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Tony Ortega has no conscience

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soul mate and Prince,

I despise people who have no conscience. For me, a human people must have a conscience first of all. This is what makes a human to a human and not a robot or an animal.    

What a person conceals from his readers that Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists? Ortega does. That the founder of Scientology was impersonated already as a young person by secret service agent and impostor “Jack Vistaril”? Ortega does.  That you are replaced by an impostor “Monique’s husband” whose scribbling Ortega praises? Ortega does.

On top, Ortega promotes the book of my legally convicted kidnapper Cyril Vosper (and also conceals that he was a legally convicted kidnapper). It was total horror being kidnapped and put through the abuse of Vosper and his assistants. If a Scientologist would kidnap a person, it would be a high crime in Ortega’s world, but if an anti-Scientologist kidnaps a Scientologist, it is all fine with Ortega and he promotes the book of this legally convicted kidnapperWhat a non-existent conscience Ortega has.

He wants Scientology destroyed and thinks that the world would be great without Scientologists but rather with people like him and the stupid people that he attracts, people without a conscience. So, what makes Tony Ortega so different from the international people who infiltrated Scientology on secret German orders and changed original Scientology into something German-ordered and CIA-agreed? Nothing makes Tony Ortega and the likes better from the people who he/they allegedly opposes. He fits right into the bunch of former and current infiltrators and non-Scientologists. They all conceal the true story of Scientology. 

The United States government is also infiltrated by officials working secretly for Germany. “Jack Vistaril” was most certainly a German/CIA double agent. The FBI (all field offices) wrote to me that L. Ron Hubbard was never under their electronic surveillance and of their investigatory interest. (See the letters here again: Ortega claims the opposite. So, who is lying? Or is it rather: “Which L.Ron Hubbard, the founder or his impostor?”

The original founder of Scientology was of course never of investigatory interest of the FBI as he was law-abiding. German/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril” who was married to Polly, Sara Northrup, and Mary Sue and who knows who else was of course suspicious to many. It was his job to ruin the real Ron’s reputation and destroy Scientology. But how much did the FBI know about that “Jack Vistaril” being a CIA-German double agent? I bet a lot and that is the true reasons why investigations didn’t go that deep.  Officials hush up in cohort that he was a secret service agent and doppelganger and not the founder.    

It is a typical German Nazi set up. And I mean it. I suspect Ortega having a Jewish girlfriend is nothing but a cover for his very German appreciated “work”. The guy even calls his hate blog “Underground Bunker”. How more clear can it be how German the purpose of his blog is? Probably sleeps with a swastika under his pillow.  How often did he publish something on “L. Ron Hubbard” or you without ever mentioning that there were VERY DIFFERENT INDIVIDUALS with those names in Scientology and that it is incredible unfair to slam them all in his pot of misinformation.

I love you, Marty. I know you really have a conscience. Can you imagine a world with Ortegas who are obsessed with subjects and people but carefully conceal the truth to mislead their flocks and the rest of the world? Ortega became an anti-Scientology cult leader, and he is indoctrinating his readers by not publishing a single word about the secret service agents and impostors who were sent into Scientology to take over and destroy. What kind of “investigatory reporter” is that anyway? Truth will come out always. This is what the real founder of Scientology said, and it is true. Ortega and the likes will NOT look good.  He’ll pull it in. OW sequence also applies to non-Scientologists who often say “karma is a bitch”.

Yours always, you are deep in my heart, and I often think how different you are compared to the others. And I am so happy that you are of my kind. 





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  1. I enjoyed the last 2 posts immensely Barbara.


    March 18, 2015 at 2:18 pm

  2. According to former staffers, Ortega’s exit from the Voice was not his decision and his relentless pursuit of scoops on the Church of Scientology may have been a distraction during his final months at the paper.

    It is called OBSESSION.

    K. Khopyeyur, the IV

    March 18, 2015 at 5:20 pm

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