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Psych Walter C. Langer got it wrong on Hitler – but what do they get right anyhow?

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Dearest Marty, my amazing husband and Prince,

I learned that psycho”analyst” Walter Charles Langer was hired by to write a secret wartime report on the mind of Adolf Hitler.  He was hired by Office of Strategic Services (OSS) to psychoanalytical profile of Hitler, and I believe that Langer did his Hitler “study” not alone but together with other Harvard psychiatrists.

Langer and the other psychiatrists call Hitler and other Nazis evil “geniuses”. Really, there was nothing genius about Hitler or any Nazi as the Nazis did (and people still do) what their secret case officers order through their ear implants. They are robots and the men behind them are even bigger cowards. There is no word in this profile that Hitler was psychiatric conditioned by German/Bavarian psychiatrists for his role as Führer.

During and/or after WWI, Adolf Hitler was in psychiatric treatment, and that I bet the farm that German psychiatrists implanted, e-shocked, drugged, and hypnotized him to become the Führer. They picked an Austrian that they don’t have to fight the Austrians but just to annex Austria, and in case the psychiatric experiment Hitler and Nazis failed, the Germans would blame it on Austria or on one Jewish ancestor that Hitler allegedly had.

I most certainly do not excuse Hitler and any other implanted, e-shocked, drugged, and hypnotized Nazi or other psychiatric-conditioned criminal on anything they did. Even in a psychiatric altered condition, any person still knows basically what is not right. However, psychiatry makes the world worse by bringing the worst out of people. 

As a historian once said: The Nazis didn’t need the psychiatrists but the psychiatrists needed the Nazis for the horrible experiments they made on people and for the Reich that they planned in which nobody has a right except those psychiatrists who invented the ear-implant system and run people through it. If they feel like a new Holocaust or genocide, they just invent another race, religion or group to be hated and transmit this hatred and jealousy through the ears of a world that is under the spell of ear implants. There is a song that says that jealousy is the devil’s disease.   

Adolf Hitler’s  psychiatric file was mysteriously missing. Of course it was. Psychiatrists don’t want to be caught having created this monster.

So, what about the American psychs, was their “profile” of Hitler  worth the paper it was printed on? I don’t think so. 

If you or me would be abused (and I sure was) that doesn’t turn us into monsters. Actually, Marty, I turned out completely different than my abusers intended. Since I remember, I swore to myself never becoming like an abuser. A good thetan who is abused does everything to stop the abuse but does NOT become an abuser.  How can a person who was abused even become an abuser? How come they were not completely grossed out by what was done to them? The answer sure lies in the tonescale. Those at the bottom probably become like their abusers and those on top do all in their powers not to become like the abusers. 

Langer and his psych colleagues concluded that Hitler would commit suicide. Which was completely wrong. He did not kill himself but got away. And that wrong “psychiatric conclusion” played directly into the hands of Hitler’s secret p$ych case officers, the guys who ran him through his ear implants. Nobody should come looking for him. Nobody should come looking for Bin Laden or other monsters either. What a conspiratorial world it is.  

Fritz Redlich is another psychiatrist who wrote another “profile” on Hitler. He didn’t publish either that Hitler was psychiatric conditioned and that psychiatrists ran him through ear-implants.

Psychiatric mind-control of people in a region with people lower and more brutal than anyone else on Earth (Bavaria) is the explanation of how the Holocaust happened.

Munich has a slogan of being a world city with heart. It is a complete lie. They say that they live and let live. Another complete lie. They want to live and suppress anyone else. Hitler had to add more anti-Semitism to his speeches to be an acceptable Führer for Bavaria. He gave the Bavarians what they wanted and German/Bavarian p$ychs radioed this hatred through his ear-implants. At the same time, the same people transmitted in the ear-implants of the Jews NOT to fight back as they will be safe or whatever. THAT is the only reason why Germany succeeded in gassing millions of people.

These Jews that they gassed were in the majority German Jews. They fought along the sides of then Germans in WWI. And suddenly, some psychiatrists are getting jealous of their success and radio through the ear implants of hate mongers as themselves to eradicate an entire people. And it still happens in other countries. Whoever has the control over their ear-implants runs this planet. The entire plant is a destructive CULT. And isn’t it an irony, Marty, that we original Scientologists are accused of being cultists despite we want individualism and this robotic ear-implant system to end? That is typically Bavaria and typically P$ychs. Accusing others of what is wrong with THEM.

He kissed, Marty, a million times, I love you very much.

Always yours,







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