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I doubt very much that Jason Beghe went exterior on the Comm Course doing TRs

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince and husband,

I am thinking very strongly of you. I miss you more than words can say.

Jason Beghe is so non-spiritual. I doubt very much that Jason Beghe went exterior on the Comm Course doing TRs. It is very very  rare so early in Scientology. I am the only case I know of. One of his best friends is your impostor, Monique’s husband who after decades of infiltration failed to become a Scientologist with stable wins. When he learned that he can’t make big cash with Scientology, the dumped it. Now he is using his wife to extort millions from Scientology. Nobody who had great wins does that.

Same goes for Beghe. I bet he never was exterior. He has no idea how that feels. Also he covers for your impostor.

If Beghe and others really ever were exterior, they never would attack Scientology which helped them to get there. Never, as it feels so great and beyond words. It is a lot more than just feeling very very good. I also doubt that Monique’s husband ever was exterior.  As  more OWs, as harder it is to extrovert and go exterior. You and I and some others know that it is being indeed outside of the body. I really went exterior on the Comm Course, Marty, (Beghe basically told HBO what I [not he] experienced on the Comm Course). As I am a part of Ron and a past life Scientologist and OT, this explains my miracle. Beghe is friends with your impostor and that is not the miracle route.  

In his case is was hype or a lie, in my case is was real. 

Some people are so “deep in their bodies” and having so little spiritual awareness that they can’t imagine being exterior and still maintaining their bodies. But these people should check out sciences like physics, particle and astrophysics, quantum mechanics. Many occurrences are not explained or misunderstood. The thetan, theta body and going exterior are subjects and areas that concerns applied philosophy but also physics.

Scientology is around for a very long time, and thanks to the psychiatric defamation campaign and the alteration of Scientology by psychiatric and secret service agents, most people still don’t know who and what they really are and what they can do. Many of those who entered it,  like Jason Beghe, Leah Remini, Paul Haggis, Mike Rinder, your impostor, etc. don’t have it to figure original Scientology from the secret service alteration.   

How the world can go crazy over that HBO “documentary” is beyond me. It doesn’t report on the infiltration of Scientology by non-Scientologists nor that Ron, the founder, was impostored his entire life by agent “Jack Vistaril” nor that Monique’s husband, Larry Wright’s and Alex Gibney’s “source”, is your impostor nor on your whereabouts, Marty!

Everything that I have read and seen about this “documentary” but also Larry Wright’s book on Scientology is dilettantish and dishonest. These publications have the purpose to create hatred, and I sure feel it escalating. One reporter wants this “HBO documentary” to be “the nail in the coffin of Scientology”. What a nut of a reporter can’t see how much hatred and fanaticism against Scientologists he creates with such headlines?

Gibney and Wright want Scientology celebrities to “speak out against Scientology”. These two men want  celebrity attention for more fame and higher HBO ratings and more book sales.  

One paper wrote “Wright says that, with no internal structure to hold Miscavige accountable, there are only two ways to change Scientology’s behavior.”

Actually, you and I know that there are numerous Scientology policies and structures that correct unethical and criminal behavior.

Wright also is cited having said: IRS could rescind its tax exemption or some of these celebrity megaphones could turn against the church…”

Imagine this, Marty, Wrights’ handling for alleged criminal conduct is only the rescission of the tax exemption or Tom Cruise or John Travolta saying something bad about Scientology. Real criminal conduct is not handled with just a rescission of the tax exemption or celebrities campaigning like Haggis, Beghe, and Remini. Real criminal activity needs to be investigated and prosecuted.

David Miscavige is really not a Scientologist. He is an agent who received Scientology from an other agent and infiltrator: “Jack Vistaril”, and Germany, the CIA and likely the FBI and the DOJ know that very well.

Scientology and Scientologists does not/don’t belong in a coffin, but Scientology needs finally a leadership of real Scientologists and not agents.

Some of the sources to Larry Wright’s book and the HBO documentary is Garry Scarff, your impostor “Monique’s husband”, and Mike Rinder, his partner in crime. Bewildering! What was Wright thinking? (He also didn’t get his Al Queda book right and failed to pull strings to Germany and psychiatric conditioning of terrorists.)

Kidnapper, abuser, cyber-stalker, and flip-flopper Garry Scarff!  THIS IS JAWDROPPING!  What kind of lousy “researchers” are Wright and Gibney? What kind of IQ is that by relying on information from these kind of people? If they can’t find cleaner sources, shouldn’t that tell Gibney and Wright something? 

I am not remotely defending DM or any other current infiltrator, but the videos that Freedom Magazine published in response to these “Going clear” informants are quite interesting and revealing. People attack Scientology who have committed violence, perjury, prostitution, conspiracy to commit murder, incest and pedophilia… If Wright and Gibney have no problems with these horrible issues, they hardly should attack Scientology.

However, what is most shocking for me, Marty, that these people once were in Scientology. Secret service agents sent into Scientology to destroy it from the inside out and then leave Scientology to attack it from the outside. Typical secret services, typical psychiatry, typical Germany who hides behind this. 

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. Yes, I think we are in the wrong universe. This is not ours.

Forever yours,



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  1. I just started reading your blog and have found myself returning regularly and finding so much information on Scientology that seems more true than what media and anti-scientology blogs would have people believe about Scientology and Scientologist.

    I am not a Scientologist, but I have become interested in finding about the true beliefs of Scientology because of the severe (not sure if that is the right word) negative reporting of the religion and its adherents.

    I have learned from your post that their is a true LRH and a false one, do you know if the lectures uploaded in youtube under the logon ‘Galactic Guardian’ is the real LRH, the false one, or a mix?


    I appreciate your opinion and time.



    March 27, 2015 at 4:53 pm

    • Hi Andrea,

      It is the voice of the impostor who I named “Jack Vistaril”.

      He used some valuable data of the real founder (to mislead Scientologists that he is the original Ron) but mixed his own stupid stuff in it and also what his secret service case officers told him to say. His case officers also told the impostor to use some of the phrases that the real Ron sometimes used, like “it is very interesting”. All to mislead the world that he is the real deal but he was a fraud.

      This is the real founder and he is absolutely sincere in what he says and his research is amazing:

      Scientology is being held down by impostors, infiltrators and secret service agents in the media and governments. Today, most people still don’t know what “man” is. And it is very important, even for all physicists to know that. They are so in the dark about what a being is beyond the body and what it can do and how it comes into play in their line of research. For me, it is incomprehensible how physicists work with the smallest even invisible particles, wonder about them day and night, but have not yet discovered the thetan or the theta body.

      It is not the complete interview in the above link, but you will discover a completely different personality as that of “Jack Vistaril”. Just as Monique’s husband has a very different personality from the original Marty in Scientology.

      These secret service hired and controlled impostors are not just in Scientology. Governments exchanged originals with impostors and doppelgangers to mislead. People really should learn about this.

      The book and film “Going clear” is a failure as these important aspects are not addressed.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 28, 2015 at 2:36 am

      • Barbara,

        Thank you for your very detailed and sincere reply to my inquiry.

        If you don’t mind responding to another question concerning the same topic, I would appreciate your consideration.

        It doesn’t seem like we (Scientologist and non-Scientologist) have much to work with, in that there is only this one real interview with the original/real L Ron Hubbard.

        For someone like you who has experienced the difference (real vs fake) Scientology, wouldn’t it be almost impossible for others who do not have that same experience/history to receive and understand the true teaching of Scientology?

        I mean that for those in the CofS and for others, like me, who are not Scientologist, but are interested and want understand the knowledge or information it has?

        Again, I appreciate your time and will limit my questions to this and my previous.




        March 28, 2015 at 2:54 am

      • I personally have no problem to differentiate between what the real founder wrote or what his impostor and his case officer scribbled. And I don’t think that I am the only one. Those Scientology opponents are ignoring the impostor fact completely, and that doesn’t impress any real Scientologist. And real Scientologists will keep Scientology alive, it doesn’t matter what Scientology haters do to destroy it.

        By studying Scientology, I get the feeling what is by the real Ron and not. What works and what not? What is out of character? What opposes what he said before? What would he never say or do? What sounds German? What sounds medical or psychiatric? What sounds like secret services introduced it to Scientology?

        I recommend to anyone to come to grips that the real founder of Scientology was a very decent and honest person with extra-ordinary research abilities and that also the money-orientation is not by him. Somebody who wants to know what is true and amazing in Scientology should start two lists: one with “works” and one with “doesn’t work or just serves psychiatrists/medicine or Germany”. Then try all data out in real life and add them accordingly. This is how to figure real Scientology from secret service and impostor crap.

        However, I still have hope that real Scientology will be restored just as the real Ron wrote it. I bet the farm that he was watched every minute of his life and that the CIA (and other secret services) have the exact footage of what he wrote and what the impostor babbled and scribbled.

        Barbara Schwarz

        March 28, 2015 at 5:24 am

    • Horrible experiments. And don’t believe that they don’t use these and other methods secretly on people. They do. Psychiatry and neuro”science” belongs on the defendant bench. They are so much worse than even many today’s Scientologists think. If we would have intelligent and honest secret services and law enforcement agencies, psychs would not be able to continue their doing ON PEOPLE.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 28, 2015 at 2:27 pm

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