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President Obama wants Congress to authorize US war on Islamic State, but not on Germany who runs these Middle Easteners through ear implants!

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U.S. President Barack Obama speaks during a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel following their meeting at the White House in Washington


Dearest Marty, my sweetheart,

An American President with the German flag behind him makes my stomach turn. ISIL/ISIS are German secret service front “governments”/organisations. I think that Angela Merkel knows it. NSA should publish the contents of her phone calls so that people can see what she is really up to. I bet the farm that these records show that she takes orders and allows her secret service case officers to run her.

Below article is about a German mastermind terrorist recruiting people for Jihad and ISIS:

As of  November 2014, 550 Germans joined Jihad. This was he “official count”, I bet there are lots more and Germany controls them  as they control people’s ear-implants on the planet. What they say goes or not.  

What is the big difference between President Obama and President George Bush and many other presidents?  They all start wars or are trying to start new wars. People are killed, and the resources of the USA are being wasted. The USA is involved in numerous ongoing wars and President Obama wants the USA involved in the war in the Ukraine and against ISIL/ISIS. I am not saying that the USA should not help any innocent people against oppression,  but the first step is to find the organized crime behind that and prosecute them otherwise there will be never peace on Earth. And President Obama, just like any other incompetent president after Ike, turned out to be a German puppet.     

Germany wants to become the richest and powerful government on the planet by using the USA against Germany’s secret other systems: communism and “religious” extremism. They want the USA occupied with those while Germany races to the top and takes this planet officially over.

Obama wants a three year war in the Middle East and as another possibility, the USA also involved in a war Nazis against Nazis in the Ukraine and helping  power-hungry Germany to annex more countries! Germany has this attitude: “Let the USA bomb the Middle Easteners who we have put up to their terrorism. It won’t hurt us superior Germans, it just hurts the USA and those dupes in Middle East.”    

Germany is behind these corrupt governments, and Germany talks Obama and the USA going into another war. Those Middle Easterners have to know how Germany is using them and that Germany doesn’t mind the USA bombing them to pieces as the beloved German Vaterland will be spared.

The people in the Middle East have to know that they are food for the cannons in a German secret service strategy to make the USA run out of money and resources and to blame it on the atrocities that come with war. Once the Middle East knows it, its people will think twice before they allow Germany to use them again. They also have to know that German runs international psychiatrists and conditions the minds of people to become remote-controlled killer machines.

President Obama is not a true American. He knows that Germany is no friend of the USA. He knows that he didn’t get the real Bin Laden. He probably also knows that it was Germany who helped the real monster get away just as Hitler got away. 

As a sum: Obama is Germany’s tool. The USA has no true representation and defense. Congress also has Germany written all over it.

You and me, we are truly American, Marty, but we are constricted to help. It is a typical German set up.

I love you. My lips touching yours.

Yours forever,






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