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That HBO Documentary on Scientology makes people DUMBER!

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Thanks to the broad campaign for the HBO “documentary” and the details published, I don’t need to watch this crap.

Scientology-hating, obsessed people who have seen it revealed it contains following data:

1) Stuff about Sara Northrup… As she was the wife of the impostor, secret service agent “Jack Vistaril” and not of Ron, the founder of Scientology, who was no agent, that stuff doesn’t impress me nor any other real Scientologist.

2) Stuff on “Jack Vistaril” and the occult… Who gives a rat-tail, as it wasn’t Ron, the founder of Scientology, who befriended that louse Parson but his German/CIA controlled impostor, the Apollo guy “Jack Vistaril”. 

3) Dianetics, Book I… It is not the original that the founder wrote. Ron wasn’t impressed by medical doctors. The dedication of the book to a medical doctor should raise eyebrows of any Scientologist. Medical doctors failed to protect mankind of diseases and aging. They are also clueless about engrams. They make cash with sick and aging people. So, under no circumstances would Ron dedicate a book to the medical profession or a member of it. 

4) Tom Cruise and David Miscavige… TC earns so much money, that he needs no cash or gifts from anyone. I am pretty sure that he never wanted any gifts from SO members. However, I agree that DM is no Scientologist. What Scientologist would agree to have the founder of Scientology impostored and a fellow Scientologist (you) left behind and replaced by another impostor (Monique’s husband)? None. It is an outrageous violation of all the ethical codes of a Scientologist.

5) Abortion and child labor… This is so German and non-Scientology. Actually, what still is left in Dianetics, Book I, is the real Ron’s data NOT TO ABORT. There are still many references in The Modern Science of Mental Health left, that say clearly DO NOT ABORT! Whoever aborts is NOT a Scientologist. Same goes for child labor. Secret service agents (male and female) infiltrated the Scientology orgs and are messing around, and Scientology is getting the blame. Typical SEGNPMS.  The real Ron said: “When children become unimportant to a society, that society has forfeited its future.” Child abuse and labor is out of character for the real Ron and real Scientologists. Scientology critics should finally blame the secret services, and most of all Germany and its international psychiatrists behind what they radioed the impostor and the infiltrators to do or to lie about.

6) Disconnection. I spent many years on staff and nobody disconnected. We handled and solved our problems. Running away from them doesn’t solve anything. Family is very important. The real founder Ron was a very family man himself. If the truth about Scientology is known, it takes the Scientology haters the wind right out of the sails, and there is not much anymore that these haters can use to torture Scientologists. However, on the other side of the coin, non-Scientologists choose who they want to be in contact with and Scientologists must have the same right.

7) The FBI investigation. The FBI, the CIA, and other agencies do what Germany orders. Germany has the overall control over each ear implant. All have one common low-interest: not to reveal that Scientology is infiltrated by secret service agents who have the order to alter or destroy Scientology so that the psychiatric and medical profession doesn’t feel threatened by people (Scientologists) who want to live without their lousy, chemical, and dangerous “services”. The FBI and the CIA are German-controlled. They investigate, raid or prosecute only if it doesn’t endanger the secret German plan of altering and destroying Scientology from the inside and outside. 

As far as being a cult, original Scientology was none as you and I know, Marty. Ron said: “Let me clarify this very definitely. This is not an authoritarian organization.”

As a sum: that HBO “documentary” and Larry Wrights book is GARBAGE. It will never appeal to ANY real Scientologist because it is not about the truth. The people who leave Scientologist based on these data were no Scientologists to begin.  

I love you, my awesome Prince. Be kissed. Thinking of you makes my days much better.

Always and forever yours,





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  1. I feel very sorry for Mike Rinder and his new family, he’s up all night wallowing in his

    depression and hate, suffering with his OCD, wasting his time dreaming up words to write to

    an audience of 10 -15 haters – for mere “pennies”. He should spend his time with his new

    wife and child, look after them!!!! – never mind saving souls from scientology.

    I drove from Orange County to Los Angeles to see the documentary for myself and was pissed.

    I actually believed that after 30 years of being a member, along with his claim of being

    a Commander (or some such self appointed title) of Scientology’s Secret Service and then Rathbun’s claim

    of being the Inspector General of Ethics that those 2 guys, especially, would have some proof

    positive of “dirt, corruption, or child molestation evidence” to put in this “documentary”.

    All that I saw was 8-9 pitiful, disturbed so called “ex-members” putting forth unproven

    allegations, and throwing Cruise’s and Travolta’s name around as bait to sell the documentary.

    A very sad money grabbing effort for all.


    March 14, 2015 at 8:01 am

    • From the trailer and the reports that I have heard about this “documentary”, it is not the true story of Scientology. Idiots will fall for “the documentary”, smart people will not.

      However, I worry a bit. This hatred against Scientology could escalate.

      I do not believe that Mike Rinder or Monique’s husband are mentally ill. They are extremely unethical. They are agents and no Scientologists. And unethical people are often depressed because of the bad conscience.

      The Garcia case was just lost in court. Rinder and Monique’s husband are not very good consultants, apparently. Rinder charges a lot per hour, and what did it get the Garcias? Wonder if any one will be so stupid and hire these guys again as consultants in law suit.

      Nobody needs to be saved from original Scientology. Original Scientology is cool.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 14, 2015 at 4:55 pm

  2. What kind of prison is the RPF?


    March 15, 2015 at 3:00 am

    • The Rehabilitation Project Force is no prison. When I was on staff, people could leave it at any time. Say the word and route out. As simple as that. It doesn’t make any sense keeping people against their will as all you create is your own enemies.

      The org that I run had no RPF, no decks either, no abortions, and not one disconnection case.

      However, I was also in the Sea Org in Copenhagen and Los Angeles. They had a RPF but people could leave there too at ANY TIME.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 15, 2015 at 4:28 am

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