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“Dark energy” the most “mysterious thing” in the universe is fake!

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate, and husband, 

I am sure you read of “dark energy”. It makes up allegedly more than 70% of the “universe”, and again, physicists don’t know what it is. Allegedly, “dark energy” is the invisible force that is pushing the universe apart – even to a point of collapse (sounds more like a doomsday cult than physics). The acceleration is even speeding up, getting faster and faster on the screen of the (fake) universe holographic projection. 

“Dark energy” comes “out of nothing.”  (Of course it comes out of nothing, it is a projection, not reality.) It causes supernova explosions and pushes the galaxies away. Sure, a computer game can do all of that. Those who came up with that holographic universe and the operators of that “game” thought and are thinking that it is a lot of fun sending physicists and cosmologists on a wrong track and around in circles.   

Scientists explain the “Big Bang” based on “dark energy”. The “Big Bang” is fiction too. Allegedly, there was the Big Bang, and “dark energy” came out of nowhere and expanded the “central point of the universe” into the universe “how we know it” (the holographic projection in the skies).

However, this expanding universe is the strangest piece of fiction ever. Scientists calculate with their standard candles the distances from the Earth to the cosmic objects within that projection that is called “universe” in order to figure how far the galaxies or stars are away from us. Those closer to us have a blue-shift, those further away have a red-shift.  Edward Hubble, around 1923-29, noticed suddenly more red-shifts of galaxies. They are moving away from us. Instead of crying foul, he and others bought it and they came to the conclusion that the universe is expanding. But shouldn’t they know that with a computer program, any kid can cause such a red-shift?

In the beginning of the 20th century, the Milky Way was the entire universe known. Curious folks gazed into the skies since the beginning of time, but they didn’t see a lot more than the nearby space, which is real. Plenty of time for a corrupt secret service to design a holographic projection to be placed up around us as the “deep space” or the “universe”, the images that Hubble and the other telescopes gaze at.  

People don’t see many miracles these days, so an explosion, big bang, and gas makes more sense to many than any creation. Although an explosion out of nothing makes no sense at all. A hot dense point appears of nowhere? What sense does that make? Nothing happens in nothing. There must be always a cause.  

Most people don’t know their own abilities. The answer to the biggest question really lies in with us. Silent sounds, billions of silent sounds in all languages sent into the subconscious minds of all people by secret service psychiatrists and neuro”scientists” are preventing that people can figure what their spiritual abilities really are. These sounds are disabling spiritual abilities and also blocking the recall of past lives. Non-bright people say there are no OTs. Well, there was a lot more to Scientology when the real Ron was around, and he knew that silent sounds are OT stoppers. There was a lot more magic around before the invention of silent sounds. If people would get a glimpse of who they actually really are (besides having a body) and what they are actually capable of doing, the power of postulates and creation of the universe by one very extra-ordinary ever-existing being would become a lot more realistic to them than a Big Bang coming from nowhere, an expanding “run-away universe”, and an exploding universe. Marty, I read and listened to a number of theoretical physicists lately.  They come up with the most fantastic theories, but at the end, they are saying: we have no clue how the universe was created, except a big bang. But what a crap is that? An explosion or gas does not create spiritual beings. 

I asked myself: what is the purpose of “run-away universe”? Does anyone have an advantage to push (alleged) galaxies away from us? Of course. Those who do not want us to explore the real universe. Those who want us to look into the sky and say: Nothing to see, no place to go, let’s stay grounded.

Marty, I was thinking about how the SEGNPMSS can attach aliens to their mind-controlling ear implant system, after all, they are from Earth, they don’t speak the language of the aliens. But this is what I figured:  1) They spy on aliens; 2) They have their secret service linguists/engineers decode the languages; 3) They enter the alien languages in the SEGNPMSS super computers and translate them into German and other Earth languages. 4) SEGNPMSS doctors psychiatric-condition some people who are after their “treatment” no longer able to think for themselves; 5) These robotic people are getting their marching orders, which are to nap some aliens and placing ear implants into them.  5) The aliens are napped and psychiatric conditioned to attach other aliens. 6) The aliens are being hypnotized to forget what has happened to them. When these aliens come to, they have no clue that Earth people napped them and implanted them with the mission to attach their entire alien race to the SEGNPMSS-controlled ear implant system. Nobody knows who they really are working for. Nobody is allowed to talk about it. They simply hear their codes through their ear implants and do what was ordered, no question asked, exactly like mind-controlled people on Earth, where one conspires against the other.  

This is how the SEGNPMSS wants to make the universe German before somebody from the Earth can show up and tell the aliens: “Ahem… there is something about Germany and psychiatry that you really should know…”

Here is how it works and how psychiatric robots are being made:

 A fake universe projection keeps anyone from Earth from interfering with the plan turning the real universe into a place where corrupt mind-controller have the saying and good people have no rights.    

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. When you looked at me, I saw – beside the love that you have for me – the real universe also in your eyes. AMAZING!  

I love you.





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