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TimesTalk had not one Scientologist in their “discussion round” on March 2 on Scientology, how “impartial” is that?

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Dearest Marty, my incredible soulmate, how are you?

I just wasted 1 and 1/2 hour of my life watching and listening to the New York Times, TimesTalk, the moderator, Lawrence Wright, Alex Gibney, Mike Rinder, and Paul Haggis. The first thing that came in my mind was: Why is nobody representing Scientology? The New York Times and TimesTalk want people to believe that it is impartial and just interested in the facts… If that is so, why were just former infiltrators and non-Scientologists, agents Rinder and Haggis participants of this discussion and not real Scientologists too?

Anti-Scientologists may say that David Miscavige didn’t allow them to participate, or whatever, but not all Scientologists report to DM. You and me, we sure don’t.  They didn’t invite us, didn’t they? 

I don’t want to waste more time going into details of this one-sided “discussion”, just want to mention a few things.

Paul Haggis (who describes himself as atheist who is looking for spirituality) never run one past life. 30 years in Scientology and never run one past live. Unbelievable! How lousy were his auditors and C/S? Infiltrators really don’t make good auditors nor C/S. Ron, the real founder, not his impostor said, that an auditor not taking a whole track approach in auditing (and hole track means past lives of course) is wasting the time of his PC. But Paul Haggis sure is not without fault either. I bet he was afraid to look and that is why he didn’t run one. I feel sorry for any person who never accesses any past life. It is not just a vague memory but a breathtaking re-living. People who don’t know their timetracks don’t really know themselves.  

Here is an interesting article not issued by Scientology. The authors apparently  were able to access their past lives too:

I had the best access to past lives when being in a state of reverie. It is the very relaxed state BEFORE falling asleep. You are in my past lives too, Marty. Over and over,my soul mate. 

Haggis claims that Scientologists don’t think. Yeah right, that is why WE, the Scientologists figured out the psychs, the doppelgangers, the impostors, the German infiltration and not just in Scientology but also the U.S. government and other governments, the ear implants, how remote-controlled germs causing diseases and death, and so much more. This blog alone is evidence of how much I think. Haggis and the likes are the non-thinkers.

All of the participants don’t understand why Scientology was tax-exempt. First of all, original Scientology is a true applied philosophy and should be tax exempt. But Germany arranged the international infiltration of Scientology and they turned it into Vistarology and Miscavology. They changed it so that the world remains the same old hell hole that it always was. Nevertheless, Scientology was tax-exempt in 1993 in the USA. And it is so easy to figure out why. The Sea Org reserves are all in Europe. Germany doesn’t want the USA to have the money nor the USA getting of taxes from Scientology. Greedy Germany wants all the cash, and this is the story behind the US tax exemption. German- controlled ear-implants make it possible. If they revoke the tax-exemption for Scientology, then ONLY because Germany fears that WE could apply changes so that Germany can’t keep the Sea Org reserves by sitting on top of the EU. (Nobody of the TimesTalk participants was able to figure out these facts. Shame on non-thinking.)  

Lawrence Wright and Alex Gibney assume that they can’t be sued as they didn’t maliciously lie about Scientology. They both were in contact with your impostor, Monique’s husband. How can it not be malicious keeping under wraps that the founder of Scientology was impostored and that Monique’s husband is your impostor? 

Lawrence Wright wrote about Al Queda too. He completely failed to figure out that Germany is behind these extreme groups, including ISIS, ISIL, etc. that they conditioned Atta and his cell to fly into the twin tower and the Pentagon and that Bin Laden too had doppelgangers and that the monster got away.

None of the TimesTalk participants used their minds, but are saying that we Scientologists are not thinking? Great Scott!   

I love you, Mary. Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours always,





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  1. Robert Durst has nothing to do with Scientology but HBO has.

    Robert Durst murder case complicated by HBO’s big role…

    Mr. Biggie

    March 16, 2015 at 2:06 am

  2. The big problem that I see in this case is that HBO had evidence for years that this man could be a killer and did not turn it over to police to arrest the man. Also I think that psychs have something to do in what this man became.

    From the LA Times article: It’s clear from the documentary that the filmmakers debated what to share with authorities and when. After the second “Beverley” notation was found, they discussed on camera whether police already had it in their files. “Is there any chance this letter is already in the cops’ files?” one says. “No chance, no chance,” another member of the team replies. The film then shows them putting the letter in a safe deposit box.”Nobody is going to know we have this document,” one of the filmmakers says. “So what about we interview Bob, we bring it up, we have it on film and now we have something the LAPD really is going to want.” He says this strategy would get Durst’s reaction without “800 levels of discovery.”

    And that means that a potential killer was allowed to walk the streets for years because HBO is more into sensations than into people’s safety. HBO should have asked police if they have the evidence right when HBO got it… They could have made afterwards a documentary how they contributed to napping that guy. What does HBO have against discovery? And how long did they have the confession of the man before they called the cops? Three years!

    They say that their small HBO crew didn’t have a chance to pour through every audio and video clip. Yeah, pull my leg. Why did they do them anyway if they have no time for processing them? How much does it cost to pay a few intern or students to go through files and watch/listen to just 20 hours videos/audios to find something? Poor HBO. So terribly strapped for cash despite all the high ratings.

    Airing and arrest was almost simultaneous, so all orchestrated for ratings not for safety of the people.

    Barbara Schwarz

    March 16, 2015 at 2:32 am

  3. HBO’s Sheila Nevins lied to the world that 160 lawyers were checking their documentary on Scientology. They just checked with the HBO lawyers, Alex Gibney and some outside lawyers…


    March 16, 2015 at 11:12 am

    • HBO should check with 160 lawyers and they should ask them if HBO gets in troubles by concealing that the founder of Scientology was and the original Marty Rathbun in Scientology is impostored by Monique’s husband (one of the HBO sources) and by concealing that Scientology is infiltrated by international secret service agents upon secret German command.

      I am telling you, it has huge troubles written all over it. How can that be legal?

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 16, 2015 at 3:13 pm

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