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Real OT abilities are priceless

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince and husband, how are you?

I often worry about you, because I know that you are innocent in a bad place where you do not belong.

There was still no mail, message, phone call, letter, subpoena, etc. for me from you or on your behalf, Marty.

However, there is this connection between us OTs and soulmates that lets me feel so clearly that you are trying to reach me but that people constantly lie not knowing me. I feel that you have quite an archive of documents on lying people and how huge this conspiracy is that is raging against us. You know how Germany is. They added the entire mankind to their ear-implant system with which everyone loses sooner than later. They HAVE to control everyone, and that is why people lie to you not knowing me despite that my real identity is constantly on their simple minds.      

I am so glad that we are original Scientologists as original Scientology increases spiritual abilities, e.g. the ability to observe and intuition. I could NOT live without my spiritual abilities, Marty. Feeling dishonesty but also honesty, knowing intentions and plans, differentiating between truth and lies, knowing the past, present, and the future, and getting it right… and so much more.

Below areat song, but we don’t cheat like the “makers of rules”.  The makers of rules actually CAN’T read minds by looking at people. They have to implant people with little implants and attach them to a supercomputer to read their minds. Looking at people and knowing what they are up to is one of our abilities. That is why they infiltrated and altered Scientology that others don’t get there too.    

When I discovered my spiritual abilities to KNOW, Marty, I was asking myself if I am maybe just smart and if this is how I find things out. But being smart is simply not enough. There is much more to it. Just being smart doesn’t explain that I KNOW things even when I wasn’t there in physical form. And I know that Ron and you had/have these abilities too, Marty. Our spiritual world is very exciting and full with miracles. It must be a very boring life to be without advanced human abilities. I am so thankful being so spiritual. It is priceless, and in a world as bad as this, it is essential for survival.

Psychiatrists, neuro”scientists” and their assistant conspirators don’t have these abilities. They don’t think that these abilities exist. On the other side, they wonder why they are not successful in destroying our love: “Why the hell aren’t these two alienated? Why didn’t she fall for the Ron or Marty impostor?”

I don’t like the word “psychic”, but being OT sure applies to you and me. People who attack original Scientology and the way for others to become OT too, or people who claim there are no OTs are having my pity.  And with becoming OT, I don’t mean paying excessive amounts for altered OT levels to make Germany richer (Sea Org reserves are in Europe with Germany leading it). They miss out on obtaining their own active and useful spiritual abilities. Despite they contribute to this massive conspiracy against our rights, we are light years ahead of them. We know how matters will develop and that each one of our conspirators will step into the trap of fellow conspirator. Gee, being a member of this conspiracy is sure “worth” it. What a bad trade. 

Below great song, but we don’t hypnotize.

Actually, Marty, RB who had clearly a medical and psych-timetrack was implanted to hate Scientology and to follow me around like a German shepherd. She wanted to be “psychic”. She often said to me: “Oh, I felt that you were in great danger and I had to prevent it!” – But Marty, she got it WRONG most of the time. When my life was hanging on a thread (and she contributed or caused the situation) she felt NOTHING. When my life was better and she should have left me alone, she felt “great danger” and disturbed this life. She also always suspected the wrong targets. Sigh. Being OT doesn’t happen with a snap of the fingers.

We can raise above many silent sounds even when the Nazi doctors play them to our subconscious minds. Non-OTs  can’t raise above anything. They fall for all those sounds and think that this lack of abilities is “natural”.   

Also, people who do not have a really good character have not really a chance to become OT. Their bad actions make them blind. They know basically how wrong they did, they have a bad conscience, so they prevent looking where they committed the crimes. They try to forget their own overts, which results in blinder people. They are harming themselves. They step right into the traps that other bad people put up for them. They lost the awareness to see that people who are as bad as they are themselves won’t spare them either. They think that members of their own conspiracy won’t conspire against them. Can you imagine being spiritually that handicapped? 

What really counts, Marty, we have it: true love and advanced spiritual abilities.

Feel my tender spiritual touch caressing your handsome face, Marty, and my lips on yours.

Your soulmate,




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