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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince,

I recently learned a bit about SETI. It says that it uses the Allen Telescope Array and other scientific methods to search for intelligent extraterrestrial life in space. Harvard, University of California, Berkeley run some SETI projects, but the US government stopped funding SETI projects in the mid 90s.

There was this one signal in 1977 that became famous as “WOW signal” coming allegedly from 200,000 light years away.

In August 1977, you and I, we both were back in Scientology, Marty, despite all odds. I assume the “aliens” made a note of our return by sending a signal. 😉

Ok, seriously, the “WOW signal” was an unmodulated signal, so no message but rather not the usual space noise coming from space.

Here it is:

That “signal” came allegedly from deep space, 200,000 light years away. It could have been a hoax, but there is also the possibility of a Nazi “scientist” in space making “an error” by accidentally leaking a signal from real space for a few seconds before they “fixed” it. However, I think it came from much closer than 200,000 light years away. Basically, Marty, I can feel Nazi activities in space. I think some of their secret doings in space dropped through for a moment. They stopped the leak right away, and afterwards, they applied tough new security measures to prevent such “flops” in order to keep mainstream of planet Earth uninformed.

Seriously, I know German fanaticism, Marty. All radio sounds from Earth and to Earth are killed, because Nazi doctors don’t want us to make contact with aliens, and they don’t want aliens to find us. Not that the SEGNPMSS don’t want a war between aliens and planet Earth as long as the SPs can hide and are not hit, but they want to make sure that all aliens in the entire universe are transformed into Nazis before Earth population may learn that there are really aliens out there on planets, which are covered up by a secret German-controlled universe projection.

That and other facts is what Harvard and other top universities failed to figure.

Those radio waves that the Earth emitted for 50+ years into space never reach deep space. They are caught and transformed into silence by Nazi “scientists”. 

There is one interesting aspect, although: Physicians are saying  that the “WOW-signal” came from an area in space that has no planets. Yes, could have come from a ship or satellite. But the deep space universe is a hologram. It is fake. Behind the projection, there are planets, space stations, and people, and yes, aliens. I am darn sure that we weren’t supposed to hear anything. And in all these years from 1977 until now, nobody heard anything again. Cover up. Just as the Nazi doctors order.

Here some info from SETI:

I love you. I am so glad that you are my kind, Marty. One day, I will be able to talk to you again, when the OW sequence caught up with this disgusting conspiracy against our rights.

Be kissed.

Yours forever,





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