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Germany depositing gold in the USA was just a German alibi. They are not just behind the Nazis but also behind communism, and they don’t want the world to figure this…

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Nazi gold


Germany runs American officials through ear implants. It is easy for them to manipulate these German-run puppets to maneuver the USA into debts and for Germany to take the world and the USA over and become world power no. 1, if not the only world power. This is their ultimate goal once the USA is financially, economically, reputation-wise and otherwise ruined and defeated. 

Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince and hero,

Of course I know how to earn enough to money survive, but most if the time, money is not on my mind. However, Germany wanting gold from the USA somehow got my attention. Gold reserves of the Reichsbank that the Nazis stole from the Jews are also still missing. Numerous people in the Alpine region of Bavaria and Austria suddenly got rich after the collapse of the Third Reich. How did that happen?

Spain welcomed Nazis after the war. Many left Germany and Austria to live in Madrid where they remained openly Nazis. No wonder they targeted you, Marty, even decades later. They still work for the Germans. It is possible that Spain hides also Jewish Gold for the Germans.  

Switzerland is another German poodle. It is Germany’s secret wallet. Allegedly, they don’t own or control it, but fact is that Switzerland took incredible amounts of wealth from Jews by “allowing them to deposit it in Switzerland” but didn’t allow most to enter Switzerland when they tried to avoid Germany’s concentration camps. The Nazis figured that it is better that when Jews bank in Switzerland and not in the USA. Among all the wedding bands and other gold for Jewelry, the Nazis cranked out the gold in teeth of Jews (without numbing of course). After the war, an analysis was made of the gold that Switzerland held. It had a very high amount of mercury. In other words, that’s the gold that Jews had in their teeth. Switzerland banked this gold without bad conscience. Stolen Jewish paintings in a value of 1 Billion Euro were recently found in a Munich apartment. After Germany realized that it can’t keep it as the world was watching, they “donated” it to old Nazi buddy Switzerland. Germany under the cover of the EU has plans to take over Switzerland officially over too.

The official “explanation” for Germany depositing gold in the USA is that West Germany “was afraid” of communism and the Soviet Union marching into West Germany. Germany is pulling again legs. How can one be afraid of those who they control in very detail and who do all that Germany secretly ordered?   

I remember that we (you, me, Ron) were kidnapped to Moscow in middle of the Cold War. I remember walking with YOU, Marty, over the RED Square in THIS LIFETIME! I am 100% sure that I don’t err. Still exiting German Nazis and their secret service psychiatrists are obsessed with kidnapping us and removing our memories. They talked the Soviet Union into taking and keeping us. However, in Moscow, it didn’t take very long until we figured who we are. And before we could raise hell, we “left” the Soviet Union on the same German psychiatric spooky way that we entered it: ambushed and unconscious.   

Besides from stealing our liberty and stopping Scientology behind the iron curtain, it likely was an attempt by Germany (and on top of it Bavaria, Germany’s secret capital and the state that gave power to Hitler) to engage the USA and the Soviets in a war that was no longer cold. This is so German.  

The Soviet Union and other communistic states like East Germany did exactly what secret German capital Munich ordered, which means that Germany really didn’t fear communism at any time in history. Borders never applied to Germany and its secret services. Communism is the other rotten German invention.

Officially, Germany deposited gold in the USA, London, and France to create the illusion that they fear communism and the gold would be safer in these counties. But this fear was a lie. So, there was zero danger that the Soviet Union would ever invade West Germany and take their gold. Germany invading Russia is rather a looming danger. In other words: they just deposited their gold (if it is really theirs and not Nazi gold) in other countries to make them think that Germany is not also behind communism, and fools believed them. As Germany runs everything and just about anybody, they can get the gold one way or the other.

Splitting Germany, East and West into two pieces was also just a strategic plan for Germany. After the Third Reich, Germany’s secret Nazi rulers weren’t sure if they should allow capitalism or communism win. But in any case and any system, Germany always puts Germany on top of any system.  No doubt, the still existing Nazi plan is for Germany becoming the official world power no. 1 – and at the end to be the only world power  – so, naturally, they needed a capitalistic and a communistic Germany to be prepared for both possibilities. The top German p$ychs behind the Nazis were not sure which system would control people better, communism or capitalism. Communism forces people, keeps them poor, forbids individualism and denies freedoms, so naturally, most German psychs, the secret German rulers, preferred communism. However, people who feel that they have no freedom are always having in mind to overthrow the government. If they can make people believe that they have freedoms (even when they in fact have none, are psychiatric mind controlled with silent and loud sounds and all hang on still existing Nazi strings) and keep them busy, capitalism works alright too for the still existing Nazis to control the world. Besides, capitalistic countries produce more riches, so they decided one day by the end of the 80s to get rid of communism by tearing down their own wall in Berlin over which German secret services had full control ALL THE TIME. The Soviets and East Germany did exactly as the West Germany, Munich and Bonn and now again Berlin ordered. 

Wikipedia isn’t my bible, Marty, but in lieu of more reliable references, I am citing them in hope that the data are correct.  

Wikipedia: German planned to ship home 300 tonnes of gold from the US and 374 tonnes from France by 2020, in order to have half (1695.3 tonnes) of Germans official gold reserves stored in Frankfurt.

My question is: what kind of gold is that? How much of that gold is still gold that belonged to Jews that they murdered? How much of that gold was illegally obtained by Germany by using ear-implants of international agents to Germany’s advantage and to keep other countries down?

(Quite interesting is that Germany also wants gold from France, which is in my opinion their most loyal sidekick. When it comes down to who grabs the power, Germany will stab also France in the back. Germany above everything was and still is their motto.)  

Wikipedia: The German central bank (Bundesbank or BuBa) has been trying to repatriate 300 tonnes from New York since 2012 – but officially got back a mere 5 tonnes in 2013. The plan halted as German politicians decided their gold “is safe in American hands”. Germany has 45 per cent of the country’s 3,391 tons of gold bars stashed in the strongroom deep beneath the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in Manhattan.

Anyone who trust Germany is either stupid out of his/her mind, Marty. Leaving German gold (if it is really Germany’s and not Jewish tooth fillings and other Jewish gold from the German Nazi Reichbank) in the USA has an ulterior motive, likely to give Germany more influence in the USA and to buy the USA – or – after German secret services used the ear implants of US officials and representatives to make debts and more debts to demand the gold at once back when the USA is officially ruined.          

Wikipedia: West Germany earned this gold through trade surpluses in the 1950s and 1960s and never moved it out of the United States to ensure that it did not lose the lot in the event West Germany was invaded by the Soviet Union.

Yeah right, they are pulling legs. They completely controlled the Soviet Union. Germany  made their “trade surplus” by whispering through ear-implants of other nations to buy German and not American or from other countries. That is how “fair” they made that gold and other cash. 

Wikipedia: The 300 tons of gold that Germany is bringing home from a New York strongroom is being transported little by little and will take until 2020 to complete.

Marty, we have so many legal claims against Germany, no gold in the world would make good what they did and do to us. 

Our love story reveals Germany’s darkest secrets.   

I adore you, Marty. You are an incredible thetan and the best soulmate one can have.

Yours always,







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