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Another genocide, the one in the former Yugoslavia: Germany ran all fighting sides against each other through ear-implants – and then they pick up the pieces and attach them to Grossdeutschland…

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Dearest Marty, my heartthrob,

How are you? Thinking of you is easy – no day goes by when I don’t.

You remember the news about the horrible genocide in Yugoslavia and “ethical cleaning”.

I visited Yugoslavia at least twice in this lifetime, Marty. At both time, it was multicultural but peaceful. It was not really run down like communist countries, and people were allowed to own businesses. Romania was more suppressed by communism than Yugoslavia. Booze, crackers and some handiwork is all you could buy in Romania’s grocery stores in the 80s. I was there too, I saw it. Yugoslavia – despite communistic – had it better than Romania. I swam in these waters (Dubrovnik in Yugoslavia) and next to the habour, where these three big archways are, there was a big cafe, filled with all kinds of multicultural people taking and drinking tea, coffee or lemonade. Really strange that a place that had figured out to get along suddenly forgot all about that and became so bloody. 



So, I wonder when these kind of hostilities exactly started in Yugolslavia.

German secret services always play people against each other to get what they want. Germany wanted Yugoslavia annexed to Großdeutschland, so its secret services formed the terror group Ustaše (Croatian Revolutionary Movement) and upon German Nazi orders, they killed King Alexander I of Yugoslavia in 1934. They knew that his son was too young to take over and that stupid cousin Paul would become King Alexander’s successor. Paul was impressed by the Nazis and became an easy tool  for Germany.

Orthodox Serbs were forced to give up their religion and become Catholic. The Catholic Church is the “religion” of most Bavarians, the “religion” of pedophiles and children abusers. 

The Nazis didn’t die out, and neither did their Ustaše agents. There are still old Nazis and Neo-Nazis and there are still old Ustaše and New Ustaše. 

If just half of this article is true, the Ustaše were monsters and a great tool for Germany’s Nazis:

The official summary of this war is this: In 1992, the government of the Yugoslav Republic Bosnia-Herzegovina declared its independence from Yugoslavia. With the backing of the Serb-dominated Yugoslav army, the Bosnian Serbs targeted Bosniak (Bosnian Muslims) and Croatian civilians and that resulted in the deaths of some 100,000 people (80 percent Bosniak) by 1995. It became the worst act of genocide since the Nazi regime’s destruction of more than 6 million European Jews during World War II.

What did really happen? Just like they operated the Nazi helpers Ustaše, Germany also runs all other ethnic groups in this region against each other. They think it is great entertainment when others are killing each other. They stay anonymous and in the background. Their skin is safe. 

Germany installs ear-implants into international children and turns them to their robots for the rests of their lousy lives. When the war in Yugoslavia started, Germany  knew already that it will lead Europe (and the rest of the world a bit later) and power-hungry and greedy as they are, they want to annex more countries for more riches. Germany hides behind other nations and let them fight each other while Germany later collects what it can use. Germany tries to take over the world EITHER with communism or nationalism/capitalism. Capitalism won at the moment. They try to annex the entire world to Germany/Europe and/or make Germany so rich that it can overpower all others.

I walked over that bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and all was peaceful. The bridge was completely destroyed just a few years later.  In a snap, any can change to the worse, as Germany brings out the worst in any nationals.



Germany was the secret force that split the union of the many cultures in Yugoslavia apart and turned them against each other. They helped Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic to power, and I bet the farm that German secret services radioed directly into his ear implants to do exactly what Germany wanted. And before one agent can turn on them, they have him medically or otherwise murdered. It sure “pays” to be one of Germany’s agent idiots.

Germany failed to swallow and annex the former Yugoslavia as one country and so they broke the country into pieces by having the various ethnic groups fighting each other. People sooner than later rebel against ruthless leaders, and a few years later, Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia declared their independence.

Here is Slobodan Milosevic’s father with Hitler mustache.



“Greater Serbia” basically meant “Greater Germany”, and “Ethnic Cleansing” is closely related to Genocide.  The German-controlled United Nations (U.N.) refused to intervene in the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia. Bosnia later sued Serbia and the International Court of Justice but all concerned ethnic groups failed to prosecute Germany behind the atrocities. As Germany runs all sides and brings out the worst in all the people, there were horrible crimes committed on all sides. It all started with Germany’s hunger for world ruling power and annexing countries. Just as it started now also in the Ukraine. Germany still takes what it wants. 


Here is Radovan Karadžić, a psychiatrist, Germany’s highly valued “profession” that evolved from butchers and barbers. He helped criminals who tried to avoid punishment by pleading insanity, and likely also committed people who were not insane. He was found being guilty of having ordered mass murder. He was hiding for 12 years, and I bet it was Germany who helped him hiding. There are reports that the Austrian police didn’t arrest him when he was in Austria under a false ID. Maybe he tried to go to Germany to be near his masters, but Germany didn’t want him to be found in Germany or being accused on harboring him despite running him. Lately, he accuses Germany too on withholding of records but it all seems an act to me.


Here is one example, not related to Karadžić but DM, Mike Rinder, and your impostor Monique’s husband are still conspiring with each other on subjects. They attack each other wildly but still agree to be mum as to that Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists and that founder Ron was and you are impostored.                                

I believe that Radovan Karadžić’s case officer wants him to accuse Germany on something so that people think Germany had nothing to do with the Serbian genocide. I am sure that they promised him something as an award but it is unlikely that he gets it. Once agents are no longer useful for Germany, they usually are getting rid of them one way or the other.

There is also a Slovenian Band that took 1980 the German name Laibach. They also sing in German. Apparently, the idea behind these idiots is to make “music” to attract young people to join Nazi movements. IQs not higher than those of cockroaches. They have SEGNPMSS written all over them.

Anyway, I am sure that Germany is the “architect” of this genocide and the atrocities committed by all sides in the former Yugoslavia. 

Marty, I love you. Many tender and passionate kisses.


Yours always,










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