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Fake tears of your impostor in media interview, Marty, and in another interview, he is smirking

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Just brief note, Marty:

Your impostor is afraid that people google his name and find out that he is your impostor. He is no public enemy no. 1, he is a freaking secret service agent who was never a Scientologist but sent in the Scientology orgs to take over your life and your legacy.    

Maintaining friendships has something to do with being a true and good friend, not what others are saying about one. Monique’s husband stole your identity to assist that you stay forever wrongfully incarcerated, Marty. That is to cry about. After all he had done, he now feels sorry for himself and cries some tears. Who knows how long he practiced tears before the mirror before that interview. And check his com lag… (Waiting for his secret case officer to radio him what to say or do?) 

Didn’t he and Mosey have at least hundred of “Indie” friends just a few years ago? What happened to those? They are not controlled by the C of S. They are not interested in what the C of S is saying or publishing. How can the C of S have an impact on these friendships?  

If he makes no friends than because people are afraid that he slams the car door into them over and over again or other things that these both are up to! 

Listen also to the part in which he says that Monique doesn’t want him to give up going after Scientology. She wants millions of Dollars from Scientology and tells the judges that she is not an enemy of Scientology and that she deserves that money, yet, he says that she is the driving force behind that he doesn’t should give up going against Scientology.  

If they really would want another life, they would come clean and leave Scientology alone.  

Maybe Monique and her husband should examine their own personalities and activities and be honest to themselves why their friends leave?   

Actually, most people not involved with Scientology don’t give a damn. Making friends with neighbors and maintaining friendships has a lot to do with the own personality and not what’s on Google.

These two always blame others on their own shortcomings.

However, he looks very depressed. Isn’t Monique’s father a psychologist? If psychology is worth something, why is he so depressed?

OWs make people depressed.

Notice also that he mention the dog before the child.

He also is on NBC Today Show, the man who can’t make friends and keep them, smirking away and again lying about the time when you were in the Special Unit but not he. You never raised the hand against anyone nor harassed anyone. You even told PIs never to do things that are not lawful, but Monique’s husband is above the law. He is destroying your legacy of being a very good person, Marty. It is Monique’s husband who belongs behind bars.  You did help to built the SU and when you were around, it was not a dirty tricks department. That is what DM, Rinder, your impostor and other infiltrators and non-Scientologists made of it!

She says that it is always good to talk to him. How often does she talk to your impostor? Does she or others of NBC know that he is your impostor?


Much love,




Written by Barbara Schwarz

March 19, 2015 at 11:29 am

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  1. I am perplexed too why Mr. Rathbun (San Antonio/TX) and his wife Monique are no longer friends with the huge Indie crowd. One can only speculate why the Rathbun’s were not able to maintain friendships with these people.

    Names copied from a public website:

    Tim Daigle (Vancouver, B.C.), Scn since 1972, Class IV, HSDC (Dianetics), Superliterate, currently auditing OT levels
    Kevin Tighe, Declared Christmas Eve 2010
    Lars Asplund, Scn since 1967, Class VI in 1975, mission/org staff 10 years, SO 20 years, Super Lit, KTLSup, OT III
    Kevin Boland, Scn since 1982, PDC Graduate, OT 4, L11
    Bruce Q Hammond, Scn since 1988, Cl 0 Auditor, HQS, Student Hat, PTS/SP, PRO-TRs, KTL/LOC Grad, IA$ Honor Roll, “Study your way to OT” bridge
    Bill Straass, Clear,
    Betsy Reppen, Scn since 1977, OEC/FEBC, ex-staff SEA F, SO Member for 9.5 yrs
    Mike Reppen, Scn since 1973, CL IX, OT V, 25 year Sea Org veteran, expelled Feb 2012
    M.e.i.e.r R.o.g.e.r., Scn since 1974, OT IV, HSDC, Level 0 and dozens other courses, years on staff and years as Fulltime FSM
    Bob Grant, resigned from the CoS in 1994, Class VIII, OT III, Ottawa Canada
    Donald C. Cramer, Scn since 1976, 12 years on staff; Flag trained Grad V C/S; former Snr C/S Philadelphia; former C/S Washington, DC; Fully Hatted Cramming Officer; Fully Hatted Snr C/S; OEC Vols 0, 4 & 5
    Jerry Brady, Scn. since 1985, OTVI, mid SHSBC, Ethics Specialist, KTL, LOC, 3 Ls; #1 FSM Portland 1993, 94, 95 & 96; Exec Trained, Hubbard Admin Consultant
    Kathryn Brady, Scn since 1979, OTIV, Ethics Specialist, mid SHSBC, Staff PTL Org, Stevens Creek, Hollanders and Sterling Mgmt.; #1 part-time FSM PAC, Exec Trained, Hubbard Admin
    Rosalie Hamilton, Scn since 1984, LLT Clear, Class IV auditor, Solo I, occasional volunteer at Dallas Org
    Ronnie Bell (Dallas, TX), Scn since 1973, HAS, HQS, Student Hat, Staff Status I, Purif, Life Repair, CCRD, Clear, LA Org staff ’74, pro renos staff on Sea Org projects from ’88 to ’97
    Jennifer Bell, Scn since 1994, Staff Status II, Purif, STCC, Treas Sec LA Org 1995 through 1996
    Ulf Olofsson, Scn since 1989, non-recognized Clear otherwise SCN DRD; 5 Specialist Full Hats at Gold including full apprenticeship, Grad V Auditor and C/S (RDD style); 20 yrs on staff, 16 at Int base; Dept head over recording and mixing at Gold
    Eliana Alaimo (Italy), Scn since 1987, CL IX, mid OT VII, Sea Org (Freewinds) 2004 – 2007
    Frank Oliver, DSA Invest Off Miami, OSA Invest CAN Unit, SS2, Clear
    Keith Chessell, 10 yrs staff 86 – 96 DofT, Sup, W/Clr, CL4, KTL, LOC sup/review, OT VII, now following LRH’s OT route
    Randall Cook, in and out of CoS since 1976, final disconnection Jan 1, 2012
    Dickie Conn, OT VIII, Class IV, ex SO at Flag and over 35 years as a Scn!
    Marcela Lachef, in support of true spiritual values
    Robert Almblad, HDC, Class II, Solo auditor, OEC 1974, one of first 15 NOTS completions at Flag in 1979, New OT V completion 2005 at Flag, worked for LRH 1972-1973 Apollo
    Stephen Rockford Hammond, Scientologist since 2004, HDA, HQS, PTS/SP course
    Scott Weible
    Rachel Denk, Widow of Dr Gene Denk (LRH’s doctor and friend), Scn since 1974, KTL/LOC, OT VI; many ethics, tech and admin training courses; staff LA Day for 5+ years, Writers of the Future 12 years
    Chris Black, Scn since 1976; HSST (one of the few Class VIII C/Ses ever made); OT VII; 20-year staff veteran in Tech and Qual; Staff Status IV & DSEC; delivering the LRH Bridge in Toronto, Canada
    Ulf Samuelsson, Scn since 1988, KTL, LOC, Running Program, Swedish Translator at the Int base 1992-1997
    Steve Curry, San Diego Org Staff ’71-’73, HSDC, HPEIC, SHSBC, KTL/LOC, OTIII, Indie since 2008
    Dora Luca, Scn since 1974, Original Full OT VII, New OT V, L11, L12, Grad V Auditor, OT review auditor, Staff Status III, 10 yrs staff
    Sylvain Dumas, Montreal, P.Q., Canada, Scientologist since 1993, Purif, Student Hat, HDA
    Harold van den Berg, Scn since 1986, Grade IV, HQS, Student Hat, Pro TRs, HDA, Book One auditor, current Executive Director of Criminon Durban
    Andrea Sciortino (Italy), Scientologist since 1987, OT V
    Marina Rubino (Italy), Scientologist since 1988, OT III and Book One auditor
    Umberto Chifari (Italy), Scientologist since 1988, OT III and Book One auditor
    Gordon Mackay (South Africa), Scn since 1996, Div 6 Courses, HDA, Book 1 Auditor, Scn Handbook Crs, Student Hat, PTS/SP, Ability Congress (on Freewinds), NED, Power, now mid Clearing Course
    Elizabeth Human (South Africa), Scn since 1996, Div 6 Courses, Scn Handbook Crs, Basic Study Manual (on Freewinds), Grade IV
    Ronald P. Klipstein (Ron), Scientologist since 1989, staff and services at CCNY 1988 – 1995, IAS Patron plus
    Calvin B. Duffield (Durban, South Africa), Scn and dedicated to LRH Scientology since 1971, Life Repair, Student Hat, PRD, HQS, FSM, uses LRH tech daily
    Dorothy Duffield (Durban, South Africa), Scn since 1973, HAS Course, Superliterate, Levels 0-IV, Interned Class V, first NED Auditor and C/S in Durban Org, Criminon counsellor to South African prisoners since 2006 with enormous success stories.
    Brett Haugen, Scn since 1991, Clear, Student Hat and PTS/SP, L11, ex-staff, IAS Patron
    Candice Williams (Schifeling), Scn since 1999, ARC Straightwire Quads, IAS Lifetime (myself and my daughter)
    Phil Bruemmer, Scn since 1971, OEC/FEBC, Class VI C/S, MCSC, PWCC, Cram Off
    Candy Swanson, original OT VII; Class VIII, XDN, staff in NY Org, AO Alicante, AO Scotland, AOLA, Apollo 1969-1970 and the original Celebrity Center; field auditor since 1972
    Martin Gibson, Scn since 1997, Purif, Objectives; Book One, Assists, Intro processes auditor; 2 years on staff, dedicated to the preservation of standard tech
    John James (Dallas, TX), Scn since 1975, Clear/CCRD, FPRD, L’s, Exec Status One, mini hats, Mission Holder/ED Houston Mission (’84-’90), DED of the Dallas Ideal Org (Nov – Dec ’09) saw it was not LRH, proud to be in the Indie 500
    Jim Crowley (Houston, TX) Scn since 1967, Independent Scientologist since NOW!! WOO!!WOO!! Clear# 12,002, HSDC Grad, Book 1 Auditor, Student Hat
    Mark Berkley, Scn since 1977, Grade IV, Class I, KTL/LOC, PTS/SP, NED Course and Internship, Pro Metering, Pro TRs, Upper Indoc TRs, now an Independent!
    Lori James (Dallas, TX), Scn since 1980, HES of the Houston Mission, BSM, Student Hat, Intro Scn Ethics, Pro TRs, Registrar hat, Invest Course, OEC Vol 0, E-Meter course
    Don James (Dallas, TX), Scn since 1971, HRD, HAS, HQS, Student Hat, TRs and Objectives, Method One, Pro TRs, KTL/LOC
    Lynn Gambone, NY Org 2006 to 2010, CCNY for part of 2010 to 2011
    Bo Simonsson (Stockholm, Sweden), Scn since 1980, NED completion, Student Hat, KTL, LOC, ex-staff (3 yrs), disconnected from Corporate Scn in March 2011
    Diego Davila, Scn since 1998, Clear, Student Hat, mid Solo Course, Independent since 2009
    Maurizio Serafini, OTV, KTL, LOC, HPCSC, HPWCC, ex FSO Sup
    Anita Hsu (Taipei, Taiwan), Scn since 1997, Clear, Purif I/C trained, Translations Unit (TU) Chinese editor and translator
    Jean-François Genest (Kingston, ON Canada), HCO Cope Off Quebec, CMO Canada, Flag Bureaux (7 yrs), Clear, Purification Rundown, Sea Org Product 2, Petty Officer 1st Class
    Monique Berthoud, Scn since 1984, Clear, HQS, LOC, Student Hat, Pro TRs, Method 1 auditor, Ethics Specialist, Staff Status II, IAS Sponsor, former Ethics Officer and Independent Scientologist since Mar 13, 2012
    Richard Royce, Scn since 1969, Class 4 XDN Interned auditor, GAT Level 2, OT VII, Gold Seal Ethics Specialist, Data Evaluator, Kha kahn Certificate issued by Yvonne at CCLA, introduced to Scn by actress Karen Black, staff CCLA 5 yrs to 1974, SO in 1990 and 2004, Ethics Unit I/C for the Clearwater Charter Committee in 2002
    Don McClintock, Scn since 1979, Class IV Grad. Auditor (Sydney), mid OT VII, staff in Canberra & Sydney, left the CoS in January 2009 choosing to remain dedicated to standard tech and LRH
    Andy Porter, Scn since 1980, OT V, NED Interned auditor, Class II, OEC, PTS SP Course, Ethics Specialist, Elementary Data Series Evaluator, KTL/LOC, Interned Course Supervisor; Fully Hatted Registrar, PES, ED, Mission Holder; 14 yrs on Staff, 12.5 in Bellevue Mission (held every post except auditor and C/S), 1.5 yrs ED Seattle Org, Pioneer of the Year 1995, Elite FSM 1995/96, Power FSM 1996/97, Elite FSM 1998/99, Power FSM 1999/2000, Top Planetary Disseminator May 9th 2000
    Tom Gallagher, Scn since 1975, Clear, HQS, Student Hat, Method 1, Professional Product Debug Course, PTS/SP, Pro TRs, Exec Status 1, FSSO 1990-91
    Gerlinde Mantey, Scn since 1982, Clear, Class IV Auditor, ex-staff (KTL/LOC I/C)
    Roger Weller, Scn since 1967, New York org, supervisor Class VIII course, OT VIII
    Angela LeMay, Scn since 1988, staff Cincinnati, Clear, L11, HQS, Staff Status II, Student Hat, Pro TR’s, Solo 1
    Scott Gordon (Duncanville, TX), Scn since 1993; Book One auditor; Volunteer Minister; Class 0 Auditor; PTS-SP Course (3x); OEC Vol 0 (2x); Exec Status 1; 5 yrs Div6 staff; 10 yrs OSA (5-CCDallas; 5-Msn Costa Rica) fully-hatted Class V Org DSA
    Gary Gammon, Class VI, New OT VII, L’s, staff and field auditor
    Andrew McGowan, Scn since 1989, OT I, currently on OT II, Exec Status 1, OEC Vols 0 & VII, PTS/SP, FP Full HAT, Course Sup, Pro TRs delivery, full KTL/LOC training (sup, auditor & C/S), NED Auditor, Class IV C/S, staff 13 yrs (10 yrs as Executive Director of ACT org)
    Max Bleiweiss, Scn since 1973, OT V, L.A. Day staff 1973-76, SO NWCI 1980-85, HKTL Pilot I/C and Supervisor, HPCSC, Crusader: Portland and Paris
    Loren Spethman (Dallas, TX), Scn since 1994, staff 8 yrs (1994 to PT), Book One Auditor, HDF Dir, MCSC Pre-GAT, Flag Special Pro Course Supervisor ’96, Dallas’s only sup 3 yrs at 90-108 hrs/week; GAT II Trained ’06-’08, Pro Sup Interned again, Sup Apprenticeship at Flag ’07-’08, Student Hat (3x), Pro TRs (2x), Upper Indoc (2x), M1 Co-audit, Word Clearer Course, Flag Interned Class IV Auditor, DofT Dallas “Ideal” Org, IAS Honor Roll; happy and proud until 8 CMO, 6 MAAs, plus execs from ILO, CLO &
    Régis Martinez (France), Scn since 1991, Clear, Pro TRs, St Hat, PTS/SP course, staff status I & II, VM Course, Book One auditor, ex-staff
    William “Bill” T. Dupree, aka “FCDC class of 74”, Scn since 1973, Comm Course, Basic Study Manual, Recall Release, Freedom Release, Problems Release, Ability Release, Communications Release, Relief Release, Introspection Rundown and Drug Rundown, Life Repair and Dianetic Case Completion, HDC, e-mail
    Marsha Friedman, Scn since 1969, Miami org staff 1970-1974, mid New OT VII, “Patron with Honors”
    Peggy Mitchell, Clear, L10, L11, L12, GAT Class IV, KTL/LOC, IAS Patron, Super Power Cornerstone, ex-SO
    Tom Houston (Dallas, Texas), power complete, on solo 1, L’s complete in 2010, contact
    Marilyn Brewer (Phoenix, Az), Scn since 1971, Clear, OT III, L10, L11, L12, mid NOTs, OEC/DSEC, Cl II, SO Mgmt 11 yrs
    Brad Halsey, Scn since 1987, DC Fdn staff 1987-1997, Interned Word Clearer and Class IV
    Michael Cox, staff Seattle Mission 1979-80, Las Vegas Org 1981-86
    Mike Schrier, Scn since 1989, Class IV Auditor, KTL / LOC, Sea Org AOSH ANZO
    Halina Cirillo, Scn since 1971, New OT VIII, DSEC, KTL/LOC, Staff Status II, mid St Hill Special Briefing Course, ex staff Toronto 8 yrs, IAS “Patron with Honours”
    Zana Zeches, Scn since 1983, Clear, Pro TRs, PTS/SP, HQS, Mission Holder & Executive Director Rochester, NY mission 1983, SO Flag Crew 84-85, FCDC Day staff
    Brian Culkin, Scn since Jan 2009, Clear 3 L’s, Class IV, Patron IAS
    Burkhard Ohligs, Div-6 Reg in Stuttgarter Msn under Andreas Ostertag, contact
    Dylan Gill, CMO CW, CMO IXU, CST
    Brian Wenger, Scn since 1981, Patron IAS, email
    Margarete “Peggy” Wenger, Scn since 1975, email
    Jackie Johnson, Scientologist since 1972, OTV.
    Dan Doss (Austin, Texas) Scn since 1975, on staff at Austin Org from 1975-1985, Flag trained OEC grad (1979), Super Lit, OT III, L 11
    Vasile Silaghi (Germany), Scn since 1991, Munich staff 2.5 years, Book One & Class IV Auditor, ARC SW completion, IAS Sponsor. “I choose to remain dedicated to Standard LRH Tech.”
    Karola Andris, Scn since 1984, ex-SO (13 years Freewinds)
    Don Tompkins, Scn since 1995, KTL-LOC, ARC Straight Wire
    Roman Teabo, Scn since 1999 (since the age of 8), Purification Rundown, 2 years in the Sea Org at ALOA and at the Flag Land Base
    Simi Valley, Scn since 1978, New OT VII, Class II Auditor, KTL/LOC, Exec Status I, ex S.O.
    Pax Tielman, Scn since 1972, Amsterdam staff, full Ethics and Justice (HEJC) course in 1975 East Grinstead, SSI, SSII, Exec SS, Solo Course and many other courses, Scientology should be RESTORED, contact
    Ron Bible, Scn since 1975, Class VI, Solo NOTS Completion in Indy Field, life is good again!
    Nancy McPherson, Clear, L-Rundowns, Class IV auditor, Word Clearer, staff at Orange County, left the CoS in 1995
    Brian Cox, Scn since 1993, joined Elma FZ May 2012, contact
    Eric Alexandrou (Queensland, Australia) Scn since 1986, Melbourne staff, Objectives, basic courses, Life Time Member IAS
    Mark Patterson, Scn since 1969, OT IV, Class VI, LRH Tape Archives project 1977, Purchaser HEM 1984
    Cecilia (Cece) Marie Kruchko, OT IV, Treasury Secretary (Permantly Posted Status), Flag Banking Officer AOLA
    Ronn Stacy, Scn since 1980, 9 yrs staff in the 80’s, Book 1 Auditor, Comm Course, various mini-courses for post, Stu Hat, M1, MCSC, Pro TRs, Class 0 Auditor, Hubbard Pro Reg, Intro to Scn Ethics x2, PTS/SP, Hubbard Ethics Specialist, Staff Status II, Exec Status I, all 21 checksheets of the Scientology (Volunteer Minister’s) Handbook, completed several Miscavige “Basics,” left in ’09, no regrets since!
    Nina Lauffer Davila, born into Scn 1986, currently on NED, PTS/SP, Mid Solo Course
    Christine Baranay (McDonald, Gualtieri, Williams) (Buddhist & Scientologist), OT VIII, Class IV auditor, SO veteran (Public Reg, Dir Reg CCLA 1972-75, 1975-79 Flag Management, D/CS6 (Commodores Staff Div 6) for Expansion under Diana Hubbard, Dir Clearing FSO 1979-80
    Sharon Sigmond, Scn since 1981, Clear, HSDC, Ministers Course, KTL, LOC, M1, Pro TRs, GAT, part time Volunteer Minister after 9/11
    Chris Baer, Scn since 1972 (Stevens Creek Mission), Clear, 10 years in SO at CCLA (1976-1986), OEC/FEBC
    Jim Blunt, Scn scince 1972, OT III, Staff Status 1, HSDC, Full Hat Programs Admin, Programs Admin and Dianetic Auditor, friend of LRH, IAS Lifetime member
    Chad Braunersrither, Scn since 1985, Salt Lake City Mission Staff, SO Member, helped renovate the Freewinds, HGB and St. Hill (call sign was Ramrod)
    John Boswell, former Austin Fdn staff, OEC/FEBC grad, KTL/LOC, Ready for the Bridge!
    Woody Sampson, Scn since 1997 (Adelaide), objectives, ex-SO 5 years, worked in FSSO, FREEWINDS, FLB, FC (posted in the Lemon Tree and the Palms Cafe)
    Richard Lloyd-Roberts, Scn since 1997, Student Hat, TRs, Objectives (after 15 years in the church!), ex-Sea Org at AOLA
    Glenn C. Briggs, Scientologist since 1978, Levels I-IV, OT IV, 17 years on Int Staff (Dissem Sec INCOMM, Chaplain Gold)
    Dave Stroman, Scn since 1975, 5 years on staff, Clear, staff Greeley/Denver
    Douglas Cook, Scn since 1990, staff – 5 years, Book One Auditor, OEC Vol 0, Student Hat, Method One Co-Audit, KTL/LOC, Purif, TRs & Objectives Co-Audit, Scn DRD Co-Audit, PTS/SP Course, Clear in the FreeZone 2013!
    Catherine Zoltan, Scn since 1972, Clear No. 11,850, Integrity Processing, Dn Case Completion, Dianetics DRD, Expanded Grades, Clearing Course, Solo NOTS, L11 & 12; HQS, HPE&I, PTS-SP, Ethics Specialist, Causative Leadership, Pro TRs, Staff Status 2, Product Zero; 2 yrs volunteer, 6 yrs in SO
    Kirk Radandt, FEBC, Staff Status VII, Cl V staff with Columbus Org
    Gayle Smith, Scn since 1985, New OT V, Flag-trained Word Clearer, Course Supervisor, Cramming Officer and Class VI C/S, 18 years on staff, Snr C/S Philadelphia [Note: Philly is DM’s home town, ouch — Thoughtful]
    Edie Irons (artist), Scn since 1972, Clear #26,321, HQS, Student Hat, PTS/SP, Solo Auditor; volunteer for CCHR, Criminon, Narconnon & VM during Katrina; ASI Patron; designed Celebrity Centre Int dining room in 1987
    Amy Scobee, WDC Celebrity Centre CMO Int., niece of Astronaut Dick Scobee, author of Scientology: Abuse at the Top
    Chris Mann, Pro TR’s, Upper Indoc, Metering Course, 4 years on staff, resigned from the Church after Objectives and now Grade II (Tom Martiniano auditor), song writer for the Indie movement
    Brian Kelly, Scientologist for 36 years
    Janette Haugen, Scn since 1991, Purif, OT Hatting Courses, VM — was constantly in trouble since I’m a free thinker and bucked the corruption, I’m glad I did!
    Dani Lemberger (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists since 1980, OT VII, Ethics Specialist, Class IV Auditor, Ed of Dror Center Since 1992
    Tami Lemberger (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists since 1980, OT VII, Flag trained Grad V Auditor, Class V C/S, Senior C/S at Dror center since 1992
    Aviv Bershadsky (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists Since 2001, OT IV, Class V Auditor, FPRD Auditor, Class IV C/S, Staff at Dror Center for 10 years
    Dima Dubinin (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists since 1994, Grade 4 Release, Class IV Auditor, Pro SUP, Purif C/S Staff at Dror Center for 17 years
    Carmela Weizman (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists since 1996, Grade 3 Release, HDA Staff at Dror Center for 16 years
    Moti Weizman (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists since 1999, Grade 3 Release, Pro Sup, Class I Auditor, 6 Years staff at Tel Aviv Org as an Academy Sup, Staff at Dror Center for 6 years
    Eitan Beitner (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists since 2001, Grade 0 Release, Pro Sup, Staff at Dror Center for 5 years
    Bill Henley, Scn since 1980 (Zen since Y2K), New OT VII, Class IV Auditor, left in 1997
    Cindy Plahuta, Scn since 1988, New OT VII, Executive Director Criminon WUS (Western United States)
    Matt Plahuta (Boulder), Scn since 1973, Clear, staff in Boulder Mission
    Niklas Lindgren, Scn since 1994, joined staff in 1998
    Maribel Coronado (Brighton, UK), Scn since 1993, Congresses, Ups and Downs, Pro TRs, Upper Indoc, Student Hat, Metering, Dianetics Auditor Course, E-Meter Course, currently on NED, staff 2 yrs AOSHEU
    Rob Burns, Scn since 1975, staff Honolulu Mission (Div 6), left after mission holders were slaughtered in ’82, went OT outside the CoS
    Pat Shannon, Scn since 1975, widow of IAS Patron Bill Shannon, KTL/LOC, PRD, OT8, HSDC, various admin & ethics courses
    Dean Detheridge (Sydney, Australia), Scn since 1984, Grade 2, all FPRD Forms, Truth Rundown, numerous confessionals, several PTS/SP Crses, HPCSC, OEC FEBC, Product Debug, Data Evauator, KTL/LOC Sup, Purif I/C, listened to nearly all the lectures released, staff in Sydney Fdn to 1990, Executive Director of ACT Org (Canberra) to 2000, 2003-07 ‘honorary’ (non-SO) Gold Technician repairing 16mm Projectors, simulators and cassette decks in ANZO
    Phil Colson (Boulder), Scn since 1983, New OT8, Class 4 Auditor, KTL/LOC, Course Supe, staff at Boulder Mission (11 years) until 2011
    Ann Cannon (Dallas), Scn since 1992, Grade IV, Student Hat, staff 15 years: DSA (OSA) Dallas 3 years, Addresso I/C 10 years
    Allan Macdonald, Scn since 1983, Grade IV, Stu Hat, HQS, KTL/LOC, 13 yrs Sea Org at Flag (1986-1999)
    Elbert Chang, Scn since 1989, Grade IV Release, KTL, LOC, PTS Rundown, FPRD, Case Resolution Rundowns (Flag), Student Hat, Method One
    Phil Gilbert, Scn since 1974, Clear, HSDC, twice in the SO, pro FSM since 1992
    Steve Stuart, Scn since 1989, Book One Co-audit, Purif, Objectives Co-Audit, Life Repair, KTL, LOC, Method One, Student Hat, Pro TRs, PTS /SP, Staff Status I & II, OEC Vols 0 & 1, staff at Portland CC, Scn Drug Rundown
    Wolfgang Keller (Los Angeles), Scn since 1969, New OT VII, Permanent Class VIII, GAT interned Class VI, full time auditor since 1989, field practice
    Harold Ruder, Scn since 1979, Power Plus Release, on the Solo Course
    Jeff Pietsch, Scn since 1991, Grade IV, D of T & Course Supervisor Santa Barbara Org 1993-1996
    Louise Bruemmer, Scn since 1978, mid NED, Grade IV, L11, L12
    Steve Spargo, Scn since 1977, Cl V Grad, OT V, 9 yrs on staff/Sea Org
    Ariel Spargo, Scn since 1992, Class V, NED, 2 yrs on staff/Sea Org
    John R. Beckner, Scn since 1966, Class IV, OT VIII
    Khoi Nguyen, Scn since 2,000, Method One, TRs and Objectives, 1 year on staff (Perth and AOSH ANZO)
    Tsipi Andersen (Israel) Scn since 1979, OT 5
    Guillermo Colin, Scn since 1982, staff member and Sea Org at Flag from 1989 to 2008
    Bryan Parker, Flag-trained Class III Auditor, attested Clear in the Indie field on July 4, 2012; now on Solo
    Forrest Crane, Scn since 1970, Class VIII, OT IV, Patron IAS
    Susan Crane, Scn since 1987, Class IV (pre-GAT), OT V, Patron IAS, staff 15 years
    Gary S. Moore, Scn since 1974, Ordained Minister, Mission staff – 3 yrs, SO Flag Bureau – 2 yrs, Interned Class VI, Religious Freedom Crusades at Portland, Berlin, Frankfort and Paris, Patron with Honors, Looked, didn’t listen: 2008
    Slade Grove, Scn since 2009
    Jean-Paul Pelletier, Scn since 1979, 14 yrs staff in Tech Div of CC Paris, OT4, Class V Grad, CCRD Auditor, contact me
    Luigi Cosivi, Scn since 1982, Class V, New OT VIII, Indie since 09/2011, staff 4 yrs
    Kerrie L. DallaCosta, Scientologist since 1977
    Carey DallaCosta, Scientologist since 1971
    Alain Tizioli (France), Scn since 1980, New OT VII, Class II, 18 yrs staff: 3 yrs Mission of Nice, 15 yrs OSA: DSA CC Paris & DSA OSA France; IAS Patron
    Claude Tizioli (France), Scn since 1980, New OT V, Class IV, 12 yrs staff: 1 yr Mission of Nice, 11 yrs OSA: DSA CC Paris & OSA France, IAS Patron
    Aline Pelletier ( France), Scn since 1980, 20 yrs staff CC Paris, fully hatted Course Sup, Pro Sup Course, Class V Graduate C/S, FPRD CS, CCRD Auditor, Fully hatted SENIOR C/S, New OT IV,
    Philippe Lorotte (France), Scn since 1974, New OTV, Class V, E-Meter repair in Europe before Gold, IAS Sponsor
    Florence S. Lorotte (France), Scn since 1989, Clear, Class III, IAS Sponsor
    Michael Walimaa (Nashville), Scn since 1975, Purification Rundown (3 times, yet never done drugs), 350 hours on Objectives, staff 9 months, IAS Patron
    Wendy Munro (Johannesburg, South Af) Scn since early 1990’s, Clear, Comm Course, Student Hat, Method 1, Objectives, OT Preps (interrupted), IAS Patron, Ideal Org Humanitarian, PDU Vanguard
    Mike Cushing, Scn since 1984, Class V auditor, KTL/LOC, Data Evaluator, Solo course, 1.5 yrs staff, R6EW, 3 Ls, FPRD, Patron, Applied Scholastic Donor, Russian Mission Donor
    Brenda G. Johnson Hubert Spencer (Dallas), Scn since 1976, Clear, Elig, Solo I & II, Fully Hatted LRHComm, OES, Dir Review, KTL/LOC, Sup, WC, Ethics Specialist, PTS SP Crse, Levels, Purif CS, Exec Status I, 10 yrs staff, 100% pro LRH, 100% anti-DM
    Jill Rappaport, Scn since 1980, Clear, Class IV Auditor, Lifetime Founding IAS member
    Mark Shreffler, Scn since 1975, New OT V, NED, PTS/SP, Stu Hat (5X), LRH Pass on TRs in 1979 (twinned with Dan Koon), Staff Status II, Exec Status 1, 12 yrs staff (London, Cincinnati, San Francisco), Power FSM 15 yrs, 10,000 people started on the bridge, 500,000 people through workshops and seminars worldwide
    Steven Poore, Scn since 1977, OT Ambassador 17 yrs, Power FSM and Front Lines Disseminator for WISE 29 yrs
    Jane Shreffler, Scn since 2001, Student Hat, HQS, Ethics Spec., PTS/SP, Flag Pro TRs, Flag Metering, 3 L’s, mid OT VII
    Marianne Nicaud (France), Scn since 1982, Solo II, Class V Auditor
    Zoltan Kovesdy (Germany), Scientologist since 1977, OT IV, Class I, IAS Patron
    Alain Max L’Hommelet (France), Scn since 1982, Clear, OT Preps, Class 0 Auditor, Chaplain CCParis 1987 – ’89, Professional Scientologist
    Roger Martin, Senior C/S CC Paris in the 1980s
    Mark Johnston (Nova Scotia, Canada), Scn since 2006, in six yrs studied ALL LRH books, Congresses, ACCs, plus Comm Course, Hubbard Dianetics Seminar, Basic Study Manual
    Cooper J. Kessel (SFO), Scn since 1975, OT VIII, Class VI Auditor, mission staff 2 yrs, CCHR ($1,000’s), ASI ($1,000’s), Cornerstone Member, Planetary Dissemination ($50K+ donos), Ideal Org ($70K donos), IAS Patron Meritorious
    Peter Berts, Scn since 1975, New OT IV, Translations Unit staff (Pubs DK & CLO EU) 1976 – 1982 (French I/C & Translations Sec), translated thousands of pages of HCOBs, HCO PLs, LRH lectures, books (including DMSMH, FOT, SA, etc), Final Blackout, Mission Earth, Patron with Honors
    Udo Luetgenbruch (Düsseldorf), Scn since 1988, OT 5, Class 0 Auditor, IAS Patron
    Robert Pike, Clear, OT I; Sea Org staff ASHO day 1972-1975
    Pierre Robillard (Montreal, Toronto), Scn since 1968, OT III, Grad IV, NED; staff 1969-1993; staff Montreal (Executive Director, OES, C/S, AG); staff Toronto (from CF clerk to A/AG — too many posts to list!) contact
    Heather Robillard (London, Montreal, Toronto), OT III, Scn since 1963 (in London England); plenty of Admin training including Executive Director Full Hat + Internship, Data Series at Flag 1976-77; staff in Toronto 1972-74 (Letter Reg); staff Montreal 74-82 (Dissem Sec, Reg & Executive Director) contact me
    Jim Wolery, Scn since 1970, CL VI Auditor, XDN C/S, OT V (Flag NOT’s completion under Mayo), DSEC, Management Series; staff 11 yrs: Mission Holder in Toledo, Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis, & Southfield (MI) 1978-1981
    t.o.n.y. p.e.l.l.i.c.c.i. Scn since 1994, Clear, OT III, KTL/LOC, staff 2 years in OSA, Crusader in the IAS
    Silvia Lloréns, Scn since 1978, Sea Org at Flag in 1984 to 2007, Pro W/Cer, Pro Supervisor, Debug and Data Series Tech, Cramming Officer, Grad V, AO Review Auditor and Class IX
    Sheila Lanier, Scn since 1977
    Jim Gilberti, Scn since 1985, Clear, Class 5 Grad auditor, Purif C/S, 15 yrs staff, lead auditor Long Island Org 1988 to 1999 witih 10K hours under my belt, and 13 Clears
    Bruce Goldman, Scn since 1988,
    Andrea Albrecht (Germany),
    Erin “Faith” Rose, Clear #48,504 Celebrity Center Int., CCRD ASHO LA 2009, L11, L10, L12 – repaired in the Free Zone
    Nick Lister
    Carol Nyburg (North Calif), Scn since 1978, 26 yrs in SO (starting in 1982), ran Front Desk at Fort Harrison, Accommos Counselor at FH and Sandcastle 12 years
    Christine Barclay, Scn since 1978
    Emeka Amanze (Nigeria, West Africa), Scn since 2002, Comm Course, Tech of Study, The Cause of Suppression, Integrity and Honesty, Logos Mission staff 3 yrs (2004-2006)
    Detlef Ruchatz, Scientologist since 1991. Sea Org from 1992 to 2012.
    Al Brown, Scn since 1972, St. Louis org Dir I&R ’til 1975; Los Angeles area public since 1975; Wise Sector 1986-1990; LA Day Exec Esto 1992-’93; OT III, OEC/FEBC, Exec Status III, Lifetime IAS. I left the church in 2009. contact
    Kathy (Reed) Orem, Scn since 1968, OT III at AOLA, Academy Levels and HSDC at LA Org, Briefing Course and X Dn (at ASHO), Ordained Minister, audited staff and public at Portland Org, St. Louis Org, and ASHO. Audited staff at GO US
    Marc Bernier, Scn since 1982, ex-SO, KTL/LOC, CCRD, left in 1996
    Shawn Nagano, Scn since 1992, Clear, Flag-trained Class IV, 3 years Seattle Org staff, 2 years Pasadena Ideal Org staff, my blog
    Paul M. Foster, aka “scatjappers,” Scn since 1976, Clear, OEC Vol 5; staff at Austin Fdn, WISE Int, WISE LA; blog, email
    Nancy Foster, Scn since 1985, Clear, OEC/FEBC/Exec Status III, ex Org Staff, blog
    Sheldon Goldberg, Scn since 1973
    Graham Billington, Scn since, 1989, Clear, L11, L12, L10, PTS/SP Course, Student Hat, KTL/LOC, Basics
    Cindy Temps (LA, CA), Scn since 1980, OT VII, Permanent Cl IV, NED, Senior Sec Checker, FPRD Auditor, mid the SHSBC, PTS/SP Course x2, much more; Patron of IAS
    Julia Nickson, Scn since 1994, PTSP, KTL/LOC, Grade 1, Top Book One Auditor CCI in 2005, left in 2010 and am now continuing up the Bridge independently.
    Sara Goldberg, Scn since 1977 Specialist OT VIII
    Ronit Charny, Scn since 1985. OTVII, SHSBC, Class IX Auditor, Sea Org at Flag 2000 to 2009
    Yossi Charny, Scn since 1980, OTVII, Power FSM for Flag, Data Series Evaluator, Ethics Specialist, Auditor Training, Sea Org staff 2003 to 2007 at Flag AO as Solo NOT’s D of P
    Fred Gene Haseney aka Jeff Wells, Scn since 1977; Purif; Level 0; ASHO staff 1977-1981, performed audits for ASHO, AOLA, Narconon Int; Narconon US; Applied Scholastics LA; Majestic Cruise Lines, FSSO
    Jenni Silberstein, formerly Janet Stein, Scn since 1969, OT IV, Upper Indoc TRs, staff 1 yr at NY in 1970, SO at ASHO ’79–’80, left the CoS April 2014, Ideal Org Alumni
    Attila Sonkoly, 15 yrs in Scientology, 11 yrs in FSO as Lead Course Supervisor, Clear
    Alice Jena, Scn since 1977, Clear,
    Alex de Valera, Scn since 1978;
    Ludovic Durand (France), Scn since 1987,
    David Cooke, HSDC, OTV, active 1972-88, spectator 1960-present
    Joe Luca, Scn since 1972, New OT V, L11, L12;
    Dave Richards, Scn since 1970.

    Lurking here and there

    March 19, 2015 at 12:03 pm

    • Monique’s husband is a very angry man when he is not crying. Guess that is the reason why friends leave him. One can make friends and maintain relationships if the own personality doesn’t cause the problems. It is again unfair by Monique’s husband to blame Scientology on their own shortcomings. My name is defamed on Google by psychiatric agents, and my neighbors never brought it up. In real life, it doesn’t count because people judge you according to your personality and how they perceive you.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 19, 2015 at 12:43 pm

      • I saw “a” Marty on TV today, certanly not “the” Marty, the real Scientologist!! He called the RPF “prison camps”.

        Scientology “Prison Camps and The Hole” really do NOT exist. Just another lie by the money grabbers ginning up the haters in an attempt to “line” their pockets with Judas‘ gold.

        All Sea Org members are housed, fed, clothed, given free medical and dental care, have their Social Security, taxes and other financial matters completely taken care, and they are given a few hundred dollars each week as a salary in exchange for doing their jobs.

        Unfortunately there are lazy people, there are liars and criminals who will steal and there are sexual perverts among the ranks of every group. In the Sea Org once an individual having the above mentioned characteristics is identified, these undesirable individuals are given a chance to reform by enrolling onto the RPF (rehabilitation project force). This is not a prison camp or a Hole, it is a volunteer work force, the persons who have been enrolled there have the option to join the force and the option to leave. It is for their benefit. Sloths, criminals, liars, perverts and individuals with a different perception of reality unfortunately exist in every group. Scientology provides these types with an opportunity to better themselves, still be housed and fed and have any medical and dental needs taken care of, rather than be off loaded out of the Sea Org. I know many many individuals who have gone through the RPF successfully and are thankful for the chance to be rehabilitated.

        This so called Marty that I saw on TV looked like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, he knows he is a sham and a liar. He sold out and he knows he did!!!!


        March 20, 2015 at 1:19 pm

      • Monique’s husband is an agent and an impostor. He never was a Scientologist. He always had his secret service mission orders and those were to pretend to be the original Marty. The moment the original Marty makes a public appearance, Monique’s husband has a lot of explaining to do. And so do the reporters who used him as a source like Larry Wright and Alex Gibney.

        See yourself in below postings the pictures: it is clearly NOT the same individual. Those are two different persons and also in characters completely different. Notice also how Monique’s husband (back then Cheray’s or Anne’s husband) moves his shoulder forward? He impostors the original Marty in that photo too. Those are NOT his SO ribbons, those are those of the original Marty, who is no traitor and infiltrator. Monique’s husband lied x-times to reporters, attorneys and courts and he is the original Marty but he is not. He infiltrated Scientology and took the original Marty’s post around 1989 after the real Marty vanished.

        Unfortunately, I can’t embrace the Sea Org as you do, because they fail to convict Monique’s husband of being an impostor and fail to help the original Marty. And it would be so easy for them. Can you imagine how many problems the orgs would solve if the world would learn the truth about the impostors (also about “Jack Vistaril” who was Ron’s impostor)?

        Barbara Schwarz

        March 20, 2015 at 1:48 pm

  2. Ever heard of the law firm ROBERT E. MANGELS of Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP?

    – See more at:


    March 20, 2015 at 8:08 am

    • No, I never heard of this law firm. They should go after Monique’s husband as he is the impostor of the original Marty. Interesting is when Anne Joasem (the ex wife of the impostor) says when she met this guy: in 1989 and I bet the farm that the original Marty was wrongfully arrested in Madrid, Spain by the end of 1988, when German/US secret services decided to let his impostor take over, exactly as impostor “Jack Vistaril” did to the original founder of Scientology: stealing his life and legacy and ruining his reputation. What a rotten planet.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 20, 2015 at 8:36 am

  3. Did you see a picture of the tonescale birthday cake on LRH’s birthday?

    Jouh W

    March 22, 2015 at 3:48 am

    • What are they thinking? It is tasteless. Who wants to eat “death” or “controlling bodies” or “1.1”. Besides, Miscavology doesn’t apply the tonescale. I can tell from the people who break away that the tonescale is not applied as downtone people are getting the highest jobs. Besides, March wasn’t the birthday of the founder. It was the birthday of “Jack Vistaril”, the founder’s impostor.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 22, 2015 at 5:34 am

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