personalities as being revolting. They are people I don’t want in my life. What bad people don’t know is that their rotten activities are PERCEPTIBLE to you and me and anyone with advanced abilities. SEGNPMSS tells some people to wear sunglasses when they talk to me as they are afraid that I can read their agents. But I read so much more than just the eyes. I could be blind to read them, I still would figure them quickly, and I know you can too, Marty. The tonescale and our perceptions really works. 

Kinda funny that Germany and their p$ychs thought that I would fall for impostors, considering these abilities of mine. They read our thoughts with modern technologies but they don’t know us and our abilities at all. They could have predicted that neither you nor I would ever let each other down. But as they have so very different characters from ours, they don’t understand our language of love and loyalty.   

Your personality made me feel excited but also very calm and always deeply happy, Marty. Already back then in LA, I could tell that all timetrack back as well as in this lifetime, you gave the world and everyone you met always your best. And this is very very extraordinary. You wanted to stay ethical, courageous, honest, and honorable because it is the best way of life. You are still the very target of organized evilness, Marty, but you are also the winner of my loyal heart and nothing can change this. I want you to be free and very happy, Marty, because of all people, YOU TRULY DESERVE IT.  Although we are soulmates, you are an original and one of a kind. In short: you are unforgettably and non replaceable.             

Tender and passionate Valentine kisses for you, my love. I am so very glad that you exist. 

Forever YOURS,





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