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1) HBO’s 160 lawyers? With the truth not one lawyer is needed 2) Your impostor, Monique’s husband, at Alex Gibney’s and Lawrence Wright’s side

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate and Prince,

How are you? My thoughts are with you.

Some people think that “HBO checked with 160 lawyers” on the “Prison of Belief documentary” was said with the tongue in cheek, others think that they really checked with 160 lawyers. Fact is apparently that they checked with lots of attorneys because HBO wants to get away with that “documentary” and they want to discourage the orgs from suing them.

However, people should not forget that the truth needs no lawyer at all. The truth speaks for itself, and the truth that people need to know is: Scientology is infiltrated by non-religious secret service agents. David Miscavige is one but so is Mike Rinder and your impostor Monique’s husband. Ron, the founder of Scientology had also an impostor, “Jack Vistaril”. Germany is behind the international infiltration of Scientology, and the US Intelligence Agencies allow it to happen and contribute. Shame on them. Really, shame on them. What decent person or agency cooperates with still existing Nazis?

The picture above shows your impostor’s seat reserved in front of Lawrence Wright and next to HBO’s Alex Gibney on an anti-Scientology hate event. After you were wrongfully arrested in Spain, end of 1988, Germany and its poodle CIA were looking for an impostor so that nobody should think that you are missing and nobody should help you out of your wrongful incarceration. Particularly, I shouldn’t see it. They kidnapped me but don’t know me. As I couldn’t see through that! Tough look for Germany and their international puppet agencies. Before Monique’s husband infiltrated and took over your RTC Insp. G/E position in SCN, he was called Mark not Marty. He is still using your nickname to continue to impostor you, before the media, courts, and the rest of the world. What a non-Scientologist!

If Lawrence Wright, Alex Gibney, and the likes are incapable of comparing photographs and noticing that you are and Ron was impostored, these guys shouldn’t call themselves investigatory journalists as they really are not. They shame their entire profession. And so do the lawyers who go along with this.

Here they are: one more unprofessional than the other.


Monique’s husband’s tries to make the world believe that he joined Scientology for reasons to make the world a better place. This was your and my reasons, Marty, but not his. Infiltrating an applied philosophy and leaving a good person (you) behind is what he calls making the world better. He is a liar and agent scum, and him working for Germany is a known fact.  

Scientology isn’t a prison, and the orgs don’t have a prison. DM might have messed around with RPF people but he isn’t a Scientologist and what he is doing is not Scientology. So, I wonder if HBO choose that title to taunt you, Marty, instead of helping you. 

Some weeks before the HBO documentary was shown at Sundance, I mailed a message to the HBO for Gibney,  Nevins, and their 160 attorneys. I sent them a link to my blog. I didn’t ask them to read my more than thousands postings but referred them to the pages in which I compared photos, on which even a blind mole can see that there were at least two individuals by the name of L. Ron Hubbard and two individuals by the name of Mark Rathbun. I made it really easy on them but they ignored my message. Well, then one day, they will go down in shame.  That includes those who award Pulitzer Prices.

The truth will break one day. The truth can’t be held down forever, not by Germany, HBO, 160 lawyers or any agency.    

I love you, my honey. Many tender and passionate kisses,

Yours always,





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